Delsu Post Utme Past Questions and Answers For Art Students

Delsu Post Jamb Screening QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2013/2014 SESSION

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Below is a Delsu Past question screening exam which held on Tuesday July 31 st, 2014 for Law, Arts and Arts Education Students.



From 1 to  5 choose the option that best completes each of the following sentences

  1. Mr. Umukoro point out a ___________ between the two stories.
    A. Discrepancy
    B. Discord
    C. Distinction
    D. Disagreement
    F. Nobody is watching
  2. His death was ___________ throughout  the nation
    A. Mourned
    B. Lamented
    C. Sorrowed
    D. Grieved
  3. The  baby ________ towards it’s mother with outstretched hands.
    A. strode
    B. Toddled
    C. Strutted
    D. Trudged
  4. The driver forgot to turn off the engine.
    A. Unreflectively
    B. Inattentively
    C. Regardlessly
    D. Inadvertently
  5. Once decided John is very ________of purpose
    A. Tenacious
    B. Unswerving
    C. Stubborn
    D. Unchanging
    From 6 to 12 choose the option that best completes the gap. 
  6. We have a poem to learn _______ Heart
    A. Off
    B. By
    C. In
    D. Of
  7. They arrived yesterday ________ it was raining  cats and dogs.
    A. Why
    B. Since
    C. Even
    D. When
  8. It is in hard times __________ a man  knows his true friends.
    A. Then
    B. This
    C. That
    D. Whom
  9. Julius _________ his small collection of books by calling it a library.
    A. Dignified
    B. Stratified
    C. Beautified
    D. Sanctified
  10. We had no house to _____________ until my dad built one.
    A. Live At
    B. Live On
    C. Live In
    D. Live With
  11. ______________ Boys are not present.
    A. The most of
    B. Of the most
    C. Most of the
    D. Most of
  12. Asked him how he came ________ such a new shirt.
    A. To
    B. At
    C. On
    D. By
Delta state University Post utme Past Questions
Test question paper and answer sheet

Must Practise Delsu Post utme Questions

Read the passage carefully and answer questions

Bida is the capital of Nupeland: an ancient and alluring walled city of round clay houses with pargeted walls, sometimes painted in bold red or black designs, and arranged in quarters according to their owners’, crafts.

For Bida is a nest of craftsmen, still organized into hereditary guilds. The houses stand in clusters, their
small fanns round them; although the soil looks light and sandy, everything grows; groundnuts, guinea corn,rice, cotton, beans, tomatoes, maize. The guildsmen, however, do not cultivate; they are too busy.

Every day except Friday – for Bida is a Muslim city they start at dawn and ply their craft with speed and skill until about four O’clock. No Trade Union here, no regulated hours,no shop- stewards, no five-day weeks; and those who work for wages draw about one thousand naira a day.

And yet they manage, and do not seem in the least oppressed or exploited. On the contrary, these glass workers, bead-makers, weavers, brass- and silversmiths are honoured citizens of Bida, higher as it were, ranking only below the Fulani aristocracy. The glass-workers are perhaps the most spectacular. In the hut’s centre is a sunken furnace, its clay wall built up about a foot above the ground.

A boy feeds it continually with logs; it is a Moloch of timbre. Another, or an apprentice, works a leather bellows by means of two sticks. He pumps these two sticks up and down with a rhythm fast and regular, and seems to continue for hours without a break.

This work must be very exhausting, but the boy or youth never falters, for the red-hot furnace must not for an instant cease to roar and flow. Some of the raw material derived from melted-down bottles, of which the dark-blue and amber medicine bottles are the most popular.

13. Which of the following is true?
A. The city walls are painted red and black.
B. There is a motorable road out of the city.
C. The guidance do not work on fridays.
D. There are too many farms in Bida

14.  The soil of Bida can be considered as ____________
A. Not fertile
B. Hostile to green objects
C. Fertile
D. Very hot

15. The most important craftsmen in Bida are _____________
A. The glass-workers
B. Weavers
C. Bead-makers
D. Potters

16. The dominant labour force in Bida are _________________
A. Farmers
B. Boys
C. The Aristocracy
D. Craftsmen

17. The word “hereditary” as used in the passage means ______________
A. Heresy
B. Herculean
C. Family
D. Faction

From 18 to 23 choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined

18. They were besieged by a battalion of black ants.
A. Surrounded
B. Betrayed
C. Converged
D. Massaged

19. John is rich, but he is frugal.
A. Wasteful
B. Fruitful
C. Rational
D. Economical

20. He had banked on his experienced to pass the test.
A. Lumped together
B. Throw out
C. Immerse
D. Spread Out

21. The storm made the sailors to jettison some goods.
A. Been surrounded by
B. Depended on
C. Provided for
D. Catered for

22. Rock climbers sometimes risk their lives.
A. Care Of
B. Prolong
C. Prevent
D. Endanger

23. It is unwise to dissipate energy on a futile exercise.
A. Waste
B. Combine
C. Employ
D. Direct

From 24 to 25, choose the option that rhymes with the given word

24. Night
A. Fight
B. Life
C. Knife
D. Knight

25. Mat
A. Mart
B. Man
C. Mantle
D. Mar

Delsu Post Utme Aptitude Test

Choose the word that best completes the following phrases.

26. The Vice-chancellor of Delta State University is ________________
A. Amos Utuamaa
B. Eric Arubayi
C. Patrick Muobeghare
D. G.G. Darah

27. Nigeria became a republic in the year
A. 1963
B. 1979
C. 1957
D. 1960

28. The slogan “the Big Heart” applies to ____________
A. Edo
B. Anambra
C. Kano
D. Delta

29. The Speaker of the House of Representatives in Nigeria is
A. Emeka Ihedioha
B. Bamangar Tukur
C. Aminu Masari
D. Aruinu Tambuwal

Use the logic below to find the missing numbers in questions 31 to 32
Logic: 6  → 16 ← 2, 1 → 2 ← 0 and ½  → 12 ← 5½

30. 7→20←[    ]
A. 13
B. 10
C. 3
D. 6½

31. [     ] → 27 ← 9
A. 3
B. 4½
C. 7
D. 13½

Indicate the odd one from the options (No 33-35)

32.  A. Colt        C. Cub
B. Calf              D. Dog

33. A. Guava        C. Citrus
B. Orange               D. Lemon

34. A. Oblongata         C. Vein
B. Artery                        D. Capillaries

Choose the word that best completes the following phrases

35. The President of the Nigeria Senate is
A. Usman Bala
B. David Mark
C. Pius Anm
D. Ken Nnamani

36. Which of the following states is not in Niger Delta region?
A. Niger C. Bayelsa
B. Delta D. Akwa Thom

37. The present Chairman of Africa Union is
A. Goodluck Jonathan
B. Hariemanam Dessaiegn
C. Jacob Zuma
D. Nelson Mandela

38. The Federal Minister of Education is
A. Abba Moro
B. Ahrned Tinubu
C. Ruqayatu Akali
D. Patience Jonathan

39. The Chief Justice of Nigeria is
A. Femi Falana
B. Ayo Salami
C. Alpha Belgore
D. Mariam Aloma Muktar

40. One of the following is not a computer component
A. Memory C. Motherboard
B. Alternator D. Processor

41. Delta state is made up of Local government area
A. 19
B. 20
C. 25
D. 27

42. Cat is to kitten as lion is to
A. Cub             C. Kid
B. Calf             D. Puppy

43. Judge is to justice as general is to……….
A. Weapon       C. War
B. Security       D. Attack

Delsu Past Questions & Answers44. The Arab spring did not affect which of the following countries…………..
A. Saudi Arabia        C. Libya
B. Algeria                  D. Egypt

45. The newest member of the African Union is ………..
A. South Africa      C. South Sudan
B. Swaziland          D. Morocco

46. The co-ordinating minister of the Nigerian economy is ……………..
A. Namadi Sambo
B. David Mark
C. Lamido Sanusi
D. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Use the following to logic for questions 48 – 50 logic

3 N 4 = 14, 2 N 3 = 106 N 2 = 16
47. 15 N 3 = [   ]
A. 18
B. 40
C. 36
D. 45

48. 15 N [ ] = 30
A. 15
B. 2
C. 1
D. 6

49. 4 N 0 = [ ]
A. 4
B. 8
C. 0
D. 6


50. Which of the following best describes literature
A. It tells the story of great men and women
B. It is are flection of man’s life
C. It is a record of past events
D. It describes what even happened and cannot Happen

51. The main female character in a play is called a ………
A. Hero B. Heroine
C. Down D. Antagonist

52. Enjambment is the poetic term referring to the use of ………..
A. Run-on-line C. Rhythm
B. Rhyme line D. Metre

53. Poem of fourteen lines is ………….
A. Eugy C. Sonnet
B. Dirge D. Ode

54. A casual reference to a figure or an event is regarded as…………
A. Alliteration
B. Allegory
C. Allusion
D. Anthology

55. When a nice and pleasant statement is used in place of an unpleasant one in describing
something, it is called…………
A. Paradox     C. Innuendo
B. Irony           D. Euphemism

56. “Man proposes, but God disposes”, what figure of speech does this belong?
A. Hyperbole             C. Climax
B. Epigram                 D. Oxymoron

57. ‘Deux ex machina’, is a ……….word which means
A. French/God of machine
B. German/Father of mercy
C. Greek/God of machine
D. Latin/ God out of the machine

58. A play where characters are engaged in ridiculous actions that are extremely funny is
referred to as a/an………….
A. Farce                 C. Epic
B. Comedy             D. Parody

59. The title of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel published this year (2013) is………….
A. Purple hibiscus
B. The thing around your neck
C. Half of a yellow Sun
D. Americana

60. An author sustains his reader’s interest through the use of ……………
A. Suspense     C. Prologue
B. Ambiguity     D. Anecdotes

61. A figure of speech in which an absent person or an object is addressed as if referred to as………
A. Assonance               C. Elegy
B. Apostrophe               D. Personification

62. Romantic poetry emphasizes
A. The of a nature nature
B. Intimate Relationship
C. The love in human nature
D. The romantic in humans.

64. Catharsis is experienced
A. After one has written a play
B. When a play is still being staged
C. Before watching play
D. After watching a play.

65. Which of the following is common to all literature?
A. Tragedy                 C. Chorus
B.  Language             D. Action

Read the extract below and use it to answer questions 67- 69. But the towering earth was tired of sitting in one position. She moved suddenly and the houses crumbled, the mountains moved horribly, and the work of a million years was lost.

66. The subject matter of the above extract is
A. Earthquake          C. Sea Waves
B. House Movement      D. Storm

67. The image depicted in the extract is one of
A. Destruction  C. Happiness
B. Muniment    D. Admiration

68. An African author who has written plays,poems and prose is
A. Wole Soyinka     C .Chinue achebe
B. Zeynab Alkali     D. Flora Nwapa

69. Which of the following is an African poet?
A. William Wordsworth
B. Robert Frost
C. Dennis Brutus
D. W. B. Yeats

70. The meaning of religion is:
A. Reverence       C. Agreement
B. Humility           D. Prosperity

71. The three main types of religions in Nigeria are:
A. Christianity, Islam and Here Krishna
B. Mysticism, Occultism and Philosophy
C. Judaism, Islam and ATR
D. ATR, Christianity and Islam

72. Joshua led Israel successfully in the conquest of Canaan (Josh 1:1-15; Num. 13:16 – 14:15), because of his:
A. Courage      C. Diplomacy
B. Faith       D. Bravery

73. Ahabs claim to Naboth’s vineyard (1kgs. 21:15) is the result of:
A.  Covetousness
B. Sorrowfulness
C. Passion for possession
D. Desire of wealth

74. Elijah first demonstrated the power of God in the story of ( ):
A. Famine       C. Pestilence
B. Drought       D. Plaque

75. Sexual abuse, rape, armed robbery, drug abuse, riot and host of others are examples of:
A. Developing nations
B. Social ills
C. Deviant behaviours
D. Generation shift

76. The two guiding principles of living in a pluralistic society are:
A. Dialogue and tolerant
B. Dialogue and monologue
C. Decalogue and tolerance
D. Democracy and good governance

77. Religion according to Emile Durtheim is:
A. Deconstruction of the state
B. Construction of human value
C. Creation of the society
D. Creation of denominations and Parishes

78. “Saul has slain his thousand and David his ten thousand” means:
A. Was a worship song.
B. Meant to settle the dispute between the two personalities involved
C. Helped to promote rivalry between Saul and David
D. Was a kind of war song.

79. Peter said, Ananias why has Satan filled your mind to lie to the Holy Spirit”. What was the offense? –
A. Ananias kept back part of the money of his land
B. Ananias did not accept the gospel
C. They stole the money of the Apostles
D. Ananias is justified in his action.

80. The real name of Bar-jesus (Acts.13:4-12) is:
A. Sergius               C. Elymas
B. Barnabas            D. Tabitha

81. The mother of John the Baptist is:
A. Mary                C. Elizabeth
B. Aquila              D. Anna

82. Fall in moral standard in Nigeria emanates From ………….
A. Rationalistic reflection of God
B. Rationalistic reflection of man
C. Rationalistic acceptance of God
D. Greed and desire to get rich

83. ………… a planned collective movement aimed at changing a decadent socio-political and economic system:
A. Social revolution
B. Economic revolution
C. Demonstration
D. Riot

84. The family plays a fundamental and unshakable central role in:
A. Psychological perception of human life
B. Physiological perception of human life
C. Religious perception of human life
D. Total perception of human life

85. Africa was partitioned for all of the following reason except
A. Assisting Africans develop their economies
B. To make European occupation of African territories effective
C. The exploitation of African economies
D. To foist European civilization on Africans

86. The Bayajioda legend tells the origin of the
A. Hausa       B. Yoruba
C. Igbo           D. Igola

87. In British West Africa, political independence was won largely through
A. Violence                  C. Sabotage
B. Dialogue                  D. Litigation

88. The international fame which the Karamanli rulers attained in Libya derived from their economic centred mainly on
A. Piracy
B. Trade in ostrich feathers
C. Slave trade
D. Abundant gold deposits

89. British occupied Egypt because the
A. Egyptians killed some Europeans in Alezandrian
B. British wanted to restore the authority of the Khedive
C. British sought to secure her commercial interest in India and the far East
D. British were given the go-head by France

90. The main contending European-Rivals for the common of Buganda were the
A. British and Germans
B. British and French
C. Germans and French
D. Germans and Beldians

91. The brand of socialism adopted by Julius Nyerere in Tanzania was called
A. Maji-Maji C. Ujama
B. Mau-Mau D. Negritude

92. The most important commodity in the legitimate trade was
A. Rubber C. Pepper
B. Slaves D. Palm oil

93. The first Governor General of Nigeria was
A. Nnamdi Azikiwe
B. Lord Lugard
C. Oliver Lyttleton
D. Herbert Macaulay

94. The Organization of African United (OAU) is now
A. Organization of African Union (OAU)
B. African Union (AU)
C. United States of Africa (USA)
D. African Community (AC)

95. The element in the government of Oyo Empire did not include
A. Checks and balances
B. Hereditary practice
C. Ogboni cult
D. Oyomesi and their leader Bashorun

96. The first European nation to make contact with the Nigerian coast in the 15th century was
A. Portugal    B. France
C. British       D. German

97. The Boer undertook the Great Trek in order to avoid being governed by the
A. Portuguese               C. German
B. British                        D. French

98. The Berlin conference for the partition of Africa held at the instance of
A. King Leopold of Belgiurn
B. Chancellor Otto Von Bismark of Germany
C. Prime Minister 1-Icrold Wilson of Britain
D. Jules Ferry of France

99. In Nigeria, the policy of reconstruction, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation also called the “3Rs” was associated with the
A. Udoji Award
B. War Against in discipline
C. Nigerian Civil War
D. June 12, Election

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