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How to Get Free 1GB Data on Airtel NG and Vodafone GH

Cheap airtel data subscription

Get Free 1GB worth of data on Airtel NG and Vodafone GH by simply following the few steps I’m about to show you.

Good day guys, just the way we already enjoyed a whooping free 500MB when we downloaded the MyMTN App, Airtel Nigeria is also giving out a free 1GB worth of data when you download and login into your My Airtel app.

Amazing right? let’s continue,

How to Get Free 1GB Data on Airtel NG and Vodafone GH

Well, This Airtel offer is not limited to just Nigerians alone, even Ghanaians can also flex this free 1Gb free data on their Vodafone when they install and login to their Vodafone app.

I think it’s really cool anyway, given the fact that you took your time to download the Airtel or Vodafone app.

Anyways, this offer is still on as many airtel users are still claiming their 1Gb free data even on multiple airtel sim cards.

The downside of this vodafone free 1gb data for ghanaians is that this offer is only valid for one day.
But Nigerians are allowed to enjoy their 1GB data for as long as 6 quarantined Days, lol.


  • First, and foremost, if you’re a Nigerian simple download My Airtel app by clicking here.
  • Please note that My Airtel App does not work on Rooted device.
  • While for Ghanaians, you can click here to download My Vodafone app.
  • Now, the next step is to install the app, and launch it
  • Simply Signup with your Airtel or Vodafone number as the case may be.
  • Next, Verify your account with the one-time OTP that would be sent to your Airtel or Vodafone number
  • As soon as you’re done, there is nothing more to do again.
  • Just Chill for about 10 – 20minutes or more for your free 1GB worth of data to come to you. hehehehehe

Get Free 1GB Data on Airtel NG and Vodafone GHYou will receive a confirmation text message like the one above

Please remember that, for Airtel NG, your free 1gb worth of data is valid for 6 days.

While for Vodafone GH, your free 1gb worth of data is valid for just 1 day.

That’s all for now. Please let me know if you received yours via the comment box below and also Don’t forget to share this post with your Friends and family.

Written by Victor Ijomah

Hi! I'm Victor, a Pencil Artist during the day but a Freelance Writer, Content Creator, Web developer and SEO Expert at Night. I'm an introvert who lives more in the mind space than the actual Life, Content creation is one of my many ways of reaching out to the public when I'm not playing Football.

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