China’s 5 Most Affordable Universities for International Students

CUCAS is the Chinese authority that deals with all Chinese universities. The abbreviation for China’s University and College Admission System is CUCAS. The following are China’s most inexpensive and excellent universities.

This is especially beneficial for students on a tight budget. Please read the post thoroughly.

These schools have been hand-picked; they are among the best in China while being quite affordable.

Read the post thoroughly to learn everything you need to know. We have described the tuition, rankings, and courses available.

Beihang University

: Beihang University is one of China’s best and most cheap universities. It is a public institution. It was founded in 1952.

The institution is highly specialized in technological, engineering, and communication sectors.

It can be found in Beijing, China. The university has been named China’s best university. There are 12,523 undergraduate students and 10,282 postgraduate students enrolled at this university.

The top teachers in the world teach a wide range of disciplines here. Beihang University is also abbreviated as BUAA.

The Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is abbreviated as BUAA.

Courses: The following are the courses available at Beihang University.

  • Avionics
  • Astronautics
  • Aviation engineering
  • Engineering in electrical power
  • System layouts

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  • Engineering mechanics
  • There are numerous other postgraduate and doctoral programs.
  • Fee for tuition:
  • The overseas tuition charge for all engineering degrees is RMB 30,000 per academic year in English. The tuition charge for the language’s fall
  • long courses is RMB 8,600 per course.

Capital Normal University

Capital Normal University is a Chinese university located in Beijing. It was founded in 1954 as a public university. There are 27,940 students enrolled in various programs here.

It is one of the most affordable universities in China.

The quality of education given is best. There are various professional courses available at the university. Capital Normal University is made up of 17 distinct departments and faculties.

Courses: The following are the courses available at Capital Normal University.


Politics Music Arts Engineering Sciences

Tuition: The foreign tuition charge for engineering undergraduate courses is RMB 27,600 per year. The annual tuition rate for foreign postgraduate studies ranges from RMB 27,600 to RMB 31,600.

Tongji University

Tongji University is one of the most prestigious universities in Shanghai, China. It is believed to be one of the top five most cheap institutions in China.

It was founded in 1907 as a public university. It provides both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Around 30 thousand students study a variety of topics here. It provides premier courses that have been properly prepared.

There are classes offered in both Chinese and English.

Courses: Tongji University offers the following courses.

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Engineering Business Applied Sciences Languages

Tuition: The international tuition cost at Tongji University ranges from RMB 20,000 to RMB 35,000 per year for all undergraduate courses. Tuition for postgraduate students varies between RMB 22,960 and RMB 32,800 per year.

Southeast University

Southeast University is one of the most affordable universities in China. It was founded in 1902. The institution is open to the public and offers a variety of programs.

It is situated in the Chinese city of Nanjing. There are 43,643 students enrolled.

Southeast University provides a wide range of courses. The courses presented here are available in both Chinese and English.

Courses: The following courses can be found here.

Engineering Architecture Automation Medical Sciences

Tuition: The foreign tuition price ranges from RMB 16,000 to RMB 30,600 per year for all undergraduate programs. The annual tuition rate for all postgraduate degrees ranges from RMB 23,000 to RMB 35,000.

Hunan University

Hunan University is China’s oldest university. It is the traditional Chinese signature of education.

The university provides excellent and reasonably priced courses. It was founded in 976. There are approximately 46 thousand students enrolled here.

Courses: The following courses are available here:

Engineering Medicine Languages Applied Sciences

Tuition: The foreign tuition price for all undergraduate programs ranges between RMB 15,000 and RMB 17,000 per year. Tuition for postgraduate degrees ranges from RMB 17,000 to RMB 21,000 per year.

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