My Teacher, My Guru

Everyone is born by their parents but teachers imparts the knowledge.

Education isn’t only gotten in the four walls of an institution, and education isn’t academical alone.

We are educated ethically, morally, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, and academically.

But all these teachings are not born into us, we learn them through someone.

Everyone has a teacher who teaches them right from wrong and good or bad, and we have forgotten that teachers are the lamp of education.

Coming into the four walls of a school, from Monday to Friday and about half of the whole day are been spent with out teachers.

From reception down to degree level, we have someone who teaches us what we know and how to make use of it in life.

Even when we refuse to learn, they still try their best to see that we have something in our brain even when they are been underpaid.

What honor have we given to our teachers, what value have we derived from them?

We couldn’t even remember their name after we become successful and care not to know about their well being.

They have sown a seed in our lives, can’t we help them reap what they sowed in us?

The government aren’t helping matters and they have always been owing them their rights despite the fact that teachers gave it all.

For every profession in life, they all passed through a teacher.

Their knowledge can’t be exhausted but are renewed through impartation of the same knowledge into their students.

Teachers are like shepherds, they know you learn not all at home and still had to take up the job of parenting half of the day.

They get home tired and still have to plan for the following day.

We know how profitable knowledge is but we failed to know how underpaid the custodians of knowledge are.

Remember, teachers are the lamp of education. My Teacher, My Lighthouse, My Guru.

Forget not where you got your first knowledge.

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  1. Jhenziejay says

    Wow, this is a lovely article. I always look out for your posts!! Please keep them coming!!

    1. Eddy says

      Tnx lady Jane. I won’t disappoint you by God’s grace

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