Poem: Tears in the Land of Rain

Can you see the sky change
From light to darkness
Can you see the lightning
Charging before the thunder

Like a horse before the rider
Guess you hear the thunder
Rolling like a drum of war
Now the rain is coming
Running like the sea pushed by waves
And here I am crying

Having tears roll down my cheeks
Like snowballs rolling down the Hill
I am in the land of the rain
It falls swiftly and silently
For there is no roof to beat
And no plants to dance

Welcome to the land of the rain
Where your tears wouldn’t be seen
Where we could only see your mouth moving
For the rain washes away every tears that falls
And the cold wouldn’t free you to speak

I am in the land of my rain
For my rain couldn’t be seen
And my silence couldn’t be heard.
This is the tears in the land of my rain
For I have the while pain
But still…..it is invisible.

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