Easy Way to Study for JAMB 2023 and Pass excellently well | Fast Guide

how to study for JAMB and pass excellently well

How to study for JAMB and Pass excellently” is one major problem every JAMB UTME candidate tends to face.

In fact every year, there is a rise in the volume of searches on search engines especially Google on “how to study for JAMB and pass excellently well“.

If you are one of those lucky people to come by my articles, then you will know that this is your last time to ever search the internet for something relating to “how to study for JAMB and pass excellently“.

Because after following this guide you will surely pass JAMB UTME exams easily and excellently.

The bitter truth is that about 70% of all UTME candidates pick up their books and JAMB study materials to study for JAMB but only 10% study effectively and therefore pass.

Are you surprised? Don’t worry I will explain further. It is one thing to pick up your book and study for JAMB and another thing to remember what you have studied.

The difference between these two set of people who study and don’t remember and those that study and remember is their method of studying.

Studying effectively for JAMB requires some set of proven techniques which i will be pointing out very soon.

Many Jamb candidates have already programmed themselves to rely on JAMB expos or malpractice to pass JAMB UTME.

But listen, you absolutely do not need any of those to pass JAMB, in fact JAMB is even so more advanced compared to before so there are likely no rooms for JAMB malpractice.

If you want to study for Jamb and pass successfully, all you need is this effective study tips I’m about to reveal to you.

Mind you, reading my articles without applying them is very risky, lol.

The truth of the whole matter is that, before i set out to publish an article. I take my time to research, explore and even ask successfully people who have passed through such problems that i intend writing about.

So you see, this is the last time you will ever search about “how to study for JAMB UTME and Pass Excellently well“.

Enough of the engagement already, let’s go straight to the point.

How to Study for JAMB 2023 and Score above 300

1. Prepare for JAMB UTME

Yes, prepare for it. The manner in which you get yourself ready for a very important occasion, apply that same awareness to your brain, soul and entire body.

Don’t be foolish to think this is just another exam, believe me this exam comes with a lot of pressure. Failing this exam can cause emotional and mental breakdown which I know you are not ready for.

There’s a Joy that comes with taking an examination and passing it once and for all.

I did my best to explain in details how you cam prepare yourself for JAMB UTME exam in the link above.

I’ll advise you go through it, it will enlighten you on the simple necessary steps to take in preparation for JAMB UTME exams, Trust me.

2. Set up your Study Environment.

To effectively study for JAMB UTME exams, you will need a comfortable study environment. However, this factor depends on you.

Some people prefer to be uncomfortable when studying so as not to fall asleep while others enjoy a comfortable learning environment.

If you are the first type of person please skip this step.

An effective study environment will allow you read for a longer period of time and even make you loose track of time.

Do not overlook your study environment.

3. Get JAMB syllabus

Jamb syllabus contains the recommended textbooks and materials you will need to pass JAMB excellently well.

If you are thinking you don’t need JAMB syllabus, you are completely wrong. It’s like a pastor studying a medical book to preach on Sunday, lol.

You get my point, right? JAMB syllabus intentionally lists out all the topics that the UTME exam questions will pop out from, it will act like a torch in the dark.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Whatever will not allow you study for your JAMB UTME exams, discard it immediately.

  • Do you still sit in front of a television for more than three (3) hours a day?
  • Do you still engage in non meaningful chats on social media?
  • Do you still  have friends coming around to visit everyday?
  • Do you still go out to visit friends everyday?

If your answer to all the above question is a “YES”, you better retrace your steps. It will do you a great good to eliminate all these distractions.

I’m not saying you should totally eliminate them per say, but use them to your own advantage not disadvantage(distraction).

What i mean is, specify a given time to watch TV, see a friend, chat on social media and so on. Make it seem like a reward for studying hard.

During that specific time, your brain will be allowed to relax and assimilate all you have given to it already.

Sounds fair? Alright let’s continue.

5. Find out Everything you need to cover

I call this “outlining your map“, get a long note and divide it into four parts. These are the four Subject combination you are going to sit for in your JAMB UTME exams.

Under each Subject, list out all the topics in your JAMB recommended textbooks.

Now calculate how long you have to finish these topics before the actual day of the JAMB UTME exams.

Calculate at what pace you have to study in order to conclude and assimilate the topics in your JAMB recommended textbooks.

After all these calculations you will understand that you don’t have all the time in the world, so you need to start studying right away.

Don’t forget to give yourself a one month break before the JAMB UTME exams, this period is very important.


Because You will need to revise everything you have read and you must have finished every topic in your textbooks before now.

Following this guideline will help change your mindset from “I still have one month to prepare for my JAMB UTME exams” to “I have one month to revise for my JAMB UTME exams”.

How does that sound to you? Great right? Hope you’re not bored already? Let’s continue.

6. Understand your Study Time.

Everyone has their different time of study in which they tend to assimilate better.

I know people who are night readers, they find it difficult to study during the day.

I also know a few others who prefer studying during the day, They sleep off as soon as it’s dark(They no dey take their eye see darkness lol).

This is a personal factor, find out what works for you. Do not be mislead by what other people may say, do what works for you.

If you are a day reader, utilize your days effectively and if you are a night reader utilize your nights effectively.

Try reading early hours of the morning, personally whatever i read at this time of the day naturally sticks. Well that’s just me.

Find yours!!

7. Approach every Subject differently.

You will agree with me that the various subjects we have can not be studied the same way.

Can you calculate English Language? lol. So the way your approach English language to study should be different from the way you study Mathematics.

Every Subject has their different ways you can study them effectively, maybe I’ll write on that soon.

8. Make Studying a new Habit.

If you really want to pass your JAMB UTME exams excellently well, then you need to make “Studying” your new habit.

Even the Bible clearly states “Study to show thyself approved”.

The more you study, the more you get accustomed to studying and in due time, it ultimately becomes a habit.

If you don’t study a day, it feels like something is not right. That should be how much of a habit, studying should become.

9. Summarize your textbooks

This is one major technique that has helped me ace all my exams, believe me it has never failed me.

Get an extra notebook and pen, this will be your summary jotter. While reading every page in your textbook, jot down every subheading and topics and try to summarize every paragraph in your own words.

At the end of your studying, you will find out that this technique does not only allow you to reduce your bulky textbooks but also allows you to memorize the textbook in your own words.

Believe me, this is golden!!

10. Reward yourself with short breaks

Most people can’t study for long, they get distracted and many others hit a block where nothing goes in anymore.

During periods like this, all you need to do is to observe few minutes break, take a walk, operate your mobile phone, watch a few video clips or reply your social media messages.

But note, do not over do this, let it seem like a reward for studying hard and long. In that way your brain feels refreshed afterwards.

11. Organize study groups

Invite your friends over, i mean the ones who are taking this JAMB UTME exams as serious as you are.

Get to ask them questions while they also ask you questions in return, you will be shocked to know how much you have learnt and also the areas you have failed to assimilate.

You can also decide to take them on a topic from start to finish, you will find out that, it’s even difficult to forget what you teach others.

You will also find out that, you will tend to understand better than you initially did when you only learnt compared to when you taught others.

12. Set Questions for yourself

After studying each topic, try to set questions for yourself and make sure to answer them.

Put yourself in the shoes of JAMB UTME, and set standard questions for yourself.

Ask yourself “If i was JAMB UTME, what questions can i ask from this particular topic I just finished studying?”

You will find out that, studying starts becoming easier than you ever taught.

Don’t get bored now, we are just getting to the most important parts.

13. Attempt JAMB UTME past questions

The more you keep on studying, the more you are  getting prepared to tackle JAMB UTME past questions.

You must have gotten some JAMB UTME past questions for two to four years back. Do you know that JAMB sometimes repeat their questions word for word.

Yes they do, I’m not saying you should cram JAMB UTME questions. Just understand the questions and you will be able to tackle them anytime, any day.

If after going through JAMB UTME past questions and you are unable to answer them correctly, it simply means you still have work to be done.

Don’t be discouraged, instead increase your drive to study harder and more efficiently.

19. Tackle Difficult Subjects first

If Mathematics is one subject you find difficult to assimilate, allocate more time and resources to understanding it.

Give it more study hours, do not study difficult subjects at night or else you might sleep off. That’s if you’re a day reader.

And if you are night reader, do not study your difficult subjects in the day. Give your most comfortable study period to your most difficult subjects.

I hope you’ve understood the point I’m trying to pass across.

20. Call for Help

Yes, there’s no possible way you will understand everything you are going to study, that is just the bitter truth.

When you come across difficult topics, call for help from friends, siblings, teachers in fact anyone that you feel is in the right place to assist you.

Sometimes you may have just been going about a particular problem the wrong way.

21. Get enough rest

As important as studying for your JAMB UTME exams, so also is resting important. Even machines surely breakdown when they are overloaded.

Give your brain enough time to rest and refresh so as to better assimilate.

22. Revise

This is very important, try to give yourself at least one month to the actual JAMB UTME exams to revise and brush up on subjects you have been reading.

That summary book i talked about earlier on, is a good place to start. In fact if you did your summary well, there will be no need to revisit your textbooks.

23. Pray fervently.

You should know that prayer works wonders, for every step of the way always remember to pray.

The topics you find it hard to forget, may be the places where your JAMB UTME questions may rise from. Do not neglect the power of prayer!!


Reading this article without applying them is the same as not reading it at all, I have done my best by exposing in details how to study for JAMB UTME exams and pass excellently well.

It is now up to you, I also believe that you found this article interesting and worth sharing.
Kindly click on any of the social media icons below to share this article with your friends and people that will benefit from “how to study for JAMB UTME exams and Pass excellently well”.

Drop your opinions, questions and contributions in the comment box below, i will not fail to reply them.


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