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Delsu Faculty of Art ComplexDelsu Physics Post UTME Past Question and Answers (2007/2008)

1. A piece of rubber 10cm long stretches 6mm when a load of 100N is hung from it. What is the strain?
A. 6 x 10’2
B. 60
C. 6
D. 0.6
E. 2 x 10-2

Strain = elongation = L = 6mm Original –length L0 (10 x 10) 28 = 0.06 = 6 x 10-2= A


2. Which of the following does not cause a reduction of the surface tension of water?
A. Soap solution
B. Alcohol
C. Camphor
D. Grease
E. Solvent

D. Grease

3. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a body is
A. Thermal capacity
B. Thermal energy
C. Specific heat capacity
D. Heat lost
E. heat gain

C. Specific heat capacity

4. Water shows anomalous behavior
A. below 100C
B. At exactly 4°C
C. between 4°C and 100°C
D. Between 0°C and 4°C
E. Above 1000C

D. Between 0°C and 4°C

5. Which of the following phenomena cannot be explained by the molecular
theory of matter?
A. Radiation
B. Conduction
C. Convection
D. Evaporation
E. Saturation

A. Radiation

6. A gas occupies a volume of 300cm3 at a temperature of 27°C. What is its
volume at 540C, when the pressure is constant?
A. 150cm3.
B 273cm3
D. 600cm3
E. 125cm3

Since pressure is constant: V1 =V2 T1 T2 300 = V2thus V2 = 327 x 300 =327 = C 300 327 300

7. A man clapping his hands at regular intervals observes that the echo of a
clap coincides with the next clap. If the reflecting cliff is 160m away and the
speed of the sound is 320mS-1, what is the frequency of the clapping?
A. 2HzK
D. 1Hz
E. 12Hz

= 160m, V = 320m/s The echo travels: distance x 2 = 2 and v = 2f
320 = 2 x f x 160 thus f = 320 = 1Hz = D 2 x 160

8. Which of the fallowing properties is/are common to all waves? I Diffraction II Refraction III Frequency
A. II only
B. I and II only
C.I, II and III only
D. I and III only
E. II only

C.I, II and III only

9. Which of the following factors affects the speed of sound in air? I Temperature II Pressure III Frequency
A. II only
B.I and II only
C. I only
D. II and III only
E. Ill only :

C. I only

10. When white light is dispersed by a spectrometer, the component having
the shortest wavelength is
A. Orange
B. Green
C. Red
D. Violet
E. Black


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11. Shadows and eclipses result from the
A. Refraction of light
B. Diffraction of light
C. Rectilinear propagation light
D. Reflection of light
E. Above tight

D. Reflection of light

12. Which of the following media allow the transmission of sound waves
through them: I Air II Liquid III Solid.
A. I, II and III
B. I and II only
C. I and III only
D. II and III only
E. Ill only

A. I, II and III

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13. The power dissipated in an a.c circuit with an r.m.s of 5A, r.m.s voltage of 10V and a phase angle of 60° is
B. 120W
C. 125W
D. 25W
E. 12W

P = VIcos10 x 5 x cos 60 = 25W = D
Delta state University Post utme Past Questions
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14. A light of energy 5eV falls on a metal and the electrons with a maximum kinetic energy of 2eV are ejected. The work fraction of the metal is
A. 0.4eV
B. 7.0Ev
C. 2.5eV
D. 3.0eV
E. 1.0eV

EK =hv –W; W = Ek –hv = 5 –2 = 3eV = D

15. In semiconductors, the carriers of current at temperature are
A. Electrons only
B. Electrons and holes
C. Holes only
D. Electrons and ions
E. Ions only

B. Electrons and holes

16. The temperature at which water vapour present in the air saturates the air and begins to condense is known as
A. Boiling point
B. Melting point
C. Dew point
D. Triple point
E. Violet light

C. Dew point

17. Which of the following pairs is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum?
I Radio wave II Beta waves III Gamma rays IV Alpha rays
A. I and II
B. II and IV
C. Ill and IV
D. I and III
E. all of the above

B. II and IV

18. A wave of frequency 10Hz forms a stationary wave pattern in a medium
where the velocity is 20cmS-1. The distance between the adjacent modes is
A. 15cm
B. 1.0cm
C. 2.0cm
D. 5.0cm
E. 6.0cm

V = f and = V/f = 20/10 = 2.0cm But distance between adjacent nodes is 2.0/2 = 1.0cm = B

19. The length of a displaced pendulum bob which passes its lowest point
twice every second, assuming g = 10ms-1 is
A. 0.25m
B. 0.45m
C. 0.58m
D. 1.00m
E. 1.2m

T = 2 l/g
(T/2)2 = l/g (T/2) 2 = l/10 and l = 0.25m = A

20. The inner diameter of a small test tube can be measured accurately using a
A. micrometer screw gauge
B. Pair of dividers
C. Meter rule
D. Pair of vernier calipers
E. meter screw

D. Pair of vernier calipers

21. An object is projected with a velocity of 80ms-1 at an angle of 300 to the horizontal. The maximum height reached, assuming g = 10m/s, is
A. 20m
B. 80m
C. 160m
D. 320m
E. 40m

H = U2 sin2 = 802 (sin 300)2
2g 2 x 10 = 80m = B

22. A cone in an unstable equilibrium has its potential energy,
A. Decreased
B. Increased
C. Oscillating
D. Unchanged
E. Undulating

A. Decreased

23. A car of mass 800kg attains a speed of 25ms-1 in 20 seconds. The power developed in the engine is
A. 12.5KW
B. 25.0KW
C. 1.25MW
D. 2.50MV
E. 1MV

B. 25.0KW

24. When a ship sails from salt water into fresh water, fraction of its volume above the water surface will
A. Decrease
B. Remain the same
C. Increase
D. Increase then decrease
E. All of the above

A. Decrease

25. A machine gun with a mass of 5kg fires a 50g bullet at a speed of 100ms-1.
The recoil speed of the machine gun is
A. 0.5m/s
B. 3.5m/s
C. 1m/s
D. 2m/s
E. 4m/s

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