Coventry University in England UK International Pathways 2022 Scholarship

Brief Description about Coventry University in England UK International Pathways 2022 Scholarship.

  • Partial Funding.
  • Coventry University.
  • Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate.
  • All Subjects.
  • International Students.
  • UK.
  • Ends 07/21/2022.

Scholarship Description:

You get to enjoy a £3,000 tuition price discount!

Coventry University is a prestigious institution in the United Kingdom, and it is giving the International Pathways 2022 Scholarship to encourage talented students to study in the United Kingdom. The University has received additional funding to assist international students in affording a Coventry University education.

Degree Level:

The Coventry University in England UK International Pathways 2022 Scholarship is available to study at Coventry University at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels.

Available Subjects:

The following categories of study are open to students who are awarded funding through this particular scholarship program.

♦ All Subjects.

Scholarship Benefits:

Each successful applicant who enrolls at Coventry University in September 2022 will receive a £3,000 scholarship. This award is only accessible if you have successfully completed the enrolment process for either of the two admission periods.

Eligibility Criteria:

If you have a conditional offer for an International Pathways Programme, we will immediately evaluate you for this scholarship. To be eligible for the award, you must successfully enroll for the September 2022 intake. This prize does not need you to submit a separate application.

This scholarship is available for any of the three study paths:

International Foundation Year (IFY)
International Year One (IY1)
International Pre-Master’s (IPM)

Furthermore, you must:

  • Being self-funded and paying foreign education fees.
  • Hold a conditional offer on one of the International Pathways Programme’s study pathways.
  • You’ve paid your £4,000 deposit toward your first year’s tuition costs. This must be submitted to the institution before July 31, 2022.

Along with your studies, you should be prepared to represent Coventry University as a student advocate. You may be requested to assist us by supplying promotional information, such as by contributing to a blog, making videos, or participating in interviews.

Application Procedure:

This grant does not need the submission of a separate scholarship application!


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