7 Degree Courses that will keep you self employed

In today’s article, I’ll be listing out about 7 Degree courses that will keep you self-employed.
I’m sure you must have taught about this, one time or another.

Going into the university to get a degree is one thing and getting employed immediately after you must have obtained your degree is another.

Many youths do not keep this in mind when seeking for a degree program.
The economy today is not out to favor everyone, only a few smart persons will be able to throw back to the economy no matter what it throws to them.

This article is particularly for those aiming to get a degree certificate and also those currently pursuing one degree or the other.

7 degree courses that will keep you self-employed.


This is one of many feared courses but its very lucrative afterwards. In our society today, you will agree with me that pharmacy is one of the best courses a student can ever study.

Unfortunately, not everyone can cope with this degree course.
It takes the development of a focused and dedicated mindset to pull through while partaking in this degree program.

A graduate of pharmacy is opened to a life of entrepreneurship and self employment.
He/She can choose to start up a pharmaceutical shop or a chemist as it’s commonly known in the society today.

There’s no point remaining unemployed when you have a licence to sell and give medications.

2. Journalism/Mass Communication

Graduates of Mass communication can be actively involved in a news blog, entertainment blog, video blogs etc.

We have top bloggers like lindaikeji of lindaikeji’s blog, Makinde of Naijaloaded and many more who are self employed due to their active involvement in blogging.

They all began alone but right now, they even pay and employ workers.
This will come very easy to Graduates of journalism and mass communication due to the their course of study.

3. Medicine and Surgery.

This degree course is very similar to that of pharmacy, the medicine and surgery field has carved a niche for themselves as a very important course to the society.

Almost all medical doctors around the world has somehow owned a private clinic where they provide their medical services. So even if there is no employment for such individual after school, they can easily set up and run their private clinics.

4. Law

Graduates of this course are highly sort after, especially in this modern age and time where every activity needs to be in constant check with legal policies.

This is by far one of the oldest and still important course of study, even if there is no employment after school which is very much unlikely.

A lawyer can still start up a law firm and engage in private practices.
Although many students shy away from this course of study because it has been termed a difficult course by the society but it provides for a very lucrative profession in future.

5.Graphics Designs.

A graduate of this field is generally a freelancer due to the nature of this job. However, there are still many graphics designers who are employed by companies.

This is a very creative course that allows for individuals with uncommon talent to create visual concepts. These visual concept are aimed at motivating, inspiring, informing, communicating and advertising products or ideas to potential consumers.

There are also websites who will pay you in exchange of your freelance services, such as fiverr ( click here to learn more), upwork, 99designs, etc

6. Agricultural Courses

This is one of many courses that is usually ignored by students, agricultural courses is one of the most lucrative courses to find your self in.

Many students are quite ignorant of what the discipline is all about, in fact they see it as a study of how to farm.

Agriculture is a broad course and should not be summarized as a course of farming alone.
There are many professional fields contained in this discipline such as

  • Animal science
  • Food science and technology
  • Horticulture
  • Plant Science
  • Business in Agriculture
  • Soil scientist
  • Nutritionist
  • Meteorologist
  • Environmental science and the list goes on and on.

A graduate of this course can be self employed due to the fact that Agriculture is very much practicable and feasible.

Take for instance, one can engage him/her self in the below Agricultural businesses

  • Agro consultancy
  • Food supply and packaging
  • Fishery
  • Cow and Cattle business
  • Poultry business
  • Goat business
  • Agro marketing etc

The truth is, graduates of these fields are usually in high demand but agricultural courses are simply over looked.

Agriculture provides us with our basic need(food) to run our daily routines. whatever business that can provide daily return is not one to be joked with.

7. Engineering.

This is another lucrative course to find yourself in, although it is not an easy course but the numerous advantage that comes after you have gotten this degree is worth it.

This particular course is a combination of both the theoretical and practical aspect of engineering.

Having a well grounded knowledge in this field will keep you well equipped and also well trained to become entrepreneurs and self employed individuals in the future.

This field of study is quite broad, here is a list of some very popular engineering courses.

  • Software
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Audio Engineering
  • Agricultural engineering and it goes on and on.

This does not mean that other degree courses is a waste of time, how ever i simply picked the most relevant to the society.


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