Poem: Love You Till Eternity


I am a broken man
One whose heart is soft
My hardened past is gone
With you I see tomorrow
Today we sign our love
To be together forever
They see two as two
But I see two as one
I’ll love you till eternity
If it ends here we could start in the galaxy
We ain’t perfect but we are strong
I’ll love you forever more

Momma say I should chase my dreams
Don’t be surprised if I run after you
For where is the dream without you
Cos you and you alone is that dream
You ain’t a shadow for you are my heart
Once light is here it goes away
But deep in my ribs I could feel your soul
When you cry and when you smile
I’ll love you till eternity
If we have stones we could build with it
To say the truth and cast off lies
For with it we are forever strong
I’ll love you forever more

As the sun rises and sets
So do I wanna be with you
From dawn till dusk
Come rain come sun
For all years to come
Will I love you
For the kids to come
They will bind us strong
Both loving us
As we love them too
For our story has a start
But to me it would never end
For I’ll love you forever more.

Poem by:
Umubi Ufuoma Eddy

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