13-year-old Nigerian boy gets scholarship to study Civil Engineering abroad after building Borno flyover bridge replica with clay soil

In a remarkable display of talent and ingenuity, a 13-year-old Nigerian boy has made headlines for his impressive achievement in building a replica of a flyover bridge using only clay soil. The young boy, whose name is yet to be disclosed, has won a scholarship to study Civil Engineering at a prestigious US university, following his impressive feat. The story has captured the attention of people around the world, showcasing the incredible potential of young minds, even in the face of challenging circumstances.

Nigerian boy earns scholarship to study Civil Engineering in the US

A 13-year-old Nigerian boy who built a replica of the Borno flyover bridge has won a scholarship to study Civil Engineering at a US university.

Musa Sanni, a creative teenager, became a sensation in 2021 after building a replica of a flyover bridge out of clay soil in Borno, North-East, Nigeria.
Musa’s scholarship award to study at any university in the United States was first shared by a Nigerian man, Omasoro Ovie, who also shared Musa’s story.

13-year-old Nigerian boy Musa Sanni

Ovie revealed that the scholarship includes a job offer from Musa’s father’s sponsors.

The sponsors also promised to fund his mother’s business with N1M and to assist his siblings with their education.

Ovie stated in the thread;

“Ronchess Global Resources will employ Musa Sani’s father also and give the mother ₦1m to start a business while getting the family a new apartment. The firm will put the boy’s siblings through school, and Musa will be given a university scholarship to the United States.”

Meanwhile, as a result of his invention, Borno State Governor Professor Babagana Umara Zulum awarded Musa a ₦5 million scholarship to help fund his secondary school education.

Governor Zulum revealed that the State’s Education Trust Fund (ETF) Chairman presented Musa with a ₦5 million cheque that had already been paid to a private school in Borno.


The inspiring story of this 13-year-old Nigerian boy serves as a testament to the power of innovation, perseverance, and passion.

His incredible achievement at such a young age has not only earned him a well-deserved scholarship but has also brought attention to the need for more investment in education and infrastructure development in Nigeria and around the world.

As this young boy sets out to pursue his dream of becoming a Civil Engineer, he represents the hope and potential of a new generation, poised to tackle the challenges of the future with creativity and determination.

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