16 Major Signs Of A Toxic Girlfriend

Having a girlfriend is usually a source of joy and happiness, but sometimes it source of emotional distress and negative experiences.

A toxic girlfriend can drain you emotionally, make you feel really insecure, and she can manipulate you to the extent you feel trapped. Signs of a toxic girlfriend can be subtle and challenging to identify.

But it’s important to recognize these signs as early as possible to avoid any damage to your mental health. In this article, we will explore some major signs of a toxic girlfriend that you should be aware of.


1. She says she loves you, but can’t commit.

She says she loves you and will wait till marriage,  but she just wants you to settle down with her so she can move on. 
She wants you to marry her and not date anyone else to be close. 
Avoid it.


2. She Treats You Badly

She calls you sweet but mistreats you. 
Being unloved is good indication, she deceives you.


3. She Makes You Uncomfortable

She keeps saying unpleasant stuff. 
If girl talks about sex, religion, politics, or anything else, don’t worry. 
Don’t feel pressured to discuss these topics. 
Be natural and everything will work out.


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4. She brings a lot of drama in your relationship

Crazy girls! 
They’re untrustworthy. 
Dramatic girls can make your relationship miserable. 
She won’t help you if she’s ruining your time together. 
Keep your girl in check.


5. She always wants attention

How could this be bad? 
What does it say about her if she always wants attention? 
Worse, how does that affect you? 
What if she doesn’t get attention? 
Does she care about you?


6. She’s selfish

Another major red flag. 
Do you have to ask her nicely? 
She may help with housework if you ask nicely. 
These girls only care about themselves, therefore you can’t win.

7. She tries to control everything

She needs to know where you are when you go out. 
She occasionally becomes envious and controls your social media. 
Should you show everyone your night out photos? 
Can she just be irritated when you take selfie without alerting her?


8. She’s manipulative

In good relationship, you shouldn’t fight over who pays the bill or  whether to eat dinner before watching TV. 
She’s dishonest when she’s manipulating. 
Manipulators don’t care about the truth, so don’t either.


9. She’s always complaining about everything

Dating is exciting! 
You’re getting to know each other and excited to hang out, and  she’s probably meeting new people. 
If she complains about everything, you might reconsider the relationship.


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10. She gets mad at the smallest things

The relationship is doomed if she gets furious about trivial things. 
Avoid starting fight with her. 
She may not fit your lifestyle if she has rage issues.


11. She’s overly critical

Overcritical people appear jealous. 
While they may be insecure, never criticize your lover. 
Instead, praise their strengths.


12. She puts others down

She’s not friends with someone just because she was. 
She shouldn’t mock them either. 
Applaud her buddies.

13. She drinks heavily

Alcohol influences mood and decision-making. 
You’ll struggle to decide if she gets intoxicated. 
Alcohol decreases inhibitions, so she’ll say things she normally wouldn’t.


14. She’s rude

Rudeness stems from ignorance. 
She’s spending too much on clothes if she doesn’t have much money. 
She cannot afford to treat you well.


15. She talks behind your back

She will protect you if anyone criticizes you. 
Her loved ones know she favors you. 
She’ll remind you that you’re great.


16. She’ll break promises to you

She’ll keep any promise, from bringing you somewhere special to moving in together. 
She’s reliable. 
You expect her to fulfill your promises. 
She’ll ignore it otherwise.


In conclusion, recognizing the signs of a toxic girlfriend can be hard and challenging, but it is necessary for your well-being.

A toxic relationship can have severe consequences on a persons mental and emotional health, which leads to long-lasting effects. It is important to prioritize your well-being and take necessary steps to address any unhealthy or toxic behavior in the relationship.

make positive changes and rely on the support from friends and family, or see a therapist to help you through the challenges. Always remember that a healthy relationship is built on mutual respect, trust, and communication, and it is never too late to start making positive changes to improve your relationship.

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