Australia PhD Scholarship for Preventing Workplace Aggression (2022-23)

The scholarship enables the recipient to participate in doctoral level program(s) in the field of prevention and minimization of workplace aggression that are offered by Federation University Australia.

Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for the Prevention and Minimization of Workplace Aggression PhD Scholarship at Federation University in Australia.

Brief Description:

  • HOST: Federation University Australia
  • LOCATION: Australia
  • OFFERED SUBJECT: Prevention And Minimisation Of Workplace Aggression
  • LEVEL: PhD
  • ELIGIBLE NATIONALITY: Domestic Students
  • TYPE: Partial Funding
  • DEADLINE: 02 September 2022

Scholarship Benefits:

As part of this project, the candidate will be responsible for conducting a literature search to examine previously published evidence and data from a variety of sources, including Latrobe Regional Hospital. In an effort to make frontline health care workers safer, the candidate will conduct research into effective methods for reducing the likelihood of aggressive behavior in the workplace as well as the consequences of such behavior. The candidate will make recommendations to guide work health and safety and public health policy in Australia to better support the safety of the health care workforce. These recommendations will be based on the findings of this research.

Those who live in Australia and want to apply for the scholarship can expect to receive $30,000 per year from Federation University.

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Scholarship Eligibility:

Applicants for scholarships must be qualified to pursue a doctoral degree. Check that you are able to fulfill the requirements for eligibility that are outlined on the Graduate Research School website. If you are submitting an application for “Honours equivalence,” it is imperative that you provide comprehensive documentation to substantiate your claim.

Applicants are required to submit both the HDR Application Form and the Safe at Work Scholarship Expression of Interest.

The applicant must either be a resident of Australia or a permanent resident of Australia.

Before submitting an application, potential candidates are required to make initial contact with Associate Professor Danny Hills ([email protected]).

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How To Apply:

There are some scholarships in the business industry that require candidates to submit an expression of interest form along with their application for candidacy. Please make sure that you give the scholarship information careful consideration and finish all of the required steps.

Apply – Higher Degrees by Research is where you can find the instructions on how to submit your application. On the Application for Admission form, you are required to state the name of the scholarship for which you are applying. Before applying, each prospective employee should first determine whether they meet the requirements.

Applications should include all relevant supporting documentation, and by the closing date for the scholarship, Federation University should have received completed referee report forms. As part of the application process, prospective students who are interested in pursuing a Higher Degree by Research are required to provide the following information:

  • Form for Submitting an Application to Be Considered
  • Transcripts of all academic work done at the tertiary level and higher
  • Citizens of Australia are required to provide a copy of either their passport or birth certificate.
  • Permanent Residents are required to submit a copy of their passport as well as their visa.
  • Work that has been published, with URL links and/or copies of each publication included in the list.
  • A copy of the abstract for the honors or master’s thesis
  • In the event that it applies, evidence of the equivalency of Australian honors.
  • Any honors or distinctions received
  • Any additional evidence of the effectiveness of the research

The local industry and Federation University have formed a partnership to create opportunities for research and to advance regional innovation. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if your company or organization is interested in sponsoring a candidate for a higher degree by research and has a project that would be appropriate for research.

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