PhD in Geomicrobial Biosensors at Newcastle University, Australia.

The scholarship gives the recipient the opportunity to participate in PhD level program(s) in the fields of biogeochemistry, geochemistry, and microbiology that are offered at the University of Newcastle.

Applications are being accepted for University Of Newcastle PhD Scholarships In Geomicrobial Biosensors in Australia 2022. This program is open to both domestic and international students.

Brief Description:

  • HOST: University Of Newcastle
  • LOCATION: Australia
  • OFFERED SUBJECT: Biogeochemistry, Geochemistry, Microbiology
  • LEVEL: PhD
  • ELIGIBLE NATIONALITY: Domestic Students, International Students
  • TYPE: Partial Funding
  • DEADLINE: 30 July 2022

Scholarship Benefits:

There is a position open for a Ph.D. student in geomicrobial genomics within our organization as a result of the CRC MinEx and the National Drilling Initiative (NDI). Opportunities for successful applicants to obtain additional training in their field as well as internships are included with this position.

We are able to develop a spatial abundance model that can be incorporated into the NDI data portal by looking at the variety of microbes that are associated with deep bore water samples as well as the resistance mechanisms that enable these microbes to survive in the harsh environments in which they are found.


1. Perform amplicon sequencing to characterize the microbial communities found in deep bore water samples from the NDI in order to map regional geomicrobiology and community architecture.

2. Develop a spatial model for new mineral systems by correlating the geochemistry of the regolith with the microbial communities that are found there.

3. Conduct metagenomic analyses on samples taken from a variety of sources, each of which has been tested and shown to contain known levels of heavy minerals (Au, Cu, etc.), in order to locate the genes that are responsible for resistance.

4. Overlay and investigate the correlations between resistance genes and drilling strategy in order to test the robustness of the model.

5. Determine the microbial processes that are associated with the presence of heavy metal ore deposits, as well as the characteristics of their biosignature in the bore water samples. The MinEx CRC is the largest mineral exploration collaboration in the world, bringing together organizations from industry, government, and research. Drilling Technologies, Data From Drilling, and the National Drilling Initiative are the three research programs that are at the core of the mission of the Cooperative Research Center (CRC).

The University of Newcastle will pay the applicants’ tuition fees for the academic session 2022/2023 if they are successful in gaining admission to the program.

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Scholarship Eligibility:

  • have completed all of the requirements necessary for admission to the degree program leading to the Bachelor of Arts with Honours Class 1 or Honours Class II, Division 1 or any other degree that has been approved for this purpose by the Assistant Dean for Research Training
  • have completed all of the requirements for admission to the degree of Bachelor in the University or any other degree approved for this purpose by the Assistant Dean (Research Training), and have achieved by subsequent work and study a standard recognized by the Assistant Dean (Research Training) as equivalent to at least Honours Class II, Division 1; or have completed a master’s degree program that has been approved for this purpose by the Assistant Dean (Research Training).
  • in exceptional circumstances, provide evidence that you possess other academic or professional qualifications and/or experience that have the potential to be approved by the Assistant Dean for Research Training on the recommendation of the relevant School
  • in the fields of education, medical physics, nursing, social work, social sciences, and surgery have finished a minimum standard of professional experience as required by the Assistant Dean (Research Training) on the recommendation of the School; in addition, An honors degree from an Australian university with a grade of either Class 1 or Class 2 division 1. It is common practice to consider a four-year bachelor’s degree that includes a significant research training component and was completed to a high standard to be equivalent to an Australian honours degree for the purposes of admitting international students;
  • In addition to that, the requirements for English language proficiency that are outlined in the English Language Policy.

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How To Apply:

Applicants who are interested in the position should send an email expressing their interest in addition to scanned copies of their academic transcripts, their curriculum vitae, a brief statement about their research interests, and a proposal that explicitly links them to the research project.

Please send an email to [email protected] expressing your interest in the position.

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