How To Keep Your Partner Hooked. Make Them Faithful And Loyal

Everyone seeks a devoted partner—someone who can be dependable, trustworthy, and loyal in addition to being loving and sweet.

If your partner is loyal to you, you must make some sacrifices and treat them better if you want to keep their commitment. Many people may find it difficult to be faithful to their partners.

It is your responsibility to treat them better, so making a sacrifice to keep doing so will help you keep their loyalty.


Give your companion a sense of peace because everyone wants it, men and women alike.

When you bring someone such joy, such ease of mind, such understanding, they are going to have additional reasons to stick by you and be devoted to you.

Giving your partner a sense of peace is a duty you must accomplish in your home because when you treat someone badly and they don’t see any peace in the partnership, it gives them more motivation to be unfaithful.



1. Satisfy Them

The best way to satisfy your companion is to do so in all areas, including their physical and spiritual needs. Even if you are unable to provide for all of their needs, you should still make an effort to do so.

When you take care of your partner, they won’t see any reason to stop loving you since they know that you are doing everything in your power to provide for the family. Your partner will become more devoted to you as a result.


Make sure to satisfy them as well as to provide for them when getting intimate to your partner, whether it be a woman or a male.

Remember that there is someone else who requires your focus. That’s what I meant by “complete gratification.” In every aspect of your partnership, you strive to please. It increases your partner’s loyalty to you.


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2. Respect

Be respectful to them, learn to respect your partner, learn to respect their point of view, learn to respect their actions or decision they are taking, learn to respect their boundaries, learn to support them and be with them in whatever they are doing, your level of respect that you are showing will cause someone to continue loving you, and when someone continues loving you, it will cause them to remain faithful to you.


3. Have Fun

Have fun in each and every one of your interactions with them, and do everything in your power to keep your partner cheerful at all times and in each and every one of your interactions with them.

If you only have six minutes to spend with your significant other, make those minutes memorable for them by doing a variety of enjoyable things, having a good time, and going around and doing things that make you feel happy; for example, if hanging out makes them feel good, do whatever it is that makes them smile and do whatever you can so you will both be happy.


4. Avoid A Lot Of Drama

Stay away from difficulties and don’t cause them.
You should make every effort to resolve the issue within the next day. 
If you need to apologize, make every effort to resolve the issues as quickly as you can. 
You can have healthy relationship with one another as well as personal growth when you forgive one another.


5. Overreact Less

When you overreact, you create extra problems, especially if you want someone to stay trustworthy and committed to you in the future.
In order to maintain your family functioning normally, you will need to learn how to ignore some things, how to let some go, and how to learn to control events in your favor.


You need to stop overreacting, criticizing, trying to know everything, or attempting to talk about everything as if it were terrible, and you need to learn to let some things go from time to time.


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6. Forgiveness

There is no such thing as healthy relationship that does not include forgiveness.


Forgiveness is indeed what keeps relationship going, therefore if you want your relationship to endure for long time, you need to forgive your spouse and learn how to forgive and forget about what happened. 


7. Always Pray

Your partnership requires supernatural intervention in the form of prayer, and you need God to be part of it so that bad individuals cannot use spiritual manipulation to control the other person.
It is crucial for God to be part of your relationship, and it is necessary for you to incorporate God in your relationship. 
God is the one who established marriage, thus your relationship with him ought to be the cornerstone of your partnership.


8. Create a safe home

place of residence that he can go back to and feel happy about. 
Do not be nagging or too complaining wife if you want your husband to be faithful; this is another method that women may influence their husbands to remain faithful to their relationship.
Do not design house in which your husband will ponder about and feel that going out to bar is more relaxing than coming home. The way in which you develop your home and the way in which you make your home will decide the level of commitment that your partner will have to you.
Instead of choosing to hang out with friends outside, prioritizing the safety of your home so that your husband or wife can come back is better choice.


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