Poem: Lonely Path


I go to bed with a lot of questions
Laying in my heart as hen lays its egg
I closed my eyes as one whose lid is pregnant with tears
Then as a whirlwind
I saw myself in my thoughts
I saw a heart burdened and pale
They were all a path
Lonely and dry

By my right are those whose music could raise the dead
To my left are those who are busy and couldn’t see you
Before me are those who are happy and smile without worries
And at the middle I stand bearing their fears
They couldn’t see mine
They couldn’t feel mine
And wouldn’t hear mine
Maybe I believed alot
Maybe I stand strong for it
But still it doesn’t matter

Everyone have their worries
Every heart has its fears
They couldn’t face it
They couldn’t defeat it
Maybe I couldn’t see it

For I bear it all in mine
I hope to get to the end of the path
And maybe I’ll see what makes me happy
I laughed for I know its all a fantasy
I’ll take my path to my grave
Maybe then I did have no worries

Only those who cry
And hope they know I won’t hear them
The male fowl crow and my eyes open
Then I see how free life is
And how one is a lone sojourner
Threading this lonely path

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Poem by Ufuoma Eddy Umubi

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    You are wonderful my dear, keep it up…don’t relent.

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