Delta State University (DELSU) Acceptance Fee / Clearance Documents 2022/2023

Delta State University DELSU Acceptance Fee and Clearance Documents for 2022/2023 Session;

Congratulations to all new students of Delsu, wishing you a speedy and stress free screening process.

We understand that you are new to the four walls of Delta State University, so we decided to make things a little bit easier on your side.

Today, we will enlighten you on Delta State University (DELSU) Acceptance Fee and Clearance Documents.

In fact, everything you need to know about your screening process and we will also go as far as explaining every document you will encounter during your screening process.

However, this article is for the general public especially all prospective and newly admitted students of Delta State University (DELSU), who would like to know the school’s acceptance fee and clearance documents.

Delsu Acceptance Fee

DELSU Acceptance Fee for the 2022/2023 session is currently Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000) plus a bank charge of one thousand Naira (N1,000)  for Indigenes.

And Forty Thousand Naira (N40,000) for non- indigene and also a bank charge of one thousand Naira (N1,000).

Applicants who were admitted into Delta State University’s 2022/2023 via the merit list should kindly note that they are to pay their acceptance fee on time.

Failure to do so within the given time interval, Delsu will deem the offer of your provisional admission to have lapsed.

Click here to get answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Delta State University that you may have.

Delta State University (DELSU) Registration / Clearance Documents

All applicants are advised to come along with the below items/documents for the Screening Exercise beginning IMMEDIATELY.

The screening process is likely to last for two weeks.

  • Proof of payment of Acceptance fees.
  • Original JAMB Admission Letter.
  • A copy of your Original UTME result.
  • SSCE/GCE/NECO, etc. Statement of Result.
  • Letter of reference from a reputable Clergyman/Imam/ Lawyer/Senior Civil Servants.
  • Birth Certificate or Sworn Declaration of Age.
  • Local Government of Origin certificate or State of Origin Certificate.
  • School testimonial.
  • Passport photographs with red background (12 copies) with one passport on the file and two passports on only the clearance form.
  • Applicants who obtained their entry qualifications, i.e. WASC, GCE, NECO, etc, on or before 2016 (WAEC) must tender their original certificates.
Please note that the use of affidavit in lieu of Statement of result and correction of names may not be accepted.

All applicants who fails to show up for the Clearance Exercise within the given time interval would be deemed to have rejected their offer of admission and therefore the offer would lapse.

If you are new to the Official Delsu student portal, here is a guide to help navigate the School’s portal with ease.

Detailed Explanation on Delta State University’s Clearance Documents

The above listed documents may be totally new to most of you but we will try our best to explain them the best way we can.

1. Proof of payment of Acceptance fees

delsu acceptance fee
Delsu Virtual Pin

Visit a cybercafe to generate a virtual pin, although you can do this yourself but we advise you don’t.

Make use of the cyber cafe’s around the school premises, they have more experience to tackle any issue that may arise.

You will be given a paper containing your virtual pin, Application Number, your personal details and images of bank logos you are to pay your acceptance fee in.

Kindly note that this slip has a generation, print and expiry date. Do not procrastinate, immediately you are given this slip locate the closest bank and pay your acceptance fee.

Tips: It is a well known fact in Delsu, that printing any virtual pin on a Friday is dangerous, there is always a massive queue waiting for you at the bank. So be smart!

2. Original JAMB Admission Letter.

As soon as you have been offered admission into the university, JAMB already has your admission letter ready for you.

All you need to do is visit a cybercafe, login to your jamb profile and and print it out.

Please, print it out in a colored paper and make photocopies because you will be needing it in the future, trust us.

3. Original UTME result

There’s a difference between UTME notification of result and the actual UTME result.

Print out your UTME result and make about 5 photocopies.

4. Statement of Result (SSCE/GCE/NECO, etc.)

WAEC statement of result
Original WAEC Result

These are your O’level Statement of Results, this is self explanatory.

Come along with Original copy of your statement of result duly certified and stamped by your secondary school principal.

If your original WAEC result is already available, please come along with it.

You should make at least 5 extra photocopies.

5. Letter of reference

delsu letter of reference
reference letter

This is a letter from a reputable Clergyman/Imam/ Lawyer/Senior Civil Servants. Come with the original copy and don’t forget to make at least 5 extra copies.

This letter should contain the logo, name, signature and stamp of your referrer.

Some Cyber cafe around the school usually run this stuff, but what’s the point. Just get one from home instead of a forged one.

6.Birth Certificate/Sworn Declaration of Age.

birth certificate
birth certificate

This is also self explanatory, come with the original copy of your birth certificate or a legal letter of sworn declaration of age.

Also make photocopies, about 5 photocopy should be enough.

7. Local Government of Origin or State of Origin Certificate.

local government statement of origin
Local Government of Origin certificate

This is a certificate that proves you are from a particular local government or state.
Go to your local government secretariat to get this, in case you don’t have one.

8. School testimonial

school testimonial
school testimonial

This is your secondary school leaving testimonial certificate.

Your secondary school should have already provided you with one, make about 5 photocopies as well.

9.Passport photographs

You can take passport photographs around the school premises.

Your passport should have a red background, we advise that you make at least 24 copies to be on the safe side.

You are going to be needing quite a number of passports.

10. Student Data File and Student Official file.

student data and student official file
student data and student official file

You can get these files from your department or the Library, these files comes with three important documents.

  • Clearance form.
  • Form for acceptance of provisional offer of admission.
  • Personal data form. Make sure to fill in your correct details.

We can not over emphasize this, these details will be what you will use throughout your official and educational career/life.

Any mistake here, is likely to affect you in the future, to correct these errors it will necessitate a court affidavit.

11. University Health Centre Medical Card

Don’t worry about this one, it will be given to you as soon as you are done with your medical screening.

Finally, Congratulations on being one of the lucky few to gain admission into the Great Delta State University.

It is not easy, wishing you a speedy and stress free screening process once again.

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  1. Esther says

    Pls when will this screening end

    1. Grace says

      Two weeks from the day the admission list was released.

  2. Grace says

    Two weeks from the day the admission list was released.

  3. Consider says

    How many batch of admission do we have , for 2019 2020

    1. mydelsu says

      At the moment, we only have two. Although there’s an unannounced info that third batch is on the way! we’ll keep you posted!

    2. Sapa1 says

      Don’t know for sure delsu can be funny at times there was a time physics dept had 11 batches

  4. Anonymous says

    Am trying to check admission status but showing me, invalid matric number , what is the reason for that?

    1. mydelsu says

      it means you’ve not been offered admission yet. just be patient.

  5. Aforke says

    Please when will third batch be out? And when will delsu diploma second batch be out

    1. mydelsu says

      We don’t know the actual date of the release but be rest assured that we will keep you posted. Kindly turn on notifications or subscribe to our newsletter via email

  6. John says

    Please the date of birth on my waec certificate and jamb utme print out does not match will i be stopped from clearance?

    1. mydelsu says

      You won’t be stopped, but you might likely need to swear an affidavit

  7. Oghenekaro says

    Please I have an issue with paying my acceptance fee
    My payment reference code has expired
    Am trying to see ways to regenerate a new one but I haven’t seen a way
    Please what do I do
    I live in Lagos

    1. Echi Emily says

      Thanks for the update. Nothing said about sch fees

  8. Praise says

    Please I have an issue
    I had different names on my documents
    I’ve changed them already tho but the change of name I did for jamb got rejected so I only have the old name on my jamb and delsu portal

    Do I fill in the new name on my school data instead since it’s what I’ll use all through my schooling

    1. mydelsu says

      All your names have to tally, try to get an affidavit that includes all the names in your certificates. You never can tell

  9. Onome says

    Please all my documents tallys except from delsu portal. It happened when I wanted to register for putme and my name was already imputed like that ( instead of my English name to come first my tribal name did) and we couldn’t change it but the rest of my documents tallys please will this be a problem?

    1. mydelsu says

      It shouldn’t be a problem. You might need to go with an affidavit.

  10. Gloria says

    Please how do I request for my certificate and transcript, I graduated 2012, what is the cost of obtaining both?

    1. mydelsu says

      You’ll need to visit the Delsu administration office. They will provide you with certificate. Concerning the amount, the price is not static.

  11. Matthias Obakpe Anthony says

    Please can I still pay my acceptance fees for third batch admission 2022/2023

    1. Matthias Obakpe Anthony says

      Please can I still pay my acceptance fees for third batch admission 2022/2023

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