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Delsu Post Jamb Screening QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2014/2015 SESSION

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Below is a Delsu Past question screening exam which held on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006 for Law, Arts and Arts Education Students.

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Instead, Delsu prepares their post UTME questions to suite each faculty, therefore the Past questions and answers you will find below are suitable for the following Delsu Departments/Courses.

Delsu Faculty of Art ComplexDelsu Post UTME Past Question for Administration Courses

  • Accounting
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Banking & Finance
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing

Delsu Post UTME Past Question for Art Courses

  • English Language & Literary Studies
  • French
  • History & International Studies
  • Linguistics and Urhobo
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Theatre Arts
  • Urhobo

Delsu Post UTME Past Question for Education Courses

  • Agriculture Science Education
  • Business Education
  • Biology Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Computer Science Education
  • Economics Education
  • English Education
  • Fine Arts Education
  • French Education
  • Geography Education
  • History Education
  • Mathematics Education
  • Music Education
  • Physics Education
  • Political Science Education
  • Religious Studies Education
  • Guidance &Counseling Education
  • Health Education
  • Home Economics
  • Human Kinetics
  • Integrated Science Education
  • Library & Information Science
  • Nursing & Primary Education
  • Physical & Health Education
  • Social Studies
  • Technical Education

Delsu Post UTME Past Question for Environmental Courses

  • Fine and Applied Arts

Delsu Post UTME Past Question for Social Sciences Courses

  • Economics
  • Geography and Regional Planning
  • Mass Communication
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Once again, do not waste your time studying the below Delsu Post utme Past Questions if you did not apply in any of the Delta State University department we have listed above.


Instruction: In each of the questions choose the option nearest in meaning to the word or phrase underlined.

  1. There is obvious symmetry in the whole Presentation.
    E. Orderliness
    F. Hesitation
    G. Excitement
    H. Confusion
    E. Orderliness
  2. The state government appointed a commission of inquiry to go into the community’s complaints carefully and without prejudice
    E. Account of
    F. Search
    G. Investigate
    H. None of the above.
    G. Investigate
  3. As he was a gullible leader, his followers took advantage.
    E.He was slow to act
    F. He was simple minded to a fault
    G. He was partial and unfair in dispensing justice
    H. He was weak and unable to enforce his Authority
    F. He was simple minded to a fault 
  4. He has a big heart but he is inept at following a witty conversation.
    E. Large         F. Huge               G. Warm              H. Placid
    E. Large
  5. When a man is immune to an illness, he is;
    E. Opposed to it                F. Addicted to it                G. Attached to it               H. Protected against it
    H. Protected against it
  6. Sitting majestically on his throne is the Ovie of Agbarho flanked by some of his wives
    E. Surrounded    F. Guarded          G. Protected       H. Neglected
    E. Surrounded
  7. Ese is an ardent supporter of technical education
    E. Cogent         F. A passionate                  G. An ignorant    H. An Optimistic
    F. A passionate
  8. Sadam Hasseen’s epitah has been demolished
    E.  Monument            F. Embodiment                  G. Book                H. Farmland
    E.  Monument 
    Instruction: In each of the questions, complete each sentence by choosing the option that most suitably fills the space
  9. The traditional folktales form an ___________ to the book.
    E. Appendix          F. Overview         G. Insertion         H. Index
    F. Overview
  10. ___________ marked an important step in the history of industrial revolution.
    E. The process of locomotion       F. the discovery of the engine      G. The discovery of locomotion H.  The invention of the locomotive engine.
    H.  The invention of the locomotive engine.
  11. The managing director did not pay his staff last month__________.
    E. Didn’t he        F. Had he not      G. Is not it           H. Had he?
    H. Had he?
  12. It was a long poem but he learnt it __________.
    E. Off head         F. From memory               G. By heart          H. In memory
    G. By heart  

Instruction: Read the passage below and answer questions 13-17

World Englishes point out the present day global spread of English and the variant roles of the language in different societies. Nearly every speaker of English today has been exposed to different varieties of global English.

English is no longer just ‘one language’. It comes in many different shapes and sizes as it were. It is quite different in many countries and localities where it has been adopted. To grasp this phenomenon linguists have come to talk of different Englishes.

One of the main reasons why English is learnt in developing countries by people from all works of life is the belief that it is a primary gateway for better jobs and a better life. English is undergoing indigenization and nativization in Anglophone African countries.

In many countries of Africa and Asia, there are now asymmetrical bilingual children since they grow up speaking English as the first and most important language. Some have experienced language loss in their indigenous language.

  1. The adverse effect of English in Anglophone speaking countries is that
    E. Some children speak pidgin instead of Standard English.
    F. Some children cannot speak their mother tongue.
    G. Some children focus on learning English at school.
    H. Parents encourage their children to speak only English.
    F. Some children cannot speak their mother tongue.
  2. Which of these statements does not express the opinion of the author?
    E. Many people in Africa and Asia learn English due to its economic value.
    F. English is a language void of varieties.
    G. English is learnt by many people in developing countries.
    H. English is not a mother tongue of many of its speakers.
    F. English is a language void of varieties
  3. In the writers opinion. English
    E. Has the highest number of speakers in the world.
    F. Is spoken only in Asia and Africa.
    G. Has little economic value.
    H. Is the most important language in the world.
    H. Is the most important language in the world.
  4. Indigenization and nativization of English as used in the passage means
    E. Speaking English as a native and indigenous language.
    F. Speaking English as mother tongue.
    G. Speaking different varieties of English.
    H. Adding features of indigenous language to English.
    E. Speaking English as a native and indigenous language.
  5. According to the author “asymmetrical bilingual children are
    E. Those who speak English and their mother tongue fluently.
    F. Children who learn their mother tongue before learning English.
    G. Children who can only speak English.
    H. Those who learn to speak English before learning their mother tongue.
    H. Those who learn to speak English before learning their mother tongue.
    Instruction: In each question choose the most appropriate option opposite in meaning to the word(s) underlined
  6. The long straight trunk of the tree is ideal for roofing
    E. Perfect      F. Best   G. Most suitable               H. Poor
    G. Most suitable 
  7. The examiner was most flexible in his instruction
    E. Rigid      F. Correct            G. Stiff                  H. Upright
    E. Rigid
  8. The discussion became animated
    E. Lively         F. Intellectual     G. Unruly             H. Specialized
    G. Unruly
  9. I am always hard up before the end of each month.
    E. In no need         F. Broke               G. Upset              H.  Borrowing
    E. In no need
  10. The explosive growth of world has not been caused by a sudden increase in human fertility.
    E. Fantastic     F. Gradual            G. Combustible                 H. Dangerous
    F. Gradual
  11. Unless we see the evils clearly, contending against them is like fighting the air
    E. Avoiding    F. Struggling with             G. Combating     H. Repelling
    E. Avoiding
  12. My sister’s condition is appalling
    E. Pleasant     F. Complex          G. Cloudy             H. Simple
    E. Pleasant
  13. This is a heinous act
    E. Laudable     F. Deplorable      G. Forgettable    H. Indelible
    E. Laudable

    Delsu Post utme APTITUDE TEST 

    Note 4 A 5 = 15, 6 A 7 = 35 and 9 A 18 Use this logic to find the missing number in questions

  14. 13 A 14 =
    E.169    F. 168    G. 182   H.156
    F. 168
  15. (5 A [ ])A5 = 75
    E.4     F. 2         G. 3        H.16
  16. 2A( 7 A 5) = [ ]
    E. 70   F. 55      G. 30      H. 65
    G. 30 
  17. The present Secretary General of United Nations is
    E. Kofi Anan    F. Ban ki moon   G. Hilary Clinton                H. Barrack Obama
    F. Ban ki moon
  18. The slogan ‘The big heart’ applies to state
    E. Edo   F. Anambra         G. Kano                H. Delta
    H. Delta
    Instruction: Choose the word that best complete the following phrases
  19. Lion is to roar as elephant is to
    E. Trumpet  F. Rumble            G. Boom              H. Bleat
    E. Trumpet 
  20. Flock is to bird as is to lion
    E. Group     F. Gang                G. Pride                H. Fleet
    G. Pride  
    Instruction: Select the correct simile that best completes each expression below
  21. As clear as ________________
    E. White F. Glass                G. Crystal             H. Snow
    G. Crystal
  22. As proud as a ______________
    E. Peacock    F. Prince               G. King H. Star
    E. Peacock
  23. As blind as a ___________
    E. Toad     F. Bat     G. Cockroach      H. Rock
    F. Bat
    Instruction: Identify the ODD one in the options for each number
  24. E. Kwara      F. Lokoja              G. Benin City       H. Umuahia
    E. Kwara
  25. NECO F. WAEC               G. NABTEB          H. JAMB
    H. JAMB
  26. E. Yen      F. Pounds             G. Naira               H. Dollar
    G. Naira  
  27. E. Botswana      F. Kenya               G. Egypt               H. Tunisia
    H. Tunisia
  28. E.Yahoo     F. Hotmail           G. Gmail               H. E-mail
    H. E-mail

    Instruction: For each number below (41 & 42) identify the anagram to the given word
  29. EARTH
    E. Planet      F. Ear                    G. Heart               H. Universe
    G. Heart
  30. DIET
    Food F. Die                    G. Tied                 H. Nutrition
    G. Tied
    If 8mmm 6 16, 10mmS = 25, 1mmmmm 20 = 4 Evaluate X if
  31. 6mmm 4 = X
    E.  24       F. 8                        G. 12                     H. 6
    F. 8 
  32. Xrnm 3 = 24
    E. 48       F. 9                        G. 18                     H. 16
    H. 16
  33. ¼mmm24 = X
    E. 3          F. 6                        G. 8                       H. 2
    H. 2
  34. Literature is studied as a subject at school because:
    E. It expose students to the realities of life
    F. It provides entertainment
    G. t teaches the use of words
    H. It gives additional work to students
    E. It expose students to the realities of life
  35. One of the following writers is known as a playwright than a novelist
    E.  Wole Soyinka        F. J.P Clark                          G. Cyprian Ekwensi           H. Gabriel Okara
    E.  Wole Soyinka 
  36. The difference between tragedy and comedy is:
    E. That tragedy contains soliloquies, but comedy does not.
    F. That comedy contains disguise, but tragedy does not.
    G. That comedy deals with love. But tragedy does not.
    H. None of the above.
    H. None of the above.
  37. One of these statements is true of the novel:
    E. It is an exact reproduction of historical events.
    F. It is always the story of the author’s life.
    G. It does not make use of imagery.
    H. It deals with human experiences
    H. It deals with human experiences
  38. A couplet is a:
    E. Succession of three rhyming lines.
    F. Succession of two rhyming lines.
    G. Poem of two Stanzas
    H. Poem of three stanzas
    F. Succession of two rhyming lines.
  39. A motif:
    E. The reason behind a Character’s behavior
    F. A single matrical line
    G. An essay on a particular subject
    H. A recurrent image in work of literature
    H. A recurrent image in work of literature
  40. Romantic poetry emphasizes:
    E. The beauty of nature
    F. Intimate relationships
    G. The love in human nature
    H. The romance in human aspirations
    E. The beauty of nature
  41. The antagonist in a tragedy is:
    E. Any character in the tragedy
    F. The character set in opposition to the main character
    G. The leading chorus
    H. The wife of the protagonist
    F. The character set in opposition to the main character
  42. The tendency in words to echo the meaning by the actual sound is called:
    E. Onomatopoeia
    F. Alliteration
    G. Rhyme
    H. Phonetics
    E. Onomatopoeia
  43. What we call ”tragic flaw” is the:
    E. Unsuccessful play written by an otherwise great dramatist
    F. Weakness in character responsible for the downfall of a dramatic hero
    G. An element of plot that makes a work dramatic
    H. Pronunciation error made by an actor on stage
    F. Weakness in character responsible for the downfall of a dramatic hero
  44. Characterization in a novel means the:
    E. List of characters featuring in it
    F. Mode of presenting the fictional individuals
    G. Resolution of the conflict between the characters.
    H. Peculiar mannerism of the characters
    F. Mode of presenting the fictional individuals
  45. A good poem must:
    E. Be above love
    F. Have a regular rhythm
    G. Rhyme
    H. None of the above
    G. Rhyme
  46. “That year the harvest was sad, like a funeral, and many farmers went as they dug up the miserable yams. One man tied his cloth to a tree branch and hanged himself’. The mood
    conveyed here is one of:
    E. Excitement
    F. Sadness
    G. Triumph
    H. Elation
    F. Sadness
  47. Girls dance and sing. Men clap. The walls sing and press inward. They press the men and
    girls; they press John towards a centre of physical ecstasy”. To whom does “they” refer?
    E. Men
    F. Men and girls
    G. Girls
    H. The walls
    H. The walls
  48. The novel, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe was first published in:
    E. 1948
    F. 1952
    G. 1958
    H. 1962
    G. 1958
  49. ________were probably the only ethnic group in Africa found in almost every country in West Africa
    E. Hausa
    F. Kanuri
    G. Fulani
    H. Igbo
    G. Fulani
  50. While enemies who submitted voluntarily and accepted Islam escaped enslavement others
    were reduced to____________
    E. Serfdom
    F. Fief
    G. Exile
    H. Landlessness
    E. Serfdom
  51. ________ indicates that there was a great deal of economic development and intergroup relations in Nigeria between 1,500 and 1,800
    E. Archaeological evidence and oral tradition
    F. European records
    G. Arabic and Islamic records
    H. Socio-cultural and economic institutions
    E. Archaeological evidence and oral tradition
  52. By the 18th century, Oyo was the largest of the forest states. Bounded in the north by the
    Niger, Togoland, in the West and South by the Gulf of Guinea where _______ were its main
    coastal outlets.
    E. Dahome
    F. Port Novo and Badagry
    G. Lagos
    H. Shagamu and Ekpe
    F. Port Novo and Badagry
  53. In the hey days of the trans-Saharan trade _____ was referred to as “the Manchester of the Western Sudan”
    E. Kano
    F. Timbuktu
    G. As amte
    H. Borno
    E. Kano
  54. Most of the slaves came from the region between modern Ghana and the Cameroons, hence the Coastline became known as the
    E. Guinea Coast
    F. Bight of Biafra
    G. Bight of Benin
    H. Slave Coast
    H. Slave Coast
  55. ________has been a crossroad of Africa since ancient times in an area which formed part of
    what was known as the belt of the great empires of the Western Sudan
    E. River Niger
    F. River Benue
    G. Trans-Saharan trade routes
    H. The Atlantic Ocean
    G. Trans-Saharan trade routes
  56. The capital that was moved to birni Ngazar’gamu was first situated at
    E. Njilmi
    G. Gamargu
    H. Bornu
    E. Njilmi
  57. Oyo remained strong for two hundred years, and it became a protectorate of Great Britain
    in ___________
    E. 1885
    F. 1897
    G. 1896
    H. 1888
    H. 1888
  58. After the 16th Century, Benin mainly exported pepper, Ivory, gum and cotton to the Portuguese and _____ who resold it to other African Societies on the Coast
    E. Dutch
    F. British
    G. French
    H. Germans
    E. Dutch
  59. What put paid to link of the igbo origin to the infamous Hamatic hypothesis is the _________
    E. Excavations of the Nri-Awka-Orlu Complex
    F. The dense population of the complex
    G. The fusion of scattered semi independent villages into large units
    H. The Igbo-Ukwu Civilization
    H. The Igbo-Ukwu Civilization
  60. The long juju of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade era was situated at:
    E. Otokutu
    F. Arochukwu
    G. Maildontoro
    H. Escravos
    F. Arochukwu
  61. Which of the following city was NOT a major centre for the trans-saharan trade?
    E. Niani
    F. Gao
    G. Tirnbuktu
    H. Jenne
    E. Niani
  62. Which conclusion can be drawn from a study of early civilization of Axum, Kush, Mali and Songhai.
    E. These African societies flourished at the same time
    F. Farming was more extensive in the Nile River valley than it was in the fertile crescent
    G. The Neolithic Revolution occurred in Africa
    H. These societies had a long and rich history before their first contact with Europeans
    H. These societies had a long and rich history before their first contact with Europeans
  63. Which of these theories best explains the origin of the Asante Kingdom?
    E. Hydrolic, social contract and conquest theories
    F. Hamitic hypotheses, social contract, conquest theory
    G. Social contract, Hamitic hypothesis, sudanic state hypothesis
    H. Marxist theory, sudanic state hypothesis, social contract and conquest theory
    F. Hamitic hypotheses, social contract, conquest theory
  64. The parable of the unjust judge teaches:
    E. Patience
    F. Persistence
    G. Consistence
    H. Bravery
    F. Persistence
  65. The real name of Bar-jesus(Acts 13:14) is:
    E. Sergius
    F. Barnabas
    G. Elymas
    H. Tabitha
    G. Elymas
  66. Justification by faith means:
    E. Acquitted from sin
    F. Forgiven by Christ
    G. Raised in Christ
    H. Remissions of sins
    F. Forgiven by Christ
  67. The book of apocalypse is:
    E. Apostrapher
    F. Apocrypha
    G. Revelation
    H. Revenation
    G. Revelation
  68. The meaning of Religion is:
    E. Reverence
    F. Humility
    G. Agreement
    H. Blessing
    E. Reverence
  69. The three main types of religions in Nigeria are:
    E. Christianity, Islam and Hare-Krishna
    F. Mysticism, Occultism and Philosophy
    G. Judaism, Islam, ATR
    H. ATR, Christianity and Islam.
    H. ATR, Christianity and Islam.
  70. God created _________on th 4th day (Gen 1)
    E. The Earth
    F. The Sun, moon and stars
    G. Firmament
    H. Man
    F. The Sun, moon and stars
  71. Eli died along with his 2 sons because he:
    E. Did not care for them
    F. Did not control them
    G. Did not train them
    H. They were Greedy
    G. Did not train them
  72. Another word for the Gospel is:
    E. Word
    F. Grace
    G. Goodnews
    H. Goodspelt
    G. Goodnews
  73. Which of these is not a sign of humility
    E. Service to others
    F. Self Service
    G. Respect for others
    H. Submission to the will of others
    F. Self Service
  74. The Latin word for religion is:
    E. Religera
    F. Religio
    G. Relagere
    H. Religare
    F. Religio
  75. The consequences of the sin of Gahazi (2Kings 5:1f) was:
    E. Leprasy
    F. Lamprosy
    G. Leprosy
    H. Laparosy
    G. Leprosy
  76. Nehemiah in his effort to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem prayed against the taunt of:
    E. Hilfiah and Huldah
    F. Tobiah and Samballat
    G. Amon and Shapon
    H. Nebuchadnezzar and Tabot
    F. Tobiah and Samballat
  77. The true worship of God in Amos requires
    E. Purity of Heart
    F. Frequent attendance in the church
    G. Payment of Tithe
    H. A holy and righteous life
    H. A holy and righteous life
  78. “Why are you afraid, Oh! Men of little Faith” (Mtt. 8:23f) was said in the context of:
    E. A storm in the sea
    F. Walking on the Sea
    G. A storm on the lake
    H. Walking on the lake
    E. A storm in the sea
  79. Social revolution are carried out by a:
    E. Progressive
    F. Bourgeois
    G. Proletariat
    H. Hoodlums and gangster
    E. Progressive
  80. The first institution where moral values are learnt is:
    E. The Family
    F. The School
    G. The Market
    H. The church or mosque
    E. The Family
  81. Value is:
    E. Abundance
    F. The cost of a thing
    G. The worth of a thing
    H. The weight of a thing
    G. The worth of a thing
  82. Religion is part of the __________ of any society
    E. Personal heritage
    F. Family heritage
    G. Cultural Heritage
    H. National heritage
    G. Cultural Heritage
  83. Sexual abuse, rape, armed robbery, drug abuse, riot and host of others are examples of:
    E. Developing nations
    F. Social ills
    G. Deviant Behaviors
    H. Generational shift
    F. Social ills
  84. The Acceptance of value has been recognized:
    E. Quickly, speedily and happily
    F. Slowly, gradually and grudgingly
    G. Happily, smoothly and rapidly
    H. Slowly, gradually and joyfully
    F. Slowly, gradually and grudgingly
  85. _________ is a planned collective movement aimed at changing a decadent Socio political and economic system.
    E. Social revolution
    F. Economic revolution
    G. Demonstration
    H. Riot
    E. Social revolution
  86. Parents engage in the “world of works” to:
    E. Provide for the family
    F. Make ends meet
    G. Make end meets
    H. Derive job satisfaction
    F. Make ends meet
  87. The human touch is indispensable for a
    E. Well-rounded character
    F. Business success
    G. Academic life
    H. Marriage and family life
    H. Marriage and family life
  88. Moral basis of our actions mean that:
    E. Your party is happy
    F. Nobody is watching
    G. Your neighbor is watching
    H. Nobody can do anything contrary
    F. Nobody is watching

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