JAMB Announces New Date for the 2023 UTME Mock Examination together with some Groundbreaking Innovations

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced a new date for the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) mock examination, along with some groundbreaking innovations aimed at improving the conduct of the examination.

The mock examination, which is similar to a rehearsal for the main examination, will now be held on March 30, 2023, according to the examination body.

JAMB has also introduced some new features to the mock examination, including the use of a biometric verification system to enhance the credibility and security of the examination.

These innovations are expected to further boost the confidence of stakeholders in the UTME and ensure the seamless conduct of the examination.

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Key Takeaway

  • The 2023 Mock-UTME earlier scheduled for Thursday,16th March, 2023, has been shifted to Thursday, 30th March 2023.
  • During the UTME, no candidate would be permitted to spend less than one hour before submitting responses.

JAMB Mock Exam Date

JAMB MOCK EXAM NEW DATEThe shift in date is partly owing to the change in the date for the Gubernatorial and State Houses of Assembly Elections earlier scheduled to hold on Saturday,11th March, 2023 but now moved to 18th March 2023.

Candidates, who registered early and indicated their willingness to take the Mock-UTME, would be notified as to when to print their Mock-UTME notification slip, which would contain their centres and other details.

The Mock-UTME is an optional examination introduced by the Board to provide opportunity for candidates to have hands-on experience with the system as well as afford the Board an opportunity to ascertain its readiness and that of its partners for the main UTME, which is scheduled to hold between 29th April, to 30th May,2023.

The Board also wants to use this opportunity to announce that this year’s UTME would witness some groundbreaking innovations aimed at addressing observed infractions and centre failures.

For instance, in the new regime, if there is a delay of up to one hour before the commencement of a particular session, that session stands cancelled and would be rescheduled along with the candidates.

By the same token, no examination can be started one hour after the scheduled commencement time. The session will be scheduled for any VACANT or AVAILABLE slot.

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The Board has made it mandatory that candidates must be notified of their new scheduled session or centre, as the case may be, before they leave their centre.

In addition, no candidate would be allowed to spend less than one hour before submission of responses during the UTME.

Similarly, the new regime would make it impossible for candidates to login after one hour of activation of examination.

If for any reason, an examination session is cancelled or cannot hold, candidates are not to panic as they will simply be scheduled for the next available session, which could be that same day.

What such candidates are expected to do is to quietly leave the hall and move to the Holding Area to await further instruction.

Furthermore, they are not to leave the examination centre until they have been notified of the day and time of their rescheduled examination.

Candidates are to note that any rescheduled examination is strictly meant to accommodate only those whose examination session could not hold on account of one reason or another, not for those who were marked LATE or ABSENT for their session.

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Quick Recap

The mock examination for the 2023 Universal Tertiary Matriculation Exams (UTME), which was originally planned to take place on Thursday, March 16, has been moved to Thursday, March 30, according to the joint admissions and matriculation board (JAMB).

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Wrapping up

The announcement by JAMB of a new date for the 2023 UTME mock examination, as well as the introduction of groundbreaking innovations, is a welcome development in the Nigerian education sector.

The use of the new biometric verification system will undoubtedly improve the credibility and security of the examination, while the rescheduling of the mock examination will give candidates more time to prepare adequately for the main examination.

With these innovations in place, stakeholders can look forward to a smooth and successful conduct of the 2023 UTME, and ultimately, to an improved education system in Nigeria.

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What is the new date for JAMB mock?

The new date for JAMB mock is 30th March 2023.

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