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Poem: Dreams and Fear

In a world of two with one dream
Its like the sky and two stars with one bright light
Our paths only crossed
With us been anonymous
But dreams brings us together.

Please I plead fight your fears
Break it, share it, face it
For we might have all wealth
But if dreams ain’t followed
We stand unfulfilled.

Accidents are things not planned
Destiny is something planned for
Speak of the love we share
Of the desire we try to kill
Don’t let your fears
Stop the dream we have.

It takes two to vision it
And it takes love to make it one
Unison to make it work
And hope to keep going
You know the end when dream meets fear
It becomes shallow and buried

Please see my tears
Hear the rhythm of my heart
I could go all out to show it
I could borrow years to share it
Would you rather show me your fears
Than make them bury our dreams

We have the moments we cherished
We have the joy that seems permanent
But now its scarier like a grave
And darker like the space
Won’t you rather bring it back
I guess you could be happier without me
And I go sorrowful without you
Since you let your fears challenge our dreams
You did just keep it
Than open it up.

Why do you embrace the fear
Why not hold my hands
Lets walk down the path together
When you could say NO
But maybe the shell is too hard
Please mix not dream with fears

Written by Eddy Ufuoma

Ufuoma Eddy Umubi is an Educationists, a teacher by profession and also an entrepreneur. He has a great zeal for humanity and create wealth to fight against some issues facing mankind.


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