Delta State University Acceptance Fees 2022/2023 Guideline

Everything you need to know about Delsu Acceptance Fees

Delsu Acceptance Fee – here you will find the Delta State University (DELSU) Acceptance Fee amount and payment procedure for students seeking admission and also newly admitted students.

This is to officially inform all candidates offered provisional admission into the various degree programme of Delta State University that the Delsu acceptance fee required for their course of study and the procedure in which to make payments will be disclosed shortly on this blog.

Before we continue, here is an article that is very important to read. Please make sure to grasp the information inside.

Delsu Acceptance Fee has become one of the many searched questions on Search engines at the moment, due to the fact that numerous students are interested in taking a degree program in the Prestigious Delta State University.

If you were newly admitted into Delsu and you are out here seeking to know everything that concerns Delsu Acceptance Fee, Delsu School fees, Delsu Jupeb Acceptance Fee, Delsu Diploma acceptance fee, Delsu post graduate acceptance fee and even explanations on Delsu Clearance Documents.

Then stick with us, at the end of this article, you will no longer be a novice to these questions that Delsu freshers often ask.

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We have made a special guide just for these numerous questions that you have, here are a few hand-picked articles you will find useful.

Questions on what is acceptance fee, why you should pay Delsu Acceptance fee on time, what happens if you fail to pay delsu acceptance fee, what is the actual cost of delsu acceptance fee and many more will be answered in today.

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Without wasting much of your time, let us get back to the reason you are here “Delsu Acceptance Fees (Student Guide 101)

What is Acceptance Fee?

Delta state University DelsuTake it from us, it will be totally ignorant to pay for something you have no idea what it is or to pay for something, simply because you were asked to pay for it.

First things first, to be a great student you must be able to ask intelligent questions like what exactly is this Acceptance Fee that I am being mandated to pay?

Acceptance fee is simply an amount required to secure your admission slot in the university that you may have been granted admission.

Please note that this fee is expected to be paid to the University’s bank details and not to any specific individual.

To further explain this, let us illustrate a physical event that will help you to understand better.

Take for instance when you apply for a particular university, using the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

You may either be applying for a full time or direct entry programme into the university, and you successfully passed your exams with flying colors.

You will then be required to login to your JAMB CAPs or JAMB portal to check your admission status, here you will find out if you were given admission into the choice of schools you applied for.

If yes, you will be given an option to either accept or reject the admission offer given to you by JAMB, if you decide to reject this offer; there will be no need to pay any form of acceptance fee to the university where you were granted admission.

But, if you accepted this offer (wondering why you shouldn’t) you will be required to pay a certain amount to the university to secure your admission.

Every university has a set target of the total amount of students that should be admitted for every session, therefore paying this acceptance fee will help tick your slot.

Hope that was quite explanatory.


what is Delsu Acceptance Fee?

Delsu Faculty of Art ComplexIn a lay man’s language, Delsu Acceptance Fee is the required amount placed by Delta State University to secure the admission slot of Delsu Aspirants who were offered admission through Jamb, direct entry or any other form of admission entry.

Keep in mind that Acceptance Fee is one of the first fees to be paid as soon as you are given admission into Delsu or any University in Nigeria.

It serves as a proof of acceptance of the provisional admission from JAMB.

Why do you need to pay Acceptance Fee?

We still find Students asking us this exact question on our social media platforms and blog posts, hence we decided to also answer this question today.

There are thousands, if not millions of students applying for admission into Delta State University every year.

These includes students who just finished secondary school, students who got rejected the last year, students who were waiting to reach the allowed university entry age, students who are seeking for another degree, the list goes on.

So if you were given admission into Delta State University and you are required to pay Delsu Acceptance fee to solidify your admission status; you should really pay and also pay on time.

Is Delsu Acceptance Fee Mandatory?

Of course, it is mandatory. In sequel to the above explanation we have already laid out for you, you should understand how important it is to pay your Delsu Acceptance fee and also to pay your Delsu Acceptance fee on time.

Failure to pay your acceptance fee will result into Delta state university gifting your admission status to a more eager candidate.

Delta State University fixes a deadline for delsu acceptance fee payments and if you fall short or fail to pay before the deadline date and time, you will unfortunately loose your admission.

What happens when you do not pay Delsu Acceptance fee on time?

Not paying your Delsu Acceptance fees on time simply tells Delta State University that you do not need or desire admission into Delsu. You should already know that they are not begging you due to the fact that there are numerous delsu Aspirant waiting to fill your admission slot in a blink of an eye.

Your admission will be given to another candidate if you do not pay your Delsu Acceptance fee on time.
Sometimes failure to pay Delsu Acceptance fees on time may attract extra charges.

What is the actual cost of Delsu Acceptance fees?

Delsu School fees and Acceptance fees for indigenes is slightly lower than that of Delsu School fees/Acceptance fee for non indigenes.

The actual cost of Delsu Acceptance fee for the 2022/2023 Academic session is a total of Thirty thousand naira (N30,000.00) for indigenes and Forty thousand naira (N40,000.00) for non indigenes.

But the truth about this question is that, it can not be answered once and for all as a result of Delta State University announcing a different amount with every given academical session.

However, we have taken up the obligation of always keeping you updated with news relating to Delta State University.

Delsu Acceptance Fee for Indigenes

Like we have already mentioned, the Delta State University Acceptance fee for Indigenes of Delta State is Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000.00) we have also told you that this amount is not constant.

We will do our best to keep updating this article with every new delsu academical session since the school announces a different amount with every new session.

Delsu Acceptance Fee for Non-indigenes

Delta State University Acceptance fee for Non-indigenes of Delta State is a total of Forty Thousand Naira (N40,000.00) don’t forget that we mentioned that this amount is not constant.

We also informed you earlier that we will do our best to keep updating this blog with every new delsu academical session since the school announces a different amount with every new session.

Delsu Predegree Acceptance fee

Delta State University Predegree acceptance fee is not the same as those who gained admission through JAMB or direct entry. Predegree students are advised to visit the cybercafes around the school environment to print out their virtual pin, this will reveal to them their Delsu pre-degree acceptance fee.

Delsu Diploma Acceptance fee

The same thing goes for Delsu diploma acceptance fee, Diploma students are advised to visit the cybercafes around the school environment to print out their virtual pin, which will reveal to them their Delsu diploma acceptance fee.

Delsu Jupeb Acceptance Fee

Delsu Jupeb Students are likewise, advised to do the same thing. Visit any cybercafe around the school environment and print out your virtual pin, that reveals to you; your Delsu Jupeb acceptance fee.

Delsu Acceptance Fee portal

The Delsu acceptance fee portal is the official university’s website where both application, school fees payment, delsu accommodation, etc is carried out.

Delsu Post Graduate Acceptance Fee

Delta State University post graduate acceptance fee is not the same as those who gained admission through JAMB. Post graduate students are advised to visit the cybercafes around the school environment to print out their virtual pin, this will reveal to them their Delsu post graduate acceptance fee.

Other Delsu Fees

delsu acceptance feeFor a fact, there are other fees that you will be asked to pay which are not included in the total cost of Delta State University’s acceptance fee. These fees are payable upon entrance in to the University proper.
These fees may include but not limited to late payment fees, tuition fee, medical fees, etc

Methods of Payments

Delsu PortalThe university accepts Bank deposit and online Card payments, but we greatly advice making use of bank payments since there will be a proof of both generated virtual pin and bank teller.

Remember to keep this documents safe, because you will be asked to tender them during your Screening exercise.

Applications are to be filled online only through the use of the Delta State University virtual Pin generated at and payment made at any of the following University approved banks.

  • Unity Bank
  • UBA
  • Zenith Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Unity Bank

Fee Refunds

Please bear in mind that there is absolutely no refund to candidates after the payment of their Delta State University Acceptance fee.
Candidates are advised to be sure before making payments, since there are no refund policies.

How to Pay Delsu Acceptance Fees

Delsu acceptance feeBefore you read further, we always advise Aspirants of the prestigious Delta State University to visit any cyber cafe around the school premises. They are better experienced to handle any issue that may arise during the registration and payment process.

Pay Delsu Acceptance Fee
  • Visit
  • Click on pay acceptance fee
  • Select Start button
  • And complete the form
  • Submit the form and generate PIN
  • Print out the PIN generated
  • Visit any of the specified banks for payment.

Delsu Registration and Clearance Documents

Admitted Candidates are advised to come along with the following items/documents for the Screening Exercise.

1. Evidence of payment of Acceptance fees
2. Original Jamb Admission Letter
3. Original UTME Notification of Results (if already received) d. SSCE/GCE/NECO, etc.
4. Statement of Result (Original and five photocopies) computer printout of private candidates SSCE result duly Certified and stamped by the Principal (Original and five photocopies)
5. Letter of reference from a reputable Clergyman/Imam/Lawyer/Senior Civil Servants (Original and five photocopies)
6. Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age (Original and five photocopies)
7. School testimonial (Original and five photocopies)
8. Passport photographs with red background (12 copies)
9. All candidates who obtained their entry qualifications, i.e. WASC, GCE, NECO, etc, in or before 2010 must tender the original of their certificates
10. The use of affidavit in lieu of Statement of Result will not be accepted.
11. It should be noted that any candidate who fails to show up for the Screening Exercise within the stipulated period would be deemed to have rejected the offer and therefore the offer would lapse.

Most of the documents we may have mentioned above might seem complex to understand and since we are obligated to help you have a smooth and easy transition into the Great Delta State University.

We have put together a simple student guide to explain both the clearance documents that you will need and also providing images and samples of these documents to better help you understand them.

If you still have questions regarding Delsu Acceptance Fees or any Delsu related question at all, feel free to ask in the comment box below and our team will immediately respond to you within 5 minutes.

Or you can,  >>click here to chat with a Delsu helpdesk on Facebook

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