8 Solid Reasons Why You Should Stay in a School Hostel On Campus

Staying in a school hostel can be an exciting and fulfilling experience for students.

Not only does it provide a convenient living arrangement for those who need to be close to their school or university, but it also offers a unique opportunity for personal growth and development.

In this article, we will explore eight reasons why staying in a school hostel can be a great choice for students, including the chance to make lifelong friends, develop essential life skills, and gain independence and responsibility, among others.

So if you’re considering whether or not to live on campus during your time as a student, read on to discover why a school hostel could be the perfect choice for you.

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Advantages of Staying in School Hostel

School hostelShould I stay in the school hostel? What are the main advantages of living in a school hostel, what makes school hostels better than hostels outside the campus?

In addition to school fees and course registration, these are the most frequently asked questions by newly admitted students.

1. School hostels are Safe and Secured

You do intend to receive your certificate, correct? If this is the case, your first priority should be to ensure your safety.

When compared to off-campus accommodations, school hostels are far more secure.

Every day, we hear rumors about armed robbers targeting students who live outside of hostels and stealing their most valuable possessions.

We have not heard of or experienced any gun attacks in the campus residence halls. It’s a rare occurrence!

Cultism is an example of a common security risk that exists away from campus.

The majority of cult activity occurs off campus, rather than in school hostels.

2. You will Learn Tolerance.

There is a common misconception that if you can live independently in a school hostel, you can live independently almost anywhere in the world.

This is because living in the school hostel has exposed you to new experiences while also forcing you to work through compatibility issues.

Certain types of people and behaviors, when encountered in a school hostel, will make you wonder whether or not those people were created in God’s image.

You, on the other hand, could deal with and tolerate them.

You previously believed that everyone must think and behave in the same way that you do; however, this belief is incorrect.

Our faces differ from one another in the same way that our hearts and personalities do.

Interacting with other people allows you to gain a better understanding of them and accept them for who they are.

Staying in a hostel promotes the development of interpersonal relationships.

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3. You Will Gain Better Knowledge

You will be in an environment with students from a variety of departments and faculties.

Conversations with them will educate you on topics from a variety of academic disciplines.

Interacting with a wide range of individuals can also help you learn new things about life.

Because the institution has a school hostel, students from various departments are able to interact with one another.

If you choose to stay in the school’s hostel, you will have the opportunity to meet people from various states and tribes.

This will give you a better understanding of the school’s programs and departments.

In this scenario, you would have the opportunity to learn new languages and learn about places you have never visited before.

You’ll also learn how to prepare a variety of recipes with various ingredients.

You will undoubtedly meet incredible people in your life who you admire and wish you could be more like.

Some of your more senior coworkers may be in the same room as you to provide you with information and guidance ahead of time.

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4. You learn how to Read better

Your reading ability will improve significantly as a result of your stay in the school hostel.

If you decide to live in the school’s hostel, your reading time will most likely increase by a factor of ten.

You won’t be able to go a minute without seeing someone on their way to their evening reading lesson.

Nobody will tell you to read if you look around your room and see no one else.

The next step is for you to gather your belongings and make your way to your evening class or the reading room.

Regardless of how good a reader you are, there will always be people in the school hostel who read significantly more than you.

Staying in the school hostel may increase your enthusiasm for reading as well as your reading habit.

If you live in a school hostel during your first year of college, your grades will almost certainly improve, resulting in greater overall success.

Outside of school, if you live alone or with only one other person, you will have an abundance of comfort.

Living away from the university allows you to experience all of life’s pleasures that you do not require at this time.

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5. Proximity To School Information

The information you have puts you in the best possible position to succeed, and the knowledge you already have propels you forward.

By staying in the school’s dormitory, you can get firsthand information on what’s been going on at school recently as well as what might happen in the future.

You would be the first to know whether or not the class would take place as scheduled, whether or not there would be attendance, what the lecturer is planning, what new materials to read for the text and exams, the newsletter from the Students Union Government, and many other pieces of information you require to pass with flying colors.

6. Proximity To Class

If there are any unexpected tests or attendance requirements, you will be able to rush to class.

It would be simple for you to return to the hostel and retrieve anything you may have forgotten to bring with you.

Aside from the situations described above, walking to class is recommended because it only takes a few minutes.

You don’t have to be exhausted every time you go to class.

It would also save you the money you would have spent on transportation to and from class on a regular basis, as well as the potential time you would save waiting in traffic.

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7. Stable Water And Power Supply

The majority of student residence halls in Nigerian universities are equipped with backup power sources.

Even if the public utility company’s power supply is cut off during the night, there is always electricity.

Every student requires power at night to prepare food, read, and do other activities.

The fact that there are multiple power sources in the dormitory makes it preferable to living off campus.

Even if you have the financial means to buy a generator off campus, the fact that you must constantly spend money on fuel and deal with the noise may deter you.

8. School Hostels Are Affordable

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on things like rent and other properties that are required to live comfortably off campus, consider living in one of the school’s hostels.

When you need someone in the hostel, you will always be able to find someone to help you, which is another advantage of staying there.

The reasons stated above should be sufficient for you to decide whether or not to stay in the school’s hostel; however, there are numerous other benefits to doing so.

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Key Takeaways

  • School hostels are generally safe.
  • You will learn to tolerate others.
  • You will be more knowledgeable.
  • You will develop a zeal for reading.
  • You will be close to the information source.
  • Classes are close by.
  • Consistent water and power supply.
  • School Hostels Are Reasonably cheaper.

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Wrapping Up,

In conclusion, staying in a school hostel can provide a wealth of benefits for students.

Not only does it offer a convenient living arrangement for those who need to be close to their school, but it also provides an opportunity for personal growth and development.

From the chance to make lifelong friends and develop essential life skills to gaining independence and responsibility, there are many reasons why students may choose to stay in a school hostel.

Ultimately, the decision to stay in a school hostel will depend on individual circumstances and preferences, but for those who are considering it;

The benefits can be well worth the experience. So, if you’re weighing up your options, consider the reasons why staying in a school hostel could be the right choice for you.

Before heading over to our recommendation section, consider reading the below post!

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Our recommendation

You now have a big decision to make, whether to stay in the school hostel or outside the school hostel putting into consideration all the necessary information we have given you.

However, we advise that freshers stay in the school hostel during their first year at the university.

You will always have the option of staying or leaving the hostel at any time you choose.

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