How to Prepare for JAMB UTME Exams [Ultimate Guide]

How to effectively Prepare for JAMB UTME Exam

How to Prepare for Jamb utme exams” is one of the many searched words on google today, especially among graduates of Nigerian secondary school.

I have written a lot of articles about studying, reading and writing in general but i still keep on getting series of request to write about how to effectively prepare for jamb utme exams.

My mission today is to provide you with as much knowledge as i have acquired and researched in regards to how you can prepare for jamb utme exam with ease.

If you are quite familiar with my articles, you should already know by now that i never post short articles.

I make sure, I truly and thoroughly explain every aspect that relates to the topic of my articles.

So I encourage you to grab a chair and probably something to chew on while i reveal to you the ultimate guide on how to prepare for Jamb utme exams.

First and foremost,

What is JAMB UTME?

JAMB is an acronym for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board while UTME stands for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

It is simply a nation wide entrance exam conducted to admit young graduates of Nigerian secondary schools into a higher level of education.

With that been understood, you should already know that Jamb is not like the regular exams you might have been taking.

It is more serious and much more complex, I’m not saying this to scare you but it’s the bitter truth.

Jamb is one of the techniques used by the governing body to reduce the amount of students who are applying for a higher level of education in the university, polytechnic, college of education and so on.

Jamb is far much more competitive than it was many years ago.

The increasing number of candidates who apply for admission into the university has resulted into strict and stern competition that Jamb Utme is, today.

It is very much advisable that you make sure to pass Jamb on your very first sitting, so as to escape the continuous hustle and struggle of “the jambites”

As they are popularly known, I personally had to take Jamb twice before i was given admission to study Mathematics in the prestigious Delta State University.

If you are afraid of taking Jamb more than once, then this article is for you.

If you have probably written already and don’t want to experience Jamb again then you are absolutely at the right place.

It’s no news that Jamb has upgraded from what we used to know, into something much more delicate and complex.

There are at least four (4) possible subjects that are included in the UTME examination.

English Language is compulsory while the other three (3) depends on the course you wish to study.

For example an aspirant of Delta State University who wishes to study Mathematics as a course, I must include English and any other three (3) subjects which may now consist of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics during my Jamb application.

Many students who fail their Jamb exams, were simply ignorant or failed to apply the knowledge I’m about to share with you.

The fact is, if you can read this article and also apply every laid out guide that i have given below, you will prepare for JAMB UTME exam effectively and surely pass successfully.

I don’t care if it’s your first time or your fifth time, just follow me as i reveal the secrets on how to prepare for Jamb UTME exam effectively.

How to Prepare for JAMB UTME exams.

The truth of the whole matter is that scoring above 270 in JAMB examination is not so difficult.

Although many teachers, parents and even fellow students have driven it into the heads of potential JAMB candidates about how difficult it is to pass JAMB successfully.

Here is my ultimate guide on how to prepare for Jamb utme exams.

1. Be prayerful

The importance of prayers can never be overemphasized.

Have you ever wondered why, despite the amount of sleepless nights, studying, reading and efforts in general, many people may have put towards preparing for their JAMB UTME, they still fail.

Some may not even be scored, while others may end up having their examination center canceled.

I have witnessed many candidates having issues in their venue of exams due to complications such as finger print verification error, arriving late to exam venue, missing exam score, computer shutting down during exams and so many errors that you may likely not be aware of.

So even after studying and preparing extremely well for your JAMB UTME exams, your village people can still follow you to the JAMB UTME exam venue lol.

Do well to accompany your preparations with prayers. Pray like you never prepared for the exams and prepare like you never prayed for the exams.

2. Apply Correctly

Do you know that admission first starts from application?

You must have heard many people say stuffs like “if i have known when i was applying, i would have….. ” or “I didn’t know when i was applying… ”

To avoid regrets like this, simply apply correctly!

the ideal time to begin the battle of admission is during the process of JAMB application.

What I’m trying to pass across is that, you need to acquire enough information about the course of study and also the subject combination required for your particular course from the university you wish to be admitted into.

Many students who have passed jamb already, are faced with challenges regarding their subject combination with respect to their course of study which they never planned for.

So the first thing you need to do before you start preparing for JAMB UTME is to know the course you want to study and the required subject combination.

3. Get JAMB UTME Study materials.

JAMB UTME study materials includes JAMB past questions, JAMB Syllabus, JAMB English novels and so on

You will need to purchase all these JAMB study guides in order to prepare effectively for JAMB UTME exams.

Make sure to get the recommended use of English novel, this is very important to scoring high in your Jamb English questions.

Most of your English centered questions will be coming from the Jamb recommended Novel for that particular year.

Get as much Jamb past questions for the previous year in regards to the other subject combination your choice of course requires.

You will need to fortify yourself with the knowledge of the types of questions you will meet there.

Also download JAMB syllabus for that particular year, Jamb syllabus is very useful for candidates to check the topics and areas that they need to read on, for a particular subject in the UTME exams.

Jamb Syllabus also contains the recommended textbooks and materials you will need for a particular year’s UTME exams.

4. Prepare your Study Timetable.

You should be quite familiar with the proverb that says “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

An accurately prepared timetable is essential in maximizing your reading time and hours.

It gives you an edge in completely making good use of the total time you have in a day.

The link above contains a fully researched and easy method in preparing a personal reading timetable.

Try not to create an unrealistic timetable, because you won’t be able to utilize it effectively.

Your personal timetable should consist of your fully detailed daily schedule plan for each day, while adjusting your “not so much important task” into your reading hours.

Do not include more than two (2) subjects a day, fewer subjects reduces the pressure you will have in studying in a day.

Set out a comfortable time in a day, where you will be more active to study especially during the early hours of the morning, where the brain is much more active and almost impossible for you to sleep off.

Also include night reading periods, make sure to read more than three (3) times in a day, in fact you can go above three (3) hours in a day depending on your daily schedule and if you enjoy reading.

Nevertheless, make time to study effectively. remember to tackle more difficult subjects during the early hours of the day, and easier subjects at night.

My reason for saying this is that, you will tend to get tired and bored of difficult subjects at night which will result into you dozing and eventually sleeping off.

While your easier, simpler and comfortable subjects will keep you interested, awake and you will eventually loose track of time, thereby maximizing your night time.

Above all be determined to follow your personal reading time table and ensure you keep to it.

5. Get a comfortable Study environment.

The truth is that, you can not study in any environment. Places that can easily distract you should be avoided.

If you’re in a crowded environment or a social circle, you can easily loose focus. So choosing a quiet and conducive place is highly recommended to pass JAMB UTME.

You can decide to study in your room but make sure to remove every form of distractions because it only takes a second to get distracted.

Your study environment should also be well ventilated, I’m sure you know why.

You need a comfortable and well ventilated environment to increase the amount of time you spend studying.

6. Start Studying on time

Do you know that the best time to execute something important was yesterday?
The second best time to execute it is Now!

Yes now, if you are still asking when should you should start preparing for JAMB UTME then you already have your answer.

One big mistake JAMB UTME candidates make is waiting for JAMB registration to begin before they start their preparation.

The earlier you start studying, the better and the higher your chances of passing JAMB UTME excellently.

7. Study! Study!! Study!!!

All I have mentioned above leads to the actual studying for your JAMB UTME, there’s no possible way you can pass JAMB UTME without studying.

Even a genius will surely have to study one time or another.

The method by which you choose to execute this process matters a lot, by now you should already know what works for you.

Do you prefer going through your past questions first, then later searching for the answers from your textbooks?

Or you prefer going through your textbooks and eventually attempting past questions?

Do whatever works for you. Now you have to study like your life depends on it, I’m very serious about this.

What is worth doing, is worth doing well. Remove your mind from every other goals you may have and set it towards scoring above 270 in Jamb.

Aim higher than you expect and be focused, you will be shocked how your subconscious mind will set a constant reminder to study.

Do not be pressured by what other people’s opinions of how JAMB is difficult or how you have to pass JAMB.

Do not even succumb to pressure from your parents or siblings, I know how most African parents behave.

Their constant reminder of how you must pass can mount a lot of pressure on you, simply ponder on these words I outlined below.

They will help you when you start feeling discouraged or pressured, yes you will get to a stage of discouragement and pressure but ponder on these.

  • You are not the first person to take JAMB neither will you be the last.
  • JAMB will never set questions from a textbook that they didn’t recommend.
  • There are people who are not as smart as you are who sat and passed their JAMB UTME exams.
  • So long as you have studied, you have no option but to pass.
  • Those that are currently in the University, Polytechnic, College of education and other higher level of education, do not have two head.

Please Read: How to Study for JAMB and Pass excellently well

I took my time to explain in details on how to study for Jamb Utme exams and Pass excellently well via the link above. It is one thing to prepare for your Jamb Exams and another to study and Pass excellently well.

Alright, lets continue.

8. Partake in JAMB CBT mock exams

Do not overlook the importance of JAMB CBT mock exams, there’s a reason why JAMB initiated it.

Many JAMB candidates have testified to the fact that, the JAMB CBT mock exams prepared them better for the actual JAMB UTME exams.

JAMB CBT mock exams will also expose to you, how prepared you are for the actual JAMB UTME exams.

Even if you don’t score high in your JAMB CBT mock exam, it should help to ignite your drive to study harder and to know that more work needs to be done.

If you scored high in your JAMB CBT mock exams, remember it’s not the actual JAMB UTME exam.

So don’t get comfortable instead study harder to beat the score you obtained in your JAMB CBT mock exams.

9. Go for JAMB tutorials

This sometimes depends on the kind of person you are. If you assimilate better when you read on your own, then there’s no need to take JAMB lessons.

But even if you prefer preparing on your own, I still advise you take JAMB preparatory classes.

There’s a kind of unforgettable knowledge that is attached to experiences, it could be an example a teacher used to further explain a point that may hit closely to an experience you may have had.

As long as you can not forget such experience, the greater the possibility of not forgetting the point the teacher was trying to explain.

10. Jamb Preparatory App

I’ve heard of an app that helps to prepare Jamb Candidates aside from the already known JAMB CBT mock exams.

Many cyber cafe offers this service, try to register and engage in it. Have fun with the exercise, don’t feel pressured.

The less pressure you put on your brain the better it will assimilate.

There’s also a mobile app you can download to help with your Jamb utme preparations called jamb prep mobile app.

Here’s the link, Download JAMB PREP MOBILE APP download and play with friends. It will definitely help you.

11. Organize Study Gatherings

Organizing Study gatherings involves you reading, studying and asking questions with a group of other Jamb Utme candidates which are most probably your friends.

I do not personally advise this because i know for a fact that this study gathering will eventually turn into a social gathering for all forms of discussions.

If you want a social gathering, its better to stick to your extra mural JAMB preparatory lessons. At least there’s an adult to help direct the affairs of learning.

But if you are the type that exhibits a high level of control and focus, then you can as well organize a study gathering. If not, please forget about this.

I know you will pass your JAMB UTME exams successfully. Good luck and i wish you all the best.

One more thing, I believe this article has gone a long way to enlighten you on how to prepare for JAMB UTME exams.

Please do well to share with your friends via the social media icons below, remember “sharing is caring”.

You can also leave your comments in the comment box below, I’ll be happy to reply you and thanks for your time.

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