Is My Boyfriend Cheating? 20 Signs He Is Cheating

Cheating is a terrifying word in regards of romantic relationships. We are all familiar with this terrifying fact. It might have involved our parents, friends, or former partnerships.

Even though falling in love is such a beautiful feeling, there is a risk involved.
We run the danger of being harmed when we commit to a relationship. A person must build up trust before they are deceived by the one person they never imagined being capable of doing so.


Depending on how secure you feel as a couple, there are many couples who go through difficult times and our interests in one another change over time. So how can you tell if you have suspicions that your partner may be having an affair? What are the indicators that he is lying?


It’s difficult to catch a cheating boyfriend. Even though it was their first time, they always devised a way to escape getting caught.


Some guys would do whatever to hide their betrayal. Sadly, a large number of us already had to face this reality.


When a man is having an affair with someone else, how can he still be with you and tell you that he loves you?


Is my partner being unfaithful? Are there any indicators that he is cheating?


There are numerous ways to determine whether your boyfriend is cheating, and if you know someone who has experienced the same thing, they undoubtedly share the same opinion with you.

With these 20 obvious indications, you can determine if he is cheating on you.


1. He’s Always Distracted

He's always distracted

Despite the fact that you are all living in the same house, he seems to be absent. With you, he is not “in the moment.” You need to repeat what you just stated or call his name more than twice.


It’s acceptable to act in this way occasionally; perhaps your guy is considering work. What if, though, he is preoccupied with someone else?


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2. He Buys New Perfume and Clothes

He buys new perfume and clothes

Here is yet another plainly visible warning indicator. Is your lover suddenly more self-conscious of his appearance?


We all know the temptation to look our best when attracted to someone, just like a teen in love. He can be trying to boost his self-esteem by getting new clothes, a new hairstyle, and perfume, or he might be trying to win over a new girl.


3. He Becomes Irritated

He becomes irritated

Your partner suddenly becomes annoyed when you cling to him excessively. He suddenly becomes irritated when you sing to him.


Feels very strange? Maybe because he used to appreciate all the odd things you do for him in the past, but now it’s the complete reverse.


His behavior may have changed as a result of dealing with issues or having an affair.


4. He Becomes Secretive with His Belongings

He Becomes Secretive with His Belongings

He wants you to stop since you’re being too kind and considerate by trying to fix his bags.


Or perhaps it’s just that he seems to be extra guarded about everything—his wallet, his car, even his clothes. You are correct if you sense that something is amiss and that his behavior is not as it usually is. He could be sleeping with someone else.


5. His Phone Password Changed

His Phone Password Changed

Your fears may be confirmed if he was previously open to you but suddenly treasures his privacy. One extra thing: unlike before, he now carries his phone about with him constantly.


6. Sex Feels Different

Sex Feels Different

How is your love life? Did you realize that any modifications to your sexual life could indicate an affair on the part of your partner?


A person’s libido may alter for a variety of reasons, including stress and medical issues, but it can also indicate an affair.


Because of the affair’s increased desire, some people engage in more sex. Some individuals get excited just thinking about it because it’s exciting.


Because he is already having sex with someone else, some people have less.


7. He’s Extra Busy

He’s Extra Busy

Everyone has their hectic moments. It does so occasionally, though. You are familiar with your boyfriend’s work habits, hobbies, and schedule.


So, if you notice a shift, you should start paying closer attention.


Maybe somebody quit, in which case he needs to work more. He can be using the phrase “busy” to meet with another woman, or he might be aiming for a promotion.


8. Unexplained Expenses

Unexplained Expenses

When your lover suddenly becomes secretive or refuses to disclose his costs after you have been open about your finances, that raises a red flag.


Naturally, a man having an affair will balk at having his funds examined.


9. He Accuses You of Cheating 

He Accuses You of Cheating 

A man who is unfaithful will typically respond by accusing you of cheating. The common response of a man who is unfaithful is to accuse you of infidelity.


It’s absurd, isn’t it? He uses it as a means of projecting his guilt or transgressions. He may be concealing anything if he acts irrationally and starts to question whether you are cheating.


He can turn the issue around and become the victim by acting suspiciously and holding you accountable for the sin.


10. He Doesn’t Want You Tagging Him on Social Media

He Doesn’t Want You Tagging Him on Social Media

It’s only natural that you mention your boyfriend when you discuss couple goals, right? The majority of men don’t mind and are fine with it.


An affair-seeking man will, however, request that you stop tagging him. Additionally, he can make a new account or simply unfriend you entirely.


11. He Surprises You with New Moves in Bed

He surprises you with new moves in bed

When you’re feeling it, sex can be amazing, but what if your partner unexpectedly adopts a different character in bed?


Well, it might be due of pornographic media, but go with your gut on this one. When a man picks up a new trick from a new women, it feels different.


A man who wants to attempt new things in bed is usually not perfect at it unless he has been practicing.


12. Your Friends Notice it

Your Friends Notice it

When in doubt, there are times when we can turn to our friends for advice.


They’ll be the ones to point out items you could have missed or refused to notice, as well as occasionally warning indications you might have missed.


It’s not unusual for people to notice these signals before you do, which may surprise you.


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13. Always Out with ‘Friends’ Excuses

Always Out with ‘Friends’ Excuses

While it’s acceptable for your boyfriend to go out with his friends, what happens if they suddenly make weekly plans without you?


Additionally, he might find that his buddies are always requesting him. Feels strange? If so, perhaps he is just making them up.


14. He Hates When You Ask About His Friends or Coworkers

He Hates When You Ask About His Friends or Coworkers

You’re bound to become curious about his frequent boy’s nights out and his friends’ weekly requests for his assistance.


Here are the other indications that your partner is having an affair.


His typical response is to accompany you or to explain what is happening. It’s possible that your boyfriend is keeping something from you if he suddenly becomes defensive or agitated.


15. Midnight Calls and Texts

Late night calls and texts

Your boyfriend was not in bed when you woke up in the middle of the night. He is conversing with someone outside. Who would give him a call at this time?


You might see that his phone is lit up, indicating that he has a message. Who, once more, would do that in the dead of night?


You would presumably be aware if there was an emergency. Sadly, you might want to think about looking further if your lover urges you to ignore the problem or comes up with an explanation.


16. His Excuses Don’t Add Up

He's excuses don't add up

Have you ever caught your boyfriend making an excuse and having it end with him giving you nonsensical information?


There is no ideal concealment. Your lover may eventually divulge some facts or perhaps give you a nonsensical story.


Although he might claim that he was hanging out with someone, you saw them at the shop.


17. He Talks About Taking a Break From The Relationship

He Talks About Taking a Break From The Relationship

You might notice that he has started dropping hints about taking a break from the relationship rather than talking about the future of the two of you.


He is also quiet while you are making plans, you can tell. You sense that he stays clear of certain subjects, particularly when you bring up your relationship or your plans for the future.


18. His Friends Become Nervous Around You

His Friends Become Nervous Around You

Have you ever felt that you were being shunned by your boyfriend’s friends? They appear uncomfortable and anxious when you try to chat to them. The most frequent explanation is that his friends are desperate to protect the secret because they know it.


Ask them a question to see whether they can face you directly in the eyes or if they stammer and digress.


It would be distressing to discover if those close to your lover were also complicit in his adultery, but it does occur.


19. He Easily Becomes Offended with Common Questions

He Easily Becomes Offended with Common Questions

Asking our partners for advice when we’re uncertain about our relationships is only natural.


He would, however, take a defensive stance rather than offering an explanation and reassuring you of his loyalty and affection.


He may even become irate over your inquiries due to his guilt.


20. You Have a Gut Feeling That He’s Cheating

You Have a Gut Feeling That He’s Cheating

Your gut instinct or intuition is our top indicator that a boyfriend is cheating.


Although you are still unable to precisely identify it and even put it into words, you are aware that something is amiss.


Your guy has changed, and he’s keeping something from you. There is always something wrong when a lady senses it. Of all, we can’t rely solely on our instincts for everything. Because of this, we also need to collect all the indicators and proof.




When you think your boyfriend is cheating, it’s challenging to plan your course of action. These indications might be helpful as you first need to confirm your suspicion.


Even if they are not cheaters, a person may exhibit some of these symptoms. He might be unable to speak because of his workload or an issue at work. Because of this, it’s not a good idea to draw conclusions too quickly.


The following step is all about communication if everything checks out and you’ve verified your suspicion. Whether your lover deserves a second chance is up to you to decide, but keep in mind that if you do, you run the risk of losing your heart all over again.


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