Get a Canadian Student Visa in 2022 with this 5 Easy Steps!

Are you planning on getting a student Visa to study in Canada? Well you just made an excellent choice. So many students want to study abroad, yet they have no idea on the best country to obtain a student Visa to study abroad.

Before now, we made an article with regards to why you should study in Canada. Although you are already on the right track, we quickly advise you to take a glance on the below link to the article that extensively explains why Canada is the best place to study as a Student.

What is a Student Visa?

A student visa is simply a non-immigrant type of visa that do not require the holder to obtain any form of citizenship at all.

Canada Approved Student Visa

It is mandatory for any international student that wants to study in another country (in our case Canada) to obtain a student visa for that particular country.

Before you make up your mind to study in Canada or obtain a student visa, you will first need to provide some important documents/information about yourself. Among the documents you will need to provide is an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI).

A valid passport or travel document, a proof of monetary support and any of your family members to accompany you. We shall be looking more into this details very soon but let us point out some key information about the topic of content “How to obtain a Canadian Students Visa in the year 2021

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Obtain a Canadian Student Visa

We have received a lot of unanswered questions with regards to how international students can get a Canadian Student Visa, so we have taken our time to give answers to as much frequently asked questions as possible.

Is it Easy to Get a Student Visa for Canada?

It is not easy to get a Student Visa for Canada, the truth is that Canada has become a ranking choice for international students from all over the world. There is now a ridiculous amount of students who wishes to study in Canada, quite frankly who wouldn’t want to obtain a student visa to Study in Canada.

However, we assure you not to loose hope but also apply to gain a Canadian student Visa. Due to this reason we have made this blog a goto channel to help provide the best and easy way to obtain a Canadian Student Visa.

Is there an Age limit for a Canadian Student Visa?

There is no current age limit to get a Canadian Student Visa, although CIC may probably not grant a study permit to individuals who are of higher age while the College or institution may admit student of any age regardless.

How much money is required to Obtain a Canadian Student Visa?

A total of $10,000 CAD which is approximately $7,508.70 USD (as of the time this article was published) is required to obtain a Canadian Student Visa due to the fact that you will be asked to provide a proof of funds to support yourself.

What are the Requirements for a Canadian Student Visa?

To obtain a Canadian student Visa, you will be required the following;

  • You must be enrolled in a designated learning institution(DLI)
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Police Certification of no criminal records.
  • Certification of Good health

Although we only tried to summarize the above, we will be looking deeply into each of the mentioned requirements as we go on.

Does Canadian Student Visa get Rejected?

Sadly yes, with regards to CIC an average percentage of thirty (30%) of the total received student Visa to study in Canada is rejected. A great number of reasons why these student application visa are rejected mostly falls down to some neglected approach made by the students themselves.

Is an Interview Required for a Canadian Student Visa?

No, an interview session is not required to obtain a Canadian Student visa. Although an interview maybe be asked by your visa officer if he/she demands.

How long does a Student Canadian Visa Processing take?

There is no actual time given to the processing of a Canadian Student Visa, although there is a popular opinion that it ranges from a couple of days to even weeks But if you apply from within Canada the processing time is a minimun of 12days.

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One other aspect of applying for a Canadian Student Visa that you need to note is that most students who are going to be studying in Canada for more than 6 months will need a Canadian Study Permit while students who are studying for six months or less do not actually need a Study Permit.

Canadian study permit allows a full time international student in Canada to also work on or off campus for up to twenty (20) hours every week.

While a governmental decision on Canada’s international education sector is welcoming a stress free travel restrictions for international students there are some quite important requirements the international students should also observe.

You have to meet all the necessary prerequisites in compliance with the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations.

These are a few steps that will guide you to successfully obtain a Canadian student visa and live in Canadaplaces to visit in canada

Steps to Obtain A Canadian Student Visa

1. Choose a college /university

The first step to obtain a Canadian student Visa is to choose a college or university of interest. We always advise Canadian aspirants to select a school from the list of universities and colleges in Canada depending on their location, provinces, tuition fee and course of study they wish to apply for.

After your selection process is done then you can now apply for admission to the college/university so that you can get an acceptance letter which will be needed when you start your visa application process.

2. Verify your Status

The truth is that not all student requires a student visa, you have to verify that.

Yes, not all international students require a student visa to study in Canada, it may sound like a little bit of surprise to you. But you do not need a student visa if you fall into any of the categories we have outlined below:

  • If your course of study is less than half a year.
  • If you possess a registered Indian status in Canada.
  • If a family member or relatives is in the foreign armed forces.
  • If you are related to or a family member of an international representative in Canada, and the person is accredited by the department of foreign affairs and other federal bodies.

So if you find yourself in any of the categories we have mentioned above, you do not require a Canadian student Visa!

3. Ready all Necessary Documents

We are sure you are aware that you will be required to produce some documents that is very much needed to apply for a Canadian student visa.

Below are the compulsory documents that will be required to start up your student visa application process :

  • An acceptance letter from the college/university you applied to.
  • Tuition fee payment proof, at least one year.
  • A language test result to prove that you took the test and have at least 6 in English and 7 for French.
  • A medical health examination report will be needed.
  • Financial proof of about $10,000.

4. Begin the application for a student visa.

As soon as you have successfully gotten the acceptance/acknowledgment letter from your chosen college/university, you can proceed and apply for your Canadian student visa.

You will be asked to provide some documents for this application. The documents differ from country to country, you can find out the documents required for your country from the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.

5. All is done, get ready to move to Canada to study.

For the final step. If you are an international student coming to Canada to study, you will receive an introduction letter and student visa at the Canadian port of entry only if your application is approved.

You will only receive a visa if your application requires a visa to enter the country. These two documents will allow you to enter Canada and at the Port of Entry, you will receive your study permit.

Looks easy right? Enjoy your stay in Canada……

If you are still wondering, if Canada is actually a place to live, it’s very easy, Visit Canada!!

Go on a vacation in Canada to experience things for yourself. They actually say experience is the best teacher.

We extremely hope we have been able to take you on a fun filled trip just by reading this blog post. Kindly comment in the comment section below to encourage us and please share this article with friends and family that you feel will be in need of this knowledge.

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