DEPRESSION : What you really need to know

Ever wondered why you feel grumpy at times or have mood swings? Guess you know not what your emotions are meant for or the negative outcome of having an irritated day.

I believe you have heard of the word depression and its causes, why it is necessary to always keep or have a positive day.

One thing you should understand is that no man on the face of the earth is immune to mental illness, mood swings, psychological disorder, depression, emotional turmoil etc

There is always a great benefit in knowing about your mental health. Over 50% of youths know nothing about it and before they attain adulthood, they face mental issues of various degrees.

Looking briefly at what mental health is, note that there are as many definition to it as to those who study it.

It is conventionally known as having a good well-being and the absence of mental disorder.

Some say “It is the increase in psychological well-being or also the absence of mental illness. i.e functioning at an acceptable level of emotional and behavioural change.”

Mental Health include the ability of an individual to enjoy life and also establish a balance between life activities and efforts to achieve psychological resilience.

Quoting the WHO (World Health Organization), it says “mental health includes subjective well-being perceived self efficacy, autonomy, competence, inter generational dependence, and self-actualization of one’s intellectual and emotional potential, among others”.

WHO also states that your well-being as an individual is encompassed in the realization of one’s ability, adapting with normal stress of life, productive work, and contribution to their community.

Taking a look at mental illness, it refers to all diagnosable mental disorder.

Health conditions characterized by alterations in thinking, mood, or behaviour associated with distress or impaired functioning stress, loneliness, anxiety, relationship problems, addiction, grief, learning disabilities, self harm, depression e.t.c are some of those things that causes problems to mental health (U.K. Surgeon Journal 1999).

To those who claim to have a positive or good mental health, i would say they maybe saying the truth to some extent but would also say they are also hiding little details about themselves deep down.

Likewise, having mental illness doesn’t stop one from having a positive mental condition.

I believe stress has been one of the major contributors to having a burning day.

A stressed person wouldn’t be able to relate so well with his or her environment until it wears off.

We lack a sane community which at the end produces insane personalties.

Many at times, we try to solve the problem of mental illness and establish a good mental order by tackling the problem from the branches rather than from the root.

The end result for any one who experiences mental illness is suicide which is not the best solution whatsoever.

Life experiences such as traumas, wars, abuses, and also family history of having mental health problems are contributing factors to mental health problems.

The inability to meet up with the exhuberant status in the society, rape, child abuse and molestation, traditional and religious beliefs, societal stigmas, poverty, low self esteem e.t.c. tends to lead one into having a mental disorder which might get worst if not attended to properly.

Some people who are having mental illness tend to exhibit some of these signs:

fighting with family and friends
severe mood swings bringing problems in a relationship
excessive smoking
drinking and abuse of drugs
withdrawal from people and other societal activities
vain imaginations
constant taughts and memories
scared e.t.c.

Note that mental illness is more common than having malaria, fever, cancer, diabeties, and heart diseases.

Most people who are over the age of 18 meet the criteria for having mental illness.

According to a report from the WHO (World Health Organization), it estimated that the global cost of mental illness is at nearly $2.5 trillion in 2010.

With a projected increase to over $6 trillion by 2030.

We should also know that about half of the world population have issues with their mental condition with effect on their relationship, self esteem, and the ability to function in everyday life.

Our emotional or mental health can have an effect on our physical health.

A poor mental health can lead to problems which includes abusing substances and a good mental health would improve the quality of our life just as a poor one can worsen it.

One of or some of the ways we can maintain a good mental health is by

Connecting with others
Been active physically
Going for counselling
Sharing issues with those who could offer help and care to listen
Embracing a positive thinking about life
Been able to say NO to those things that could lead one into leading a negative mental health.

The problem been faced especially in Africa and some part of Asia is that the society ain’t ready to help out which makes those who are victims to abuses and other mental issues unable to speak out

Because of the shame and stigma attached to it which at the end of the day brings about unshared problem and then depression.

Our mental health is very important and also hoping for every one to always be at the end of helping those battling various mental illness and create a society that is willing to heed to the cry of those having different disorders.

“An insane society would never produce a sane person; it would be a breeding ground for insanity and communal disorder”…

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