Is She The One? 15 Signs To Know

Everyone is yearning for that one exceptional individual who can make their life complete and bring them joy. But if you meet a girl and have an instant attraction to her, you still need to determine whether or not she is the one for you. The question now is, how can you tell if she is the one? Take into account the fact that the person who was created specifically for you is someone you will spend the rest of your life with.

You may already know in your heart, but here are 15 signs to be sure


1. You Are Happy

You Are Happy

You smile gleefully when you think of her. You can’t wait to contact her even though your pals are whining about their partners.

Everything about her, even the bothersome stuff, makes you smile. You love her so much that you wouldn’t sacrifice your connection with her or those conflicts for anything!


2. She Is Your Person

She Is Your Person

She’d be the person you’d ask to bury the evidence if you were to murder people! And you know she’ll keep this a secret till her death.

When things are difficult or you are having a bad day, you call her. You confide everything in her.


3. She Loves You For Being You

She Loves You For Being You

She is aware of all of your strange hobbies and addictions, but she continues to  adore you regardless. 
She does not make you feel horrible about who you are and does not judge you. 
She loves everything of you, even the parts that are mess, and the same goes for her to you.

4. She Supports You

She Supports You

Do you recall time when you considered taking risk but ultimately decided against it? 
But she thought you could do it! It’s one of the reasons she has your heart. 
She’s someone you can count on through good times and bad. 
Your thoughts will never be mocked by her. 
You may confide in her with all of your hopes, dreams, and aspirations.
She will always have your back. 
Even if she and you have different views on some issues,
she values your independence of thought and expression.

5. Your Friends And Family Love Her

Your Friends And Family Love Her

It is almost done deal if your loved ones, including your friends and family, adore her. 
They get along splendidly with her and love her as if she were one of their own children. However, there are occasions when friends and relatives might not value your connection.
And it’s okay for them to feel this way. But we would also be interested in having them! 
If we want them to adore her, and they already do, then it stands to reason that we must be doing something right.

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6. She Is Always There For You

She Is Always There For You

Do you remember the last time you were ill and acted like petulant child? 
She was there to attend to your needs and ensure that you had all you required. 
She will stand by your side through the highs, the lows, and all in between.

7. You Learn From Your Fights

You Learn From Your Fights

When you dispute, rather than trying to damage each other by poking fun at one  other’s weaknesses,
you really talk about the problem in an effort to find solution to it. 
That is friendship that is well worth maintaining for the rest of one’s life. 
Instead of serving as battleground, your clashes transform into educational experiences.

8. You Imagine A Future With Her

You Imagine A Future With Her

Turn your attention to the years to come while you close your eyes. 
Is she going to be there when you finally achieve that dream job and purchase that 
house with lake view? 
You have likely already made up your mind that 
she is the one you should spend the rest of your life with if you 
have already begun making plans for the future with her in mind.

9. She Is Your Everything

She Is Your Everything

There is no one else who can evoke feelings of love in you the way that she does. 
She will make you angry, challenge you to be better, drive you crazy, 
and support you all at the same time. 
It doesn’t matter how many other people you look at; none of them will excite you the  way she does. 
There is no other ‘woman’ that can fulfill your needs.

10. She Makes You A Better Person

She Makes You A Better Person

You’ll know you’re hooked on her if she inspires you to become better person. 
She motivates you to stack the dishes neatly in the dryer. 
Since she thinks you can achieve great things, you won’t want to disappoint her by failing. 
Therefore, you challenge yourself and develop your abilities.

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11. Saying Sorry Isn’t Hard

Saying Sorry Isn’t Hard

After such heated argument, neither of you has any trouble apologizing to the other. 
Fights and arguments are inevitable in every relationship, as the two of you are well aware. 
And you will be required to offer an apology if you want this to be successful. 
Because you are aware that the endgame is about being together 
and not about who is right or wrong, conceding defeat and apologizing are not difficult tasks  for you to complete.

12. You Would Do Anything For Her

You Would Do Anything For Her

Because she would do the same for you, there is nothing that you wouldn’t do if  she asked it of you. 
You are both aware of the significance that your relationship holds for the other. 
And both of you will have to go across the seven seas and do battle with fabled gods in  order to win it! 
Because you are each other’s forever, there isn’t much that the two of you wouldn’t do  for one other.

13. You Put Each Other First

Putting Each Other First

Regardless of what you want, you consistently prioritize satisfying her requirements,  and she does the same for you. 
When you reach compromise with someone, it doesn’t feel like you’re giving up on anything; 
rather, you get the sense that you’re contributing to her happiness.
Which in turn makes you happy. 
It does not appear as though you are making any sacrifices by putting her requirements 
first because you are aware that she has the same feelings towards you.

14. You Are Both Vulnerable

You Are Both Vulnerable

You are both open and honest with one another about anything from your most private thoughts 
and emotions to the most intimate of desires. 
You are aware that she does not pass judgment on anything. 
You don’t try to hide who you are from her at all. 
You confide in her about the hidden family history 
because you know she will support you no matter what. 
You don’t hold back any of your sexual fantasies from her. 
You are free to be honest and vulnerable with her in all aspects of your being, 
be it physically, emotionally, or mentally.

15. You Are Thinking Of A Lifetime

You Are Thinking Of A Lifetime

It is sign that you want to create memories that will last lifetime if you are  already arranging trips with her and embarking on other adventures. 
It indicates that you have come to the conclusion that she is the person for you.


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