Eden Harvz Biography: Net Worth, Career, & More

Eden Harvz is a popular British performer, fashion model, star on TikTok and Instagram, and social media influencer in general. She was born in the United Kingdom.

The popularity of Eden Harvz’s social media material, which includes a variety of videos including dancing, singing, lip syncing, and pranks, contributed to her rapid ascent to the forefront of the entertainment industry.

Eden is a multi-talented performer who also has her own self-titled YouTube channel called Edenharvz. On her channel, she has around 87 videos recorded. Harvz’s YouTube channel was launched on February 20, 2017, and as of now, she has amassed more than 17 thousand followers and more than 336,000 thousand views.


Key TakeAway

  • Name: Eden Harvz
  • Age: 24 years
  • Date of birth: February 9, 1998
  • Nationality: British
  • Gender: Female
  • Occupation: Social media influencer



The life story of Eden Harvz

Eden Harvz was born Eden Alicia Harvey on February 9, 1998, in the United Kingdom, her native country. Her mother, Carla Ann Harvey, was responsible for her upbringing there, along with her two sisters, Yasmin Harvey and Freya Harvey.

Eden was the youngest of the three Harvey sisters. Harvz was born under the sign of the Aquarius and is presently 24 years old. Her astrological sign is Aquarius. She was born in England, in the United Kingdom, in the county of Kent, and she is a citizen of the United Kingdom by birth.

To go further, Eden Harvz possesses white complexion and is therefore categorized as a member of the White ethnic group. She has long hair and her favorite colors to paint with are black and green.

We were able to determine that she weighs 56 kilos and has a height of around six feet zero inches by looking at the information that was provided about her bodily metrics.


Education and Professional Life of Eden Harvz

Eden Harvz has not disclosed any information on her educational history as of yet. To put it another way, it is unclear whether or not she completed her studies at a four-year college, but we are absolutely correct in asserting that she did complete her primary education because she possesses both a high school diploma and an elementary school graduation certificate.

As Harvz was growing up, she had an interest in cosmetics and eventually learned certain craft methods to go along with it. After Eden had become more skilled at applying makeup, she launched a channel on YouTube under her own name and began publishing cosmetics how-to videos there. More precisely, her films were filed under the beauty and lifestyle categories on YouTube.



Notably, Eden began YouTube on February 20, 2017, when she was 19 years old. Since then, she has uploaded around 87 videos, which together have had in excess of 336.5k thousand views; as of November 2022, she has over 17k thousand followers.

In light of the aforementioned, Eden signed up for the social media app for uploading videos, TikTok, after she turned 21 in November of 2019.

As a young adult with a great sense of humor, Eden started filming films of herself singing, dancing, and lip-syncing. Her movies often included pranks.

Eden uses comedy in her films, despite the fact that she is not primarily a stand-up comedian. She became more well-known and had a larger following with the release of her video series titled “Eat With Eden.”

And while we’re on the subject of attention and followership, it’s worth noting that Eden Harvz’s videos have amassed over 200 million likes, and she has more than three million subscribers.

Eden would eventually become active on Instagram, where she currently has more than 288 thousand thousand followers as a direct result of the recognition she gained on TikTok. Notably, she became a member of Instagram in April 2013, and she has published around 356 posts since then. She follows approximately 762 users.

You can also find her on Twitter under the handle @edenharvz, where she has over 700 followers who are dedicated to the platform.


Eden Harvz Boyfriend

The love connection that Eden Harvz is a part of right now is with Lloyd Hume. The year 2022 was the year when Harvz and Hume get engaged after being a couple for some time.

Eden Harvz Net Worth

It is believed that Eden Harvz has a net worth of around $450,000 thousand dollars. Her work as a social media influencer, together with the endorsement deals she secures now and then for various beauty products, eyeliners, and fake eyelashes, are the primary sources of revenue that contribute to the accumulation of her wealth.


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