DAAD 2022 Leadership for Africa Master’s Degree Scholarships for East African Students in Germany

The “Leadership for Africa” (LfA) scholarship program aims to assist the academic advancement and qualification of young refugees and national scholars from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda at German higher education institutions.

In times of violence and displacement in several African countries, this program aims to educate future leaders vital to their countries’ growth. “Leadership for Africa” grants master’s degree scholarships in all subjects except medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, law, arts, and architecture.

All “Leadership for Africa” scholars receive training in good governance, civil society, and career development. In addition to coursework, the required program must be completed.

Brief Description

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About German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

DAAD scholarship in Germany is a private, federally and state-funded, self-governing national agency of 365 German higher education institutions (100 universities and technical universities, 162 general universities of applied sciences, and 52 colleges of music and art) [2003]. The DAAD does not provide its own study programs or courses, but rather awards competitive, merit-based grants for study and/or research at any of Germany’s approved institutions of higher education.

Aim and Benefits of Leadership for Africa Master’s Degree Scholarships

  • If required: Language training (2, 4 or 6 months) in Germany prior to the start of the study plan, including test fees (TestDaF or DSH), pocket money, and lodging. The DAAD determines whether to support participation and for how long based on the participant’s German language skills and the proposed project. If the study program is offered in German, then participation in a language course is required.
  • Additional required training course LEAD!
  • Scholarship payments of 861 EUR per month.
  • Germany has adequate health, accident, and private/personal liability insurance.
  • Travel reimbursement.
  • Annual education allowance.
  • If applicable, a monthly housing allowance and a monthly stipend for accompanying family members (spouse and/or children).

Requirements for Leadership for Africa Master’s Degree Scholarships Qualification

The initiative targets two variables:

  • Refugees with refugee status who are highly qualified and meet the requirements for master’s study in Germany.
    The following requirements must be met by applicants:

    • having been given refugee status in their host countries prior to April 18, 2022
    • Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, or Uganda must be the asylum-seeking nation.
    • Bachelor’s degree earned and completed at the time of application.
  • Graduates with the relevant credentials for master’s studies in Germany from Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.
    The following requirements must be met by applicants:

    • Citizenship of either Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda
    • Country of residence is Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda
    • Completed Bachelor’s degree at the time of application

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Interview date, Process and Venue for Leadership for Africa Master’s Degree Scholarships

The application documents will be used for a pre-selection. We only consider applications with all required documents. Preselected candidates will be invited to a (digital) interview with a university professors’ committee.
In addition to school and university achievements, language skills, and motivation, the key selection criterion is a persuasive description of planned studies in Germany and an appropriate choice of study programs in the DAAD form “Study course profile.”
To ensure equal opportunities, social criteria like special life circumstances, migration background, or non-academic families can be used. Social engagement is a criterion on the application form.

How to Apply

All documents must be uploaded to the DAAD portal, kindly take note. Applications that are not complete will be formally rejected and won’t be considered.
You can upload the following papers to the DAAD portal by scanning them in uncertified form. You must include translations into either English or German if you submit documents in your native tongue.

Required documents:

  • Completed online DAAD application form (available on the DAAD portal).
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum 3 pages) that details your academic background to date, any scholarships you have received, your current address, and any employers you have worked for recently or in the past. (Use https://europa.eu/europass/en to access the European specimen form.)
  • Letter of Motivation (1-3 pages), detailing your academic, professional, and personal motivations for the intended research project. Please read Section B, Point 1 of our Important Scholarship Information.
  • Completed DAAD Form “Study Course Profile” (please list 3 Master’s programs). Please be advised that the DAAD does not take into account your recommendations for master’s programs that charge tuition. When choosing master’s programs, this should be taken into account.
  • Proof of the language abilities required for the desired master’s programs Please read Section A, Point 9 of our important information for scholarship applicants.
  • Transcripts of records for all study years with all individual grades and a description of the grading system are included with the university degree certificate that lists the final grade(s).
  • Copies of your passport/national identification card, copies of the biodata page of your passport/national identification card, and any other documents that provide details about you and your place of residence at the time of application.
  • For refugees: UNHCR registration or official government documentation of asylum.


Application Deadline

June 30, 2022.

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