How to Study Abroad for Free (Secret Blueprint No one will tell you)

Studying abroad is an experience a lot of students often dream about. In fact, a lot of students find it hard to achieve their dreams of studying abroad due to the cost of foreign degrees.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to study abroad for free or for a little penny.

Below are a few ways you could utilize to cut costs while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Where You Can Study Abroad for Free

Educational costs have continued to rise in many parts of the world, especially popular study abroad destinations. However, they are still very popular study abroad destinations that offer free tuition for international students.

If you are from the EU or EEA countries, you can study in various countries for free or pay a very low tuition fee.

Just reserve money for your accommodation and other living expenses that will surely pop up.

Below are free study abroad countries for EU and EEA citizens.

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Greece
  • France
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Spain

Studying abroad for free is not just limited to EU and EEA citizens. There are other countries where international students from any country can study abroad completely free, or at a very cheaper price.

1. Study in Germany for free

Germany has been a major destination for international students and this is because there are no undergraduate tuition fees at most public universities in Germany.

Germany only charges a small university fee of around €150-250 (~US$170-280) and this fee is to cover administration costs.

The only state in Germany where undergraduates pay tuition fees is Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany.

The education cost structure can change, later on, you can check this page for updated information on education costs in various federal states in Germany.

You can also check our list of scholarships in Germany for international students.

2. Study in Austria for free

Austria is another country where students can study in Europe for free or at an affordable cost. The rights and benefits that Austrians enjoy are also awarded to EU/EEA students when it comes to the cost of higher education and can study for free at any degree level.

EU/EEA students are only required to pay a semester fee of just €363.

International students outside of the EU/EEA will pay higher semester fees of about €726 (US$803).

These fees are to be paid per semester.

3. Study in Norway for free

Universities in Norway offer free education to all students without minding your study level or nationality. All that is required is a semester fee of about NOK 300-600 (US$33-66).

Educational costs may be very low but note that the cost of living in Norway is very expensive. A part-time job will help take care of the living cost.

4. Study for Free in Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Denmark, Sweden and Finland offer free education to students within the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

This means that international students from outside these regions are to pay tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s programs.

However, PhD programs in these countries are fully funded, they offer remarkable PhD applicants the opportunity to earn their degree without paying fees. They can earn salaries while they study.

International students can also study abroad for free in Finland if they choose to study in the Finnish or Swedish language.

Apply for Grants and Scholarships

If you intend to study abroad without paying the tuition fees, you will have to do some research on grants and scholarships.

Universities, charities, foundations, and government organizations aid lots of international students annually with their tuition fees and living costs. This is far different from student loans, you are not required to pay back.

There are lots of financial aid available these days, it is worth researching to see which one you are eligible for.

Below are useful research tools you could use

Begin Fundraising 

If you really want to study abroad, one of the ways to do that is to begin fundraising, ask for support and you will be surprised at the support you will get.

Throwing fundraising events, and utilizing online crowdfunding pages such as GoFundMe are few ways you could turn your dreams into a reality.

Study Abroad Virtually

Another way to study abroad for free is by studying virtually. Lots of universities are delving into online programs, this means that you can still secure a top international degree from home.

You won’t be travelling to a new country and visiting new places but it doesn’t limit you from meeting people from different backgrounds, learn about new cultures and improve your language skills. Imagine experiencing all these benefits without spending much.

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