Delsu Post Utme Past Questions and Answers for All Departments (2022)

Delta State University, Abraka (DELSU), has since begun registration for its 2022/2023 Post UTME, which will expire on September 1, 2022. If you want to obtain admission into DELSU, you must study for the Delsu Post UTME exam.

Delta State University is a highly competitive university. Only students who have thoroughly prepared for the post-UTME exam are admitted to the university, no jokes.

That is why you must consider all your efforts this year to gain admission into Delta State University.

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Don’t let it go to waste; obtain a copy of the DELSU aptitude exam past questions. If you carefully prepare for this screening question, you will be well on your road to success.

Delsu Post Utme past questions are very important as they help you prepare for the Delta State University post-unified tertiary matriculation examination. So, be sure to study them thoroughly before the exam.

We have made the original Delsu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers available. This is to help you prepare for the upcoming Delsu Post-UTME screening exam.

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Key Takeaways

  • Delsu’s post-UTME registration ended on September 1, 2022.
  • Delsu Post UTME will begin on October 4th, 2022, this year.
  • Delta State University in Nigeria conducts Delsu Post Utme annually.
  • This exam is usually taken by secondary school graduates seeking admission into Delta State University.
  • Delsu Post UTME is Computer Based


Don’t be in a hurry to start with the post UTME question until you’ve READ the information we’re about to share.

In the following paragraphs, you will be taken on a journey that will guide you through what you should do and what you should probably expect when you decide to join Delta State University in Abraka as a student.

Sample of Delsu Post UTME Question

Departments allowed to take this Test

All Engineering, All Science Lab Tech, All Agricultural Sciences, Computer Science, Industrial Chemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Medical Biochemistry, Biochemistry, MCB, Anatomy, Physiology, AEB, Botany, and All Science Education Courses.

Category: Faculty of Science

Delsu Post Utme Past Questions and Answer

Delsu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Dear student, kindly fill in your correct information before taking this free preparation exam.

1 / 3

1. Fill the gap with the most appropriate option; Our culture does not allow one to _______ when an elderly person is speaking?

2 / 3

2. Synonyms of the word "PANACEA"

3 / 3

3. Choose the option nearest in meaning; The law is often TARDY in reacting to changing attitude?

Your score is

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DELSU Post UTME Previous Questions and Answers: What Does It Entail?

The first step in achieving success in any test or exam is understanding its purpose. In any examination, being successful is reserved for only a select few individuals who dare to investigate, inquire, and seek clarity.

In this regard, you will find that reviewing earlier questions helps you understand the pattern of the questions in the DELSU aptitude test.

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What exactly is Delsu Post Utme?

Delta state University Post utme Past Questions
Test question paper and answer sheet

Delsu Post Utme is an annual national-level competitive examination conducted by the prestigious Delta State University in Nigeria.

It is also known as the “Delsu Post Jamb examination” or “Delsu Aptitude test.” The exam is held every year on different dates.

The Delsu screening exam will begin this year on October 4th, 2022.

This examination is usually taken by students who have completed their secondary school education and are seeking admission into Delta State University.

The annual examination is designed to test students’ knowledge of various subjects, including English Language, Mathematics, General Science, History, Geography, Social Studies, Economics, etc.

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What are the different types of questions asked in the examination?

Delta state university has been known to deliver Questions with objectives, meaning you are only expected to pick one correct answer from a list of wrong answers.

For those that may not know;

Objective exam questions require a particular answer. An objective question usually has only one correct answer, leaving no room for opinions. Objective exam questions differ from subjective exam questions, which may have more than one correct answer and occasionally allow for a reasonable opinion.

In layman’s language, Objective exam questions can be explained as a list of possible responses, with students identifying the correct one from the list.

Matching, true/false, and multiple choice questions are among the options. Other objective test questions, such as fill-in-the-blank, require students to recall the correct answer from memory.

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Which Part of Delsu Post utme Question should I Focus on?

The simple answer is every part of the examination is worth focusing on. Before the end of this article, we’ll be giving tips on how to answer and pass Delsu Post Jamb excellently.

  • There will be a total of 50 questions for you to answer. The answers to these fifty questions will come from a wide variety of subjects you should have studied.
  • You’ll be tested on your ability to recognize and use anagrams, analogies, similes, idioms, antonyms, and synonyms in response to questions based on the English language.
  • Your knowledge of coding, number series, identifying the odd one out, and logical reasoning will be tested using questions from aptitude examinations.
  • The remaining questions will be based on current events and news stories.
  • You will only have one hour to answer all the questions to the best of your ability.

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Why you need DELSU past questions

Have you ever wondered why so many students apply for university admission, yet only a few get admitted? This is because very few persons could obtain the required score or cut-off mark.

It has become obvious over time that the chosen few who got admitted studied past questions and answers before taking the exam. Not just any question and answers, but a good and trustworthy past question and answer.

We’ve also discovered that the internet is home to many unreliable websites that dupe students into paying for fake post utme past questions by convincing them that they will receive the questions in exchange for their money.

Or, even worse, don’t provide any past questions and answers. This is a bad act, and we would hate for you to be scammed by these fake websites.

As a result, we compiled the DELSU Post UTME past questions and made them available to you.

Furthermore, we guarantee the legitimacy of our past questions and answers with a 100% satisfaction record.

We can start outlining so many reasons why you need the Delsu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers, but we will only be discussing a few reasons;

  • It gives you a clear picture of what to expect throughout the examination.
  • DELSU typically repeats 80% of past questions, either directly or by having the same questions rewritten.
  • If you see the answers to questions in the exam hall, you will readily recall them, sparing you time for more difficult problems.
  • It boosts your confidence before you walk into the hall for the real Exam.
  • It broadens your experience and helps you grasp DELSU question patterns.

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Delta State University is Competitive

Delsu Post utme FormAs you may or may not be aware, Delta State University is recognized as one of the top Federal Universities in Nigeria. As a result, it receives many applications from potential students each year.

Many students want to study here, but only a few are accepted. Every year, over 75,000 people apply for admission to DELSU, but only a small number of these students are accepted.

This makes DELSU extremely competitive and difficult to get admission into.

If you want to improve your chances of admission into DELSU, you should prepare for the DELSU Post UTME screening as soon as possible.

You can do this by reviewing Delsu’s past post-utme questions to get a sense of the structure of their questions as well as the types of questions they regularly ask.

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A high JAMB score does not guarantee admission into DELSU

Delta state University DelsuDo you know that most people who scored 250 or above in their Jamb examination this year may not be admitted into Delta State University?

You may have your doubts, but it is true.

Here’s why;

A mix of JAMB and POST-UTME scores is what determines admission into any university. Delta State University (DELSU) requires that any candidate considered for admission into the University must have a JAMB score of 150 or above and at least a 50% cut-off mark whatever department of choice in the Post-Utme examination.

When the JAMB and Post-Utme scores of the person are added to calculate the aggregate, to determine if the person has passed the cut-off mark for the course of choice.

Here’s a link to learn how to calculate and see the cut-off marks list for all Delsu Departments.

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To secure admission, students who did well in Jamb must also perform well in the DELSU Post-Utme. Those with a low Jamb score can still improve their chances of admission to Delta State University by accessing our copy of the Delsu Past Questions And Answers.

Click here to Gain Access to the Complete List of All Delsu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

How to Pass DELSU Post UTME Exams 2022/2023 Session

How much desire do you have to gain admission into Delta State University? To achieve above-average results in this year’s Post-UTME examinations, you must abide by these rules.

1. Read the Syllabus so you know what to expect.

First and foremost, you will need to obtain the entire Jamb curriculum. Then familiarize yourself with it as much as possible.

2. Get Delsu Post UTME Past Question

This page exists because you were looking for the Delsu post UTME Past Questions, and you were able to locate it through your search.

When studying for an exam, it’s important to spend a lot of time reviewing past questions and their answers. This is because it assists you in visualizing the actual examination, enabling you to prepare for the examination and get completely familiar with its format.

3. Find out what the cut-off mark is for your course

Missing out on admission because you did not apply or supplement for a program with a cut-off mark you could meet is a natural disaster.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about Delta state University’s departmental cut-off marks.

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4. Submit your exam applications on time

There is one thing that cannot be stressed enough about getting things done on time, and that is the fact that it is crucial.

You will have enough time to prepare for the actual examination if you submit your application for the screening exams at the appropriate time.

5. Be familiar with the subject combination of your course.

Another terrible thing that could happen is that you would prepare for the wrong course. Learn your JAMB subject combination to get into your dream course.

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Guidelines on Writing Delsu Post Jamb Examination

  • First and foremost, Get familiar with the operation of a computer.
  • Please do not spend excessive time on any of the questions. Answer those questions you already know the answer to first as swiftly as possible.
  • Always read a question thoroughly: Before answering the question, check that you understand what is expected of you.
  • Be sure to follow all the directions the Supervisor of the Examination provides: Make sure you follow his instructions to the letter. Additionally, you should begin when he tells you to and stop when he tells you to.
  • On the day of the exam, maintain your composure. If you can maintain your composure, you will give yourself a much better chance of success than if you allow yourself to become anxious and fidgety.

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How to Get Delsu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Delsu Post Utme Past Questions for Science

We observed that Delta State University frequently asks the same questions. We hope these sample questions will help you study for and pass the DELSU Post-UTME exam, allowing you to be one of the fortunate few admitted into the institution.

Click here to Gain Access to the Complete List of All Delsu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers

Delsu Post UTME Requirements

All aspiring Delsu Candidates are expected to bring photocopies of the following with them to the interview:

  •  O’Level result
  • JAMB result slip
  • Post utme acknowledgement slip

Note: The original copies of the candidates’ credentials are NOT expected to be brought to the event by the candidates.

  • Candidates are not allowed to come with any bag or gadgets, such as phones, calculators, electronic wristwatches, etc., to the examination halls.
  • Candidates should not patronize the services of touts at the entrance to the examination centres.
  • Candidates should be at their examination centres at least ONE hour before their scheduled examination time.
  • Any other details not published on the official Delsu website( platform with regards to the forthcoming POST UTME examination are hereby considered FALSE.


HOW TO CHECK YOUR DELSU POST-UTME EXAMINATION SCHEDULEAll prospective aspirants of DELSU are to check their examination schedule using their examination registration number – JAMB NUMBER

Follow the below steps to check your Delsu Post UTME seat number, exam venue and Time of Exam:


Frequently Asked Questions about Delsu Post UTME

We know you have quite a number of questions to ask us. We just recently created a WhatsApp group so we can quickly respond to all your questions.

Kindly click on the button below to access myDelsu Whatsapp Group.

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How long does it take to complete one Paper?

It takes approximately less than an hour to complete the Delsu Post UTME paper since all candidates are allowed one hour for the Examination.

How many marks will I get for Each Correct Answer?

You will get 1 mark for each correct answer you provide; Delsu Post UTME is a total of 100 questions.

How many questions are in Delsu Post utme?

There are almost 100 questions in Delsu Post UTME; other times, you may be given 50 questions in the Examination.

How to get Delsu Post utme Past Questions?

You can get the Delsu Post UTME Past Questions in bookshops around Delta state university; however, if you are far away from Delta state, We have made it readily available on our website. Click here.

How does Delsu set their Post UTME Questions?

Delta State University usually set its post UTME questions in objectives. This is the reason why it is mostly a Computer based Examination (CBT).

What do Delsu Post UTME Questions look like?

Delsu Post utme is like every other CBT examination, designed to test students’ knowledge of various subjects, such as English Language, Mathematics, General Science, History, Geography, Social Studies, Economics, etc.

How do I know the Date of my Post UTME exam for Delsu?

To know the date of your Delsu post UTME exam, simply follow the below easy steps:

Has reprinting for the Delsu Post UTME exam started?

Yes, reprinting for Delsu Post UTME has started.

Can I get Admission into Delsu with Low Jamb Score?

Yes, as long as your aggregate score is above the cut-off mark for your desired course of study. Learn how to calculate the Delsu aggregate score here.

How does Delsu calculate its Post UTME Score?

Delsu Post UTME is a total of 100 questions, and each correct answer gives you one mark. In rare cases where the school provides 50 questions, each correct answer gives you two marks.

What is Delsu Pass Mark for Delsu Post UTME?

The pass mark for Delsu Post UTME is a score of 30 or above.

How can I Pass Delsu Post UTME Exam?

You can pass the Delsu Post UTME exam by getting conversant with the Delsu Post UTME syllabus, getting and reviewing Delsu past post UTME questions, surpassing the cutoff mark of your course of study, submitting your post utme application form on time and ultimately scoring high in your Delsu Post UTME examination.

How many minutes is Delsu Post UTME Exam?

Delsu post UTME exam is a total of 60 minutes. However, you may not be allowed up to this amount of time to finish. There, we advise that to finish before this time elapses.

Is Delsu Post UTME Tougher than Jamb?

It is not tougher than Jamb. We do not believe any examination is tougher than the other. It greatly depends on how prepared you are for the exercise.

Is Calculator allowed in Delsu Post UTME?

No, no calculator or any form of an electronic device is allowed in the Delsu Post UTME exam hall.

Is Delsu Cut off mark 100?

Delsu cut off mark is not 100. Click here to see Delsu Cut off mark for your department.

What is the Date for Delsu Post UTME 2022?

October 4th, 2022

Is Delsu Competitive?

Yes, DELSU is a competitive institute due to the fact that it is one of the best-ranked universities in Nigeria.

How does Delsu Give Admission?

Delsu gives admissions in Batches.

What documents are you required to carry for Delsu Post UTME Exam?

You are required to carry photocopies of your O’Level result, JAMB result slip and Post utme acknowledgement slip.

Delsu Post UTME Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

You can download DELSU post UTME past questions and answers PDF here.

How to Pass Delsu Post UTME

You can pass the Delsu Post UTME by studying the curriculum, getting and reviewing Delsu past post UTME questions, exceeding your course’s cutoff mark, completing your post utme application form on time, and scoring high on the exam.

Delsu Post UTME Questions 2022

Get your Delsu Post UTME Questions here.

How to Prepare for Delsu Post Utme

Past Questions for Post utme in Delsu

Click here to get Delsu POST UTME past questions.

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