Blue Aiva Biography: Net Worth, Career, Age & More

Blue Aiva, also known as Aiva Memotsho, is a South African reality television personality who rose to fame as a housemate on the popular Big Brother Titan show.

Blue Aiva’s time in the house was marked by her infectious personality, her vivaciousness, and her ability to bring people together in the midst of the intense competition.

One of Blue Aiva’s most endearing qualities was her ability to make people laugh.

Whether through her hilarious impressions of other housemates or her witty banter with her fellow competitors, Blue Aiva never failed to bring a smile to the faces of those around her.

But Blue Aiva’s time on Big Brother Titan was not without its challenges.

She faced several difficult moments in the house, including personal conflicts with some of the other housemates. However, she always maintained a level head and handled these situations with grace and maturity.

Today, Blue Aiva has become a beloved figure in the South African entertainment industry, known for her infectious energy and her unapologetic zest for life.

Whether she’s hosting events or appearing on television shows, Blue Aiva continues to inspire others with her authenticity and her unwavering spirit.

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Blue Aiva Biography

Blue Aiva is a well-known Nigerian dancer and DJ artist who hails from the city of Johannesburg in the country of South Africa.

This article includes information about her life and net worth.

She was one of the four new roommates that were revealed a few days earlier in the Big Brother Titans isolation house.

She was shown with Sandra, Theo Traw, and Miracle OP when she was first shown to the public.

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Key TakeAway

  • Real Name: Tebatso Mokoana
  • Date of Birth: 2001
  • Age: 21 years old as at 2022
  • State of Origin: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Place of Birth: Limpopo, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: DJ – Professional dancer,
  • Net Worth: < $3,000
  • Known for: BBTitans Ziyakhala Wahala” 2023
  • Education: Reputed University

Tebatso Mokoana is a well-known dancer and DJ from the Limpopo province in Johannesburg. She is also known by her stage name, Blue Aiva. She was been just accepted into the Big Brother Titans 2023 house for the debut season of the competition.

Blue Aiva was born into a family of Christian faith and is of South African ancestry.

On the other hand, there is no information that can be found at this time concerning the identities of her parents or siblings.

Aiva’s love of dancing and music was passed on to her by her parents and grandparents, who both had a strong appreciation for the arts.

She started dancing when she was four years old and she hasn’t stopped since then.

Blue Aiva, who is a professional dancer, is enticing and appealing to look at, qualities that make her a desirable partner for many people.

At this time, the state of her romantic involvement is unknown; however, this post will be updated as soon as any information is made available.

She does not have any offspring of her own yet.

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Tebatso Mokoana Career

Since she was four years old, Blue, who is also known as Aiva, has been a committed dancer and has never once wavered from her path.

By saying, “I’m doing what I love,” she demonstrates how much she enjoys the work she is creating.

Throughout the course of her career, she has been given the opportunity to work with renowned artists and has performed on a variety of stages and in music videos.

Some examples of these include “Ngeke ku lunge” by Dj Noxious, “Ziwa murtu” by Vatkuk vs. Mahoota, “Isoka” by Blaq Diamond, “Sgubhu” by Sowetos Finest, and more.

She is a multitalented performer who, in addition to being a professional dancer, also spins records.

She has been in a number of songs, some of which are “Thula Mabota,” “Deeshaa,” “Izinto Zabantu,” and “MoFaya,” among others. Regrettably, her entire journey is not yet generally known to the general public.

Blue Aiva was one of the four new convicts who Biggie chose to bring into the Biggie’s Ziyakhala Wahala home to live with the 20 people who were already there.

Biggie himself made this decision.

Sandra, Miracle OP, and Theo Traw, together with Blue Aiva, entered the home on Thursday evening as everyone was having fun at the pool party.

The unexpected entrance of the new roommates caught all 20 of the present residents of the home by surprise, but as they realized what had happened, they were quick to provide a warm welcome.

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Blue Aiva Biography


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Tebatso Mokoana Net Worth

Tebatso Mokoana, well known by her stage as Blue Aiva, is a well-known DJ and dancer who has just recently joined the Big Brother Titans 2023 house for the first season.

Her principal means of financial support comes from the successful occupations she has pursued as a professional dancer and DJ. It would appear that she brings in a large amount of money because the standard of living that she and her family maintain is very high.

However, the particulars of her net worth are not yet public knowledge.

When the information becomes available, we will deliver it to our readers as quickly as possible using every resource at our disposal.

Aiva has clearly developed her talents as a dancer and performer, and it is evident that she has benefited from a high-quality education.

Because of the complementary nature of her vibrant personality and her wild side, she is skilled at conveying her emotions via the performances that she gives.

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Wrapping up,

Blue Aiva may have gained her fame through her stint on Big Brother Titan, but she has since proven herself to be so much more than a reality TV star. She is a shining example of what it means to be true to oneself, to persevere in the face of adversity, and to never lose sight of the joy that can be found in even the most challenging of circumstances.

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