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A member of the military who served in the Marine Corps, Kally Wayne was assigned there. After the crisis that was caused by her naked images being made public online, she became famous in the media. It appears that a private Facebook group was able to obtain a copy of the sex tape that Kally had with her lover, who was also in the military.

After the leak, Kally moved to become an internet phenomenon and has since accumulated a large number of fans.

The uproar that the leak caused resulted in an interview with ABC News and People Magazine being conducted with Kally in the year 2017. Fans debated whether or if the leak was planned in order to bring Kally more fame because it appears that this was the case. Kally’s boyfriend, whom she accused of leaking the recordings, has not been the subject of any further reports or developments.

Since then, Kally Wayne has been known by her new name, Freyja Lothbrok. As you read on, you will learn more about Kally Wayne, including her age, job, relationships, and net worth, as well as additional information about her that you were previously unaware of.

According to ABC News, where Kally was quoted, her career in the marines was cut short because of the leaked audio, and she has not yet received justice for it. Kally claimed the following about the situation:



Kally Wayne’s Professional Life


It was Kally Wayne’s lifelong dream to serve in the United States Marine Corps, and she was finally able to make that dream come true in her home nation.

Despite this, she needed to find a way to love her profession more. When she turned 19, she signed up to serve in the marines. Because of unrelated wrongdoing, Kally was had to take an early retirement from her service in the Marine Corps over three years after she joined the organization.

This came about as a consequence of a variety of separate transgressions that she was called out for. In 2013, Kally Wayne enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, and it was there that she first became acquainted with her ex-boyfriend.

It has been speculated that her former partner, whose identity will be protected for the time being, was the cause of Kally Wayne’s dismissal from the police department.

According to her (Wayne), he (her ex) is claimed to have linked her private sex tape with him (which they had together while they were still dating) to one of the Marine Corps sites on Facebook, which has a tremendous number of followers.


Key TakeAway

  • Name: Kally Wayne
  • Age: 28 years
  • Date of birth: August 22, 1994
  • Nationality: United States of America


If this had not occurred to a number of other female law enforcement officers at the same time, Kally Wayne likely would have had the severe symptoms of clinical depression. She was in a great deal of agony. It was rumored at the time that the page included links to hundreds of additional female marines’ nude films and images.

As a result of this, Kally and a few other people lost their employment. Despite this, she continued on with her life. Because of this, Kally’s active years in her career as a Marine only lasted a few years — she began in 2013 and was forced to resign in 2017; the years in between were spent on administrative work.

Since then, Kally Wayne has focused more of his attention on the entertainment industry. It will be interpreted as another thing that she aspires to become in the future.

She is the proprietor of a YouTube channel by the name dedicatedrednek, which she launched in 2011 and now has over 22,000 subscribers. Her Instagram account, which can be found at @thatvikingbitch, also has a significant number of followers and acts as an advertising avenue for her OnlyFans account.


Kally Wayne Marital Status

Because Kally Wayne is already a well-known character in the United States, it is reasonable to assume that he is familiar with the various facets of life, including this particular one. In contrast, very little information on the nature of her romantic relationships has been uncovered about her.

There is currently no online resource that can provide admirers of the star with official information on her marital status. With this, we wish to confirm what other websites have stated, which is that Wayne is not in a relationship and is thus single.

The only previous connection of hers that was known to the public was the one she had with a member of another Marine Corps in the United States. Even though he has not been named, we found out that he used to be her ex-spouse.

Therefore, some people have the assumption that the negative experience that Kally had with her last partner is sufficient to make her choose to remain alone.


Kally Wayne Net Worth

Regarding how much Kally Wayne is worth, there is just a limited amount of information easily accessible. Although we are unable to independently verify this information, other sources claim that Kally’s net worth in 2022 is close to one million dollars.


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