Indonesian ANU students can win future research talent awards (2022-23)

Students from other countries are welcome to submit an application for this program. The scholarship enables recipients to participate in research-level program(s) in any of the disciplines that are offered by the Australian National University.

Applications are being accepted for the Future Research Talent Awards For Indonesian Students at ANU in Australia (2022-23).

Brief Description:

  • HOST: Australian National University
  • LOCATION: Australia
  • OFFERED SUBJECT: All Subjects
  • LEVEL: Research
  • ELIGIBLE NATIONALITY: International Students
  • TYPE: Partial Funding
  • DEADLINE:1 September 2022

Scholarship Benefits:

The Future Research Talent (FRT) awards provide selected Indonesian staff members and students with the opportunity to travel to the Australian National University in order to engage in collaborative research for a period of ten to twelve weeks across a variety of scientific, medical, and health-related fields.

Because it is such a prestigious and competitive program, the FRT is able to recruit the most qualified faculty and students from Indonesia’s most prestigious educational institutions. The program provides a priceless opportunity for up-and-coming researchers from Indonesia to build their networks on a global scale and hone their research abilities while attending the premier educational institution in Australia.

Winners of the scholarship at ANU will receive $6,000 in total funding over the duration of their studies at the university. FRT awards give deserving Indonesian students the opportunity to travel to the Australian National University (ANU) to participate in collaborative research projects spanning a variety of scientific, medical, and health-related fields for a period of ten to twelve weeks.

The money that is given to the recipient as part of the FRT program has to be used to directly support their participation in collaborative research at the ANU Colleges of Science, Health, and Medicine. It may be applied toward costs associated with, but is not limited to, round-trip airfare, obtaining a visa (including any associated medical expenses), purchasing travel insurance, securing lodging, and paying general living expenses. The recipient is responsible for the administration of any award funds that they receive.

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Scholarship Eligibility:

Awards are presented in two distinct categories, which are as follows:

  • Students: Seniors in undergraduate programs and postgraduates at partner educational institutions
  • Academic faculty members at a select number of universities and other institutions, as well as research-focused staff employed by a select number of government departments make up the staff.

It is possible that participating institutions in Indonesia will be invited to submit nominations for candidates in either of the two categories. The information regarding which categories an institute can nominate candidates for will be directly provided to the institutions that are collaborating on this project.

To be an eligible candidate, you must:

  • be an Indonesian citizen who resides in Indonesia is a requirement.
  • be able to provide evidence of having a high level of academic ability as well as research potential;
  • be a member of the academic staff at a collaborating institution in Indonesia, or a student enrolled in a program at that institution;
  • be put forward for award consideration by an Indonesian institution that collaborates with the ANU Colleges of Science, Health, and Medicine;
  • be interested in conducting research in one of the specific research fields that are being proposed by the ANU Colleges of Science, Health, and Medicine; and,
  • have not been honored with a FRT award from the ANU Colleges of Science, Health, and Medicine in the past.

It is at the discretion of the Dean of either of the two Colleges, and at the request of the Research School Director, to decide whether or not to accept applications from students enrolled at institutions other than the selected partner institutions.

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How To Apply:

In order to qualify for this grant, you will first need to enroll in a degree program at this university, and that program can be in any field. Because students are automatically considered, there is no need for an application.

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