Complete Guide on How To Become A Member Of AAA In 2023

Are you interested in joining AAA?

Actually, AAA is now a well-known brand and is frequently the first company people contact when they encounter a breakdown or other problem while driving on the road.

The fact that the company answers over 33 million calls per year and assists as many clients as possible shows that you can put your trust in this organization.

Despite some similarities, it does not offer the same services as auto insurance companies.

Along with roadside assistance, AAA provides discounts on travel arrangements, car rentals, and other services.

Continue reading to learn more about the price, extra features, and perks, as well as how to join AAA.

What Is AAA Membership?

The American Automobile Association, or “AAA,” was founded in 1902.

Its goal was to provide various automobile benefits to clients all over the United States.

With 120 years of experience, it is one of the most well-known roadside assistance companies.

A AAA membership is an excellent companion for people who are frequently on the road.

If a customer uses it, they can get roadside assistance if their vehicle breaks down.

The team will help you recover the vehicle, transport it to a secure location, and arrange for a rental vehicle if yours needs to be repaired.

Similarly, AAA membership can help you save money on everything from vacation packages to car rentals.

The list of discounts and extras can be found further down in this article.

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Key Features of AAA Membership

One of the primary advantages of being a AAA member is access to roadside assistance, the corporation’s most popular service.

AAA membership provides the following benefits:

  • Locksmith services for automobiles
  • Free battery replacements and jumpstarts (depending on your package)
  • Fuel distribution
  • Towing automobiles
  • Discounts on lodging, transportation, cruises, and retreat packages are available.

Customers will benefit from various perks and advantages of AAA membership depending on their plan.

Customers can call AAA and use a towing service from the list above if something goes wrong with their vehicle.

Similarly, Premier members are the only ones who can get a free battery replacement.

With a Classic, Plus, or Premier membership, you can get free battery jumpstarts.

As a result, different memberships offer different features and benefits.

AAA Membership Cost

The cost of a AAA membership is determined by your address and the membership package you choose.

Classic, Plus, and Premier are the current tiers. A yearly membership can start at $37.50 and go up to $170.

The Classic package is the most affordable option, costing $37.50 per year if you live in Philadelphia or Richmond.

The average membership fee is:

Classic ($52 to $74 per year)

  • Up to $50 for car lockout
  • Four tows of up to five miles each
  • Fuel, a flat tire, and a dead batter

Plus ($85 to $124 per year)

  • Up to $100 for car lockout
  • Free fuel delivery for four tows of up to 100 miles each
  • Passport photos are provided at no cost.

Premier (annual cost of $118 to $170)

  • Identity theft coverage of up to $10,000
  • Lockout compensation of up to $150
  • One tow of 200 miles and three tows of 100 miles
  • Free car rental for one day
  • Up to $1,500 in trip disruption

The actual costs and benefits you are eligible for will vary depending on where you live; these are averages.

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AAA Discounts and Extras

AAA is well-known for providing excellent savings and benefits, particularly in the travel industry.

  • Renting a car and a moving truck
  • Discounts on cellular service (carriers vary)
  • Electronic deals from select businesses (up to 35% off)
  • Entertainment (amusement parks, museums, etc) (amusement parks, museums, etc.)
  • Discounts for merchants (up to 50%)
  • Eye care and travel vision

The most common reason people join AAA is for travel discounts. Other promotions and benefits speak for themselves. However, there is more to the story of the travel discounts.

  • 20% off holiday car rentals
  • Tourbook guides and TripTik access
  • MGM Resorts offer discounts of up to 10%.
  • Best Western hotels are up to 15% off.
  • Hilton resorts and hotels are discounted by up to 5%.
  • Marriott hotels are discounted by up to 5%.

With a AAA membership, you can take advantage of incredible deals and discounts on everything from entertainment to travel.

The Most Beneficial AAA Membership

Which AAA membership is best for you will depend on your preferences and the benefits you want from roadside assistance and discount memberships.

Of course, with the Premier membership, you get more roadside assistance and bigger travel discounts.

Obviously, the monthly cost will rise. As a result, your decision should be based primarily on your financial situation and what you consider valuable.

If you want someone to call when you get into roadside trouble, a Classic membership package will provide you with plenty of benefits.

Even with a Classic membership, you can get breakdown assistance, insurance for being locked out of your car, free fuel delivery, and other benefits.

However, the Plus and Premier memberships are worthwhile options for those seeking additional coverage and benefits.

Is AAA Premier or Plus Worth It?

If you want more options and coverage, you can get a lot more out of your AAA membership package with a Plus or Premier membership.

Unlike a Plus or Premier package, which can provide 100 miles or one tow of 200 miles with the Premier membership, a Classic membership, for example, only protects you for up to five miles if you need to be towed.

These packages are worthwhile if you frequently require assistance and want to drive with peace of mind.

For the yearly premium you pay for the Plus and Premier packages, more reimbursements and coverage are provided, which may allow you to recover some of your costs.

Any AAA membership, on the other hand, has certain benefits.

All of which include the following:

  • Reduce your auto expenses by purchasing insurance to cover the cost of your car if it is damaged or needs to be towed.
  • Prompt assistance – AAA is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
  • so you’ll always have someone to call if you need roadside assistance.
  • All members have access to extras such as travel discounts.
  • Coverage for multiple vehicles – regardless of the vehicle you drive, your membership covers you.

As a result, if you only need access to AAA’s essential services, the Classic membership may suffice.

The Plus and Premier memberships are ideal for those who require additional financial security.

If you use the membership discounts and services more frequently, you can eventually save your annual cost. However, the annual fees for Plus and Premier may not be worth it if you do not use your membership as frequently (particularly for the additional benefits).

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You should always have AAA’s phone number on hand in case you need roadside assistance. Keep a business card in your car, preferably in the glove box, and save the information to your phone.

If you have the phone number handy, you can immediately request help and receive it as soon as possible.

How to Become A Member of AAA

Here’s a complete guide to becoming a AAA member in 2023.

1. Go to the website of the American Automobile Association.

Begin with this step even if you prefer to apply in person rather than online.

Begin by visiting

The AAA is essentially a federation of clubs that serve different regions.

You can, however, locate any of these clubs by browsing this website.

2. If prompted, enter your zip code.

The AAA website may detect your approximate location and direct you to the appropriate web page for your region.

If it doesn’t, a pop-up box will appear asking for your zip code.

If you don’t know your zip code, you can look it up by entering your address on the US Postal Service website.

3. Look for a nearby branch and apply there.

Some regional AAA organizations, to which you’ve just been redirected, prominently display their regional address on the front page.

If the address is not nearby, look for a “Find another office” or “Find a local branch” link or something similar.

4. Bring your information to that location, or call ahead of time to obtain more information.

You can also call the provided number and inquire about membership plans.

You may be unable to register for membership over the phone with your local office.

Almost any AAA office will register you in person if you bring your driver’s license and a form of payment.

To save time, know what kind of vehicles you drive and whether other household members want to apply before you arrive.

5. Click the Join button or link to apply online

There are numerous regional websites available in a variety of designs.

However, there should be a “Join Now” or “Join AAA” button or text link somewhere on the homepage.

6. Plan comparison

After clicking Join, you will be taken to a chart that compares the benefits of various membership programs.

Regional organizations have different policies, but a chart can often show the benefits.

7. Understand the cost.

The “Primary Member” price represents the membership’s annual cost.

When you sign up, you may be charged a “Enrollment” or “New Member” fee, which is a one-time charge.

Finally, if you want each new member of your household to receive the same benefits as you, you may need to pay an additional “Associate Member” fee each year.

8. Choose a policy that covers your vehicles.

Only regular automobiles are frequently covered by the Classic or Basic plan, not RVs, trailers, or motorcycles.

Your local organization may provide detailed information on this in the list of benefits or a chart of vehicle types at the bottom of the website.

9 Fill in your contact information.

When you click “Join” for a specific plan, you should be taken to a form.

Fill in your full name, contact information, and other personal information as directed. When you’re finished, press next.

10 Determine whether or not to enable automatic membership renewal.

More information, including associate member information, may be requested.

There should be a “Convenience Billing” option available.

If you do not want your credit card to be charged automatically at the end of the year, select “No.” Set it to “Yes” if you want your membership to renew automatically every year.

If convenient billing is disabled, you must manually pay your annual dues to maintain your membership privileges.

Fill in the information for your credit card or personal checking account.

After you receive an email order confirmation, your membership card will be mailed to you within a few days.

How to Cancel AAA Membership

The AAA organization makes it relatively easy to cancel your membership.

You can cancel your AAA membership by calling the customer service number (800) 222-6424, which is currently not available online.

Alternatively, you can cancel your membership in person at your local AAA office.

Some clients may be eligible for a full or partial refund depending on how much time is left on their subscription.


You now understand how to join AAA.

As a AAA member, you have many benefits, including access to the organization’s roadside assistance program.

Of course, knowing that someone will come to your aid if you become stranded on the side of the road is the most significant advantage.

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