How to Ask a Girl out – The Right Way

Hello, i was having a conversation with a friend of mine about what’s trending and other related internet stuff.

He told me to write on topics like making money online and how to ask a girl out the right way, though I’m not a love doctor or an expert in such field but i chose the latter.

I found myself laughing while typing this and i also believe my friend would laugh as well as soon as he discovers that i wrote on how to ask a girl out the right way.

Like i earlier mentioned, I am no expert in this field but in my little experience about asking a lady out which I’ve been a loser all along, i got to understand few things and i would love to share it with you.

Before i continue, I would like to share a few stories about my wooing adventure and my failures and then share some important things you need to have in mind as a guy.

I have lost beautiful ladies to guys whom i took to be better than me because they had the courage to ask a lady out whereas these ladies in question liked me better but were waiting for me to make the move which i didn’t.

I could remember a girl back in my secondary school who at that time was the most beautiful girl in the whole of the school and was also ahead of me by a class.

I was so much attracted to this lady that i had it in mind to do anything for her and wanted it to be my chance at asking her out but i had some hindrance.

1. Finance

First of all I thought about the cost of maintaining a girl, i thought i needed to have money to be able to keep a girl.

2. Appearance

I also looked at myself being a rough and playful student back then dating one of the neatest student and also the most beautiful at that.

3. Shyness

Then the last one being too shy to approach her because i knew i would stammer and won’t be able to hit the bull’s eye.

At the end of the day, another person asked her out right in my presence and she said yes to him.

It sounded funny to me but deep in my heart, i was crying at my failure and left there in shame and unhappiness.

There was another lady I met in my University back then, she wasn’t in my department but mahn, this lady was so beautiful.

I had to log into the school portal to check her details and then i finally got her name and home address as if i was planning to meet her father and ask her hand in marriage (LOL).

I discussed with a female friend of mine who was in her department to know if i stood a chance and she said i should go ahead after giving me some sweet talk about this lady in question.

My first fear was also the same as above, i believed i had no resources to take good care of her and she was using a Blackberry Bold back then while i was using a Nokia Asha 200.

I didn’t allow that to pull me down but decided to approach her.

We were together in one of the school building reading for an exam that morning, we were informed that the exam was about to start in few minutes so everyone reading had to suspend it and move down to the hall.

On our way to the hall, i summoned courage and approached her.

I tapped her from behind and immediately she turned, i started stuttering just to ask her if she was coming back to the building and she said no then left.

Once again, I hated myself for not being able to clip that chance but what else could i do?

That’s a bit about me asking a lady out and how i failed at it.

let’s get down to some things you need to know as a guy before asking a lady out.

  • Don’t put your mind on the fact that you need money or material things before you could ask a lady out because not all of them really bother about that and if your mind is on that, you might end up losing a good woman.
  • Be courageous, and have a bit of shyness as well cos both helps depending on the wooing condition.
  • Don’t ask a lady out flaunting Cash or material things because in the end you might end up with a gold digger(sorry to say) or a liability except if that’s what you really want.
  • Respect; every woman wants a man who would respect them and not be too egoistical. I mean respecting the term Woman in her just as you honor the one who gave birth to you.
  • Don’t go after a woman seeking lustful desire because you might lose a good woman after a night out and then send her off.
  • Not all ladies are smart but before approaching one, ensure you are more smarter than her because most women will want to examine you.
  • Choose your words honorably because only an immoral lady will fall for immoral words.
  • If you are a guy who sees women as cheapskate or use and dump then my brother you have more work to do and more exams to pass.
  • Never try to build your relationship on fantasy, money, imaginations, else the Dubai you promised her might be your bedroom and the good life you desire for her might be closer to the bridge.
  • Don’t give up even if were turned down by a lady, there is always someone out there for you.

How to Ask a lady out

Now according to me, if you want to ask a lady out then this is one of the ways to go about it though you might have your own formula.

  • Approach her in a respectful manner
  • Be friendly because you are not asking an enemy out
  • Never show your ego, be humble in act and speech
  • Work on what drew your attention to her
  • Show how smart you are because ladies will likely not accept a dumb man
  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself because your introduction might be the opener for you.
  • Don’t be too desperate and don’t show it all out that you so much want her.
  • You can get her digit and make sure to confirm if its the right one else you might fail the whole test.
  • Set another day to meet because most ladies won’t give you a yes that very moment, that doesn’t mean they are forming hard to get.
  • You must not be boring, be a spark.
  • Talk less and listen more.
  • Show you have a vision and you are aiming high because no good woman would move with a man without vision and aim.

With these few points of mine, i hope it helps you out though i will also make use of it for myself as well. Note that every good man deserves a good woman, you should go after a woman that can help your purpose and not drain the little you have.

You deserve a good woman.

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