How to Study [The Right Way]

How to study the right way; School life has a lot of pecks and a lot of distractions, if you weren’t really prepared for school by your parents or guardians you’ll be chocked by all its madness.

A lot of thoughts tends to fill your head once you gain admission and you get that sweet taste of freedom, but that’s a topic for another day.

Study time is not a time to be daily, it’s a time set aside for you, your books and more books.

Sounds strange, right? Well, that’s coming from a guy who spent most of his time buried in books.

In order to properly study, there are certain factors that should be put in place, certain conditions that should be present in order to open up yourself to the inflow of knowledge.

That may come across as a lot to take in when it comes to plain old studying, but hear me out.

There’s a wrong way to study and then there’s the right way to study, my article today centers
around that. Below are a ways to study, the right way.

How to study Effectively


Timed reading sessions are essential when studying in order to evenly share your focus amongst relevant subjects that require attention.

If time is not properly managed when studying, some subjects or courses end up getting more or less attention than the others.

2. Time management

This comes into play when you’re like me and your night is meant for sleeping and not
awiko” ( And No I’m not discouraging you from attending. And Yes I know I spelt it wrong).

During the day, I tend to plan my movements in such a way that just enough time is set aside for
me to hit the books, surf the web and watch a few movies.

I DO NOT joke with my 8 hours of rest.

And when your night isn’t like mine, it is advisable to arrange your night time study session in
such a way that you still get a few hours of sleep in before the day’s activities take you away.

I’d go into specifics but individual differences being the case now, and yes I know there’s a general
idea of how it should be but still.


Choose a secluded area of your room, library, school or anywhere it is you are reading that’s;

  • Not filled with distractions
  • Not noisy
  • Properly ventilated
  • Well lit up

This may not apply to everyone.

Most people can only study effectively when there’s excess noise or while they are exercising.

But still, a comfortable reading space is advisable for a maximum study experience.


Wikipedia defines “the Attention span as the amount of concentrated time a person can
spend on a task without becoming distracted“.

The element of distractibility occurs when the individual is uncontrollably drawn to some other activity or sensation.

And this so called ‘distractibility’ this is very common in many school environment.

So when studying, all your focus, all your ‘attention’ should be put into grasping something and assimilating something from what has been read.

For instance, listening to upbeat music while studying is not advisable.

Although most people listen to such and are still outstanding students but generally don’t.

You can easily be swayed by the beats into body movements i.e. dancing and getting distracted from the task at hand.

It advisable to read when you’re open to it, when your brain is calm and relaxed hence stretching your attention span and not when you’re worried if Favour would make it out of the big brother house single.


Everyone has his or her own unique learning style, there’s no general consensus on the ways one should study.

Once you figure out your learning style, adjust your study pattern in such a way that suits your style.

  • There are those who learn fast and are able to assimilate just after a few glances
  • There are those who need to go through the entire book two three times before understanding a single thing
  • There are those who prefer listening to audio books rather than reading out actual books
  • There are those who do extensive research before concluding on a fact.

The list goes on and on.

Bottom line is that you figure out what study style suits you and adjust accordingly.


After studying for your “just enough time” it is advisable to review all you’ve studied in order to know if you learnt anything.

The whole ‘avoiding distractions things’ and ‘staying focused’ also comes into play here.

A little healthy Q and A after studying always goes a long way but if you can’t say something to yourself after an intense session, then you probably did something wrong.


A proper reading timetable is essential when it comes to studying.

Prioritize your timetable, subjects that need your attention should be at the top of the table.

If important subjects are attended to first and you get tired afterwards, then every other one can relax.


Preparing for the unknown with the little you know is one way of studying the right way.

When prepping for an exam per say, studying ‘past’ questions is always the best option.

The probability of a few previous questions being reused is very likely during any test or exam.

Do not get distracted by the trials you meet along the way, the side attractions, the freedom of school life, the easy way out e.t.c.

No matter how deluded or ‘marlian‘ you think you may be (yeah, I see you), deep down you know why you came to school, you just choose to ignore it.

A wise woman once said “Without BALANCE and CONTROL chaos will destroy you” (Metaphorically speaking).

Balance and control are two major factors that play into your schedule when it’s time to study.

If you’re able to BALANCE work and play correctly;
CONTROL the raging elements in your school life, then anything is possible.

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