Poem: Dear Maggie


How could i forget our first meeting
Walking in with a smile that speaks joy
With a skin showing the glittering stars
You taught me to grow in love
And made me believe in the power of affection

Maggie! Have seen my faults
I runned my mouth as a rushing wind
Not knowing its power
Wanting to give joy to the earth
But now it shows who i am not

Maggie! In every rumour there is truth
Never knew my humour looks so costly
Maggie i said the word
Maggie i regretted it
Maggie is their no chance for redemption?

Have you ever heard the beat of a wearied heart
It sounds like a waterfall and a speeding avalanche
Maggie! Forget not the rainbow that surrounds us
Neglect not the warmth that we shared
Now i bridled my tongue
And harnessed my feelings

It could only be you
It could only be Maggie
Dear Maggie, let me hold your hands as before
And see your smiles that brings joy
Maggie! My beautiful Maggie
Break down the walls
Help rebuild the bridge
For to me, it will only be you.
My Dear Maggie

Poem by:
Umubi Ufuoma Eddy

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    Wow Maggie Maggie Maggie
    Breathing ,.,…..

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