Is He The One? 32 Signs To Know

If someone is charming, adventurous, and kind when you first meet them, it’s obvious that they’d be fun to date.


But even while you could feel strongly about them, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they should be your life partner. It’s a little more difficult to determine that, and sometimes you won’t know straight away.


In reality, it could take weeks, months, or even years of experiencing various situations with him before you decide whether or not you should get married.


You may, however, keep an eye out for cues along the way that will let you know if your relationship is progressing positively and will enable you to decide if he is the appropriate man for you.


And while though everyone has their own list of qualities they look for in a husband, there are a few qualities that practically everyone can agree make a man a wonderful husband material.


1. He’s Kind

He's Kind

This one might sound obvious, but even if you discover a guy who is generally nice, don’t assume that he will always be that way.


Amazing traits in a relationship and potential spouse include kindness.


In the long run, kindness may out to be one of the qualities you value most in a spouse since it will help you get through difficult times.


2. He’s Not Afraid To Apologize

He's not afraid to apologize

A positive sign is if your man consistently comes back and apologizes after you two fight.


When someone does this, it demonstrates that they are self-reflective, curious, and willing to accept responsibility for their own mistakes.


He must demonstrate his readiness for a committed relationship by acting in this way.


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3. You Feel Good About Yourself When You’re With Him

You Feel Good About Yourself When You’re With Him

Being with someone with whom you feel you can’t be completely yourself would be draining.


You should be able to show your prospective husband all of your sides, including the messy ones. Unless you tell him the true you, he won’t know.


4. He Supports Your Dreams

He Supports Your Dreams

A key plus is finding someone who will be your biggest supporter.


You want to spend the rest of your life with a person who believes in you, loves you, and supports all of your goals, even if it means he has to make a few compromises.


5. He Wants to Spend Time With You

He Wants to Spend Time With You

People will go to great lengths to be with you if they care about you.


Nothing will stop a man in love from finding ways to show you that he cares, whether it’s bringing you coffee in the morning so you can both take a quick break before you head to work together or texting you romantic messages in the middle of the day.


If your boyfriend makes time for any of those activities despite his busy schedule, it shows that he values you highly.


6. He Tells You Everything

He Tells You Everything

If your man confides in you, opens up to you when he’s upset or having a difficult day at work, then you can tell that he feels comfortable with you.


He’s an excellent potential husband because he has no boundaries and wants you to know everything about him.


7. You are Friends First

You are Friends First

Before you start dating, there are several advantages to becoming friends with your partner. It aids in giving you a solid foundation that will be useful in the future.


Despite inevitable conflicts, friendship feeds the flame of love since it provides the best defense against feeling hostile toward your spouse.


8. Conversation Flows Naturally

Conversation Flows Naturally

You’ll get the sense of knowing someone for all time when you’re with your soul mate.


You won’t feel uncomfortable talking to them after your first date. You’ll just understand one another and be able to discuss anything.


9. He’s All About Compromising

He’s All About Compromising

Finding a spouse who will compromise when you and they disagree on something is crucial.


A guy who accomplishes that understands the value of being adaptable and working with others to get conclusions.


10. He Makes You Laugh

He Makes You Laugh

In a relationship, having a sense of humor is crucial.


This can really improve or ruin a relationship, especially if you can laugh at yourselves.


11. Things Aren’t Complicated

Things Aren’t Complicated

Things won’t be difficult as long as you’re with the correct person. They will simply make your life better, and you won’t be able to picture life without them by your side.


You’ll feel at ease when you’re together because of the peace you’ll experience.


12. You Have Fun Together

You Have Fun Together

For a relationship to last, you need to occasionally be with someone who encourages you to have fun and indulge your inner child.


Successful conflict resolution is considerably less important in happy relationships than having fun together.


13. You Have Healthy Fights

You Have Healthy Fights


There are two types of couples: those who are passionate enough about their union to debate, and those who don’t because they have given up or given in.


A partner who isn’t scared to dispute with you in a relationship is actually a good thing. Being in a relationship with someone who fights with you occasionally so you two can work out a disagreement shows they want to develop your connection and make it stronger.


14. You Both Put Effort Into The Relationship

You Both Put Effort Into The Relationship

The feeling that the other person doesn’t care as much about it as you do in a one-sided relationship is the worst.


It follows that if your partner is as invested in you as you are in him and he consistently works to make your relationship the best it can be, you can assume that he will do the same when it comes to marriage.


15. He Remembers Things

He Remembers Things

A partner who is attentive to the minor details is one who genuinely cares.


He’s a keeper if you’re frequently taken aback by questions he poses that suggest he was paying attention to anything significant you told him a week or two ago. It demonstrates his concern for issues that are important to you.


16. He Talks About the Future with you

He Talks About the Future with you

Talking about the future with the person you’re destined to be with won’t turn him off when you first meet.


He’ll be delighted by it. Even though he works diligently in his job life to ensure he can support you in the future, he will be able to daydream about your future plans with him.


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17. He does small errands or tasks for you

He does small errands or tasks for you

The tiniest gestures, such as unexpectedly offering to get you a coffee, picking up a prescription or dry cleaning, or performing a home task that is traditionally “yours” every so often, can be a fantastic indicator.


How so? It demonstrates his willingness to go above and beyond to be of assistance to you.


18. He Won’t Judge You

He Won’t Judge You

The proper person for you won’t pass judgment on you no matter what you’re going through.


He won’t judge you for anything, so you can feel free to tell him about humiliating situations or times when you weren’t proud of yourself.


In certain circumstances, he will support you and assist you in every way he can.


19. You Won’t Question His Feelings

You Won’t Question His Feelings

The man you’re dating shouldn’t leave you wondering whether he likes you or not all the time.


Your ideal partner will put himself out there and not hide his emotions from you. He will express his affection for you both verbally and physically.


20. He’s a Gentleman

He’s a Gentleman

A gentlemanly man will demonstrate to you that he is a good husband candidate.


On dates, he’ll walk you to your door, offer to carry your bag, surprise you with flowers, hold open doors for you, and do other small things to let you know he appreciates you and wants to make you feel special.


21. He Speaks Kindly of You

He Speaks Kindly of You

It matters how someone refers to you to other people. A spouse who makes an effort to compliment you when you’re out with friends or in a group, even if you were just bickering in the car before you got there, says a lot about them.


This demonstrates that he respects you and would never intentionally harm your reputation.


22. You Trust Him

You Trust Him

Both of you will have complete faith in one another in a loving relationship. He won’t give you any reason to have any doubts about each other, therefore you won’t have any.


You’ll know you’ve found someone you can rely on when they make a commitment and follow through, according to Alicia.


23. He Respects Your Friends and Family

He Respects Your Friends and Family

He will value the aspects of your life that are significant to you, such as your friends and family, if he sees a future with you.


He will love them if he truly cares about you.


24. He Doesn’t Always Tell You What You Want to Hear

He Doesn’t Always Tell You What You Want to Hear

Someone is not putting on a show, being cooperative, or conflict-avoidant if they are prepared to express views or preferences that are different from our own.


Being able to trust that your partner will correct you when you’re mistaken or disagree with you is why having a partner that doesn’t try to please everyone is a positive thing.


25. He Will Stand Up for You

He Will Stand Up for You

You’ll want to marry a man who always has your back and who you feel safe around.


He’ll be someone who feels compelled to defend you and will always speak up for you.


26. He’ll Want to Know Everything About You

He’ll Want to Know Everything About You


A man you should get married to will be curious about you from the moment you go on a date with him until many dates later in your relationship.


He’ll never run out of things to ask you, and he’ll constantly want to know how your day was. He’ll want to be the guy in your life who understands you the best and he’ll demonstrate to you that he wants to progress with you.


Partners actively choose how the progress of the relationship and themselves plays out as opposed to idly watching it happen.


27. He Shows You His Vulnerable Side

He Shows You His Vulnerable Side

It’s a sign that they trust you more deeply and feel safe with you if your spouse has sobbed in front of you and exposed their vulnerable side.


Finding someone who is willing to be vulnerable with you in a manner that he can’t be with others indicates you that you are really special to him and have a connection with him that no one else does.


28. He Doesn’t Try to Change You

He Doesn’t Try to Change You

You shouldn’t let your potential partner change you into someone else.


Know that the right man won’t try to mold you into the person he wants you to be; rather, he will accept you for who you are.


29. He’ll Drop Everything to Be With You

He’ll Drop Everything to Be With You

A guy with husband vibes will make sure he’s there for you if you need something or are in a jam.


When you need him most, he will put everything else on hold and come to your side. That will demonstrate to you his dependability in trying circumstances.


30. He’s Not Perfect

He’s Not Perfect

No one is flawless, but if the person you’re dating can admit they have shortcomings, it demonstrates their amazing strength and maturity.


You’ve found a keeper, if they can accept responsibility for their human foibles, flaws, and imperfections without becoming overly defensive or giving in to self-criticism.


31. You Bring Out The Best in Each Other

You Bring Out The Best in Each Other

Those in a relationship strive to give their best to their partner and vice versa.


They are at their most radiant when they are with one another.


32. You Don’t Need Each Other

You Don’t Need Each Other

The finest relationships are those in which both partners are content on their own and choose to be together.


Knowing who you are, what you want, and what makes you happy together shows that you and your spouse are your own person. This relieves the burden on the other person to strive to complete you and allows you to both enhance one another.


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