Top 7 Reasons why you should study in Canada

If you are still wondering “why you should study in Canada, what are the reasons that makes students want to study in canada? take a look at these top 7 Reasons why you should study in Canada.

First things first, a little bit of knowledge about Canada won’t hurt.

This knowledge will enable you appreciate the nation adequately and best of all. There is absolutely no knowledge that is a waste. So knowing a bit of canada is also an added advantage.

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You already know, that Canada is a nation in the northern part of North America.

The Canadian regions stretches out from the Atlantic to the Pacific and north part into the Arctic Ocean, covering about 9.98 million square kilometers, and making it the world’s second biggest nation in the entire planet.

If you are new to canada, you may be asking yourself; where can i visit? what are the fun stuffs one can do here in canada.

Well, this blog post has been made specially for you.

Canada is a major destination for international students because its educational system is regarded as one of the best in the world today.

So, are you searching for an international destination to continue your education and also boost your career? Search no further, we have outlined the best seven (7) reasons why you should consider studying in Canada.

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Reasons why you should study in Canada

1. You can work and learn simultaneously.

We don’t just literally say that you can work and study at the same time, we mean it 100%, while you already know that most Countries either don’t give foreign students a chance to work by any means or may just give them a chance to work in specific fields or areas.

Canada on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to work as a student, that means you can procure as you learn, this for a fact enables you to pay your way through college or school.

Hence, getting an advantageous work experience, as well as studying your preferred career while in school. This is the reason why CANADA is among the top nations to consider while searching for an international destination to study abroad.

2. Canada gives quality education

Apart from Canada allowing you to work while you study, another significant reason to study in Canada is the fact that Canada has given birth to famous institutions that are known for their QUALITY EDUCATION.

How about if we do not dismiss the fundamentals: Canadian schools and colleges end up producing talented graduates every year. These well-subsidized, international prestigious schools/institutions pull in the top as best educators and offer courses that carry positive results to an all round evolving economy.

You can complete your courses considerably more faster than you are at your present college or school (its difficult to accept, yet it’s true) and you will also be set up to begin your career in Canada.

How beautiful is that? The link below contains the best college/Universites that you will find in canada as well as scholarship programs in these colleges and universities.

3. Low Educational costs

Truth be told, as a foreign student, you will currently pay more than the Canadians for a similar course.

However that equivalent course in other top nations, for example, the United States, Australia or New Zealand, would almost certainly cost significantly more.

But remember our first reason why you should study in Canada. You can work as a students and you are in a better position to be set up in your career while you study in canada.

in addition to the fact that you are paying relatively less in Canada, you are earning as well.

4. High odds of entering the Canadian workforce

This is one of the most important reasons why you should study in Canada, imagine getting an upper hand in joining the canadian workforce immediately you are done schooling.

Some nations for example the United States, United Kingdom and so on may permit foreigners to study in their country but instead of conveying these foreign graduates into their workforce, they send them back to wherever they came from on the conclusion of their study programs; making it incredibly hard for them.

This is not the case in Canada. on the other hand, How does a post-graduation work permit for as long as three years sound to you?

The post graduate work permit is targetted at the goal that it enables foreigners to work for any employer in Canada, and in any area, and permits you the adaptability to change employer and accumulate considerably increasingly critical work experience that you can use in your Canadian permanent residence application?

How convenient is that? Big ups to Canada.


5. A load of Assistance

Canada as a whole, has a lot of foreigners that are presently residing in the nation. You won’t be separated from everyone else. There are loads of foreign students in Canada as well. They each have their own story to tell.

You will definitely meet them everywhere, and they can comprehend your everyday concerns of wanting to live, work and pursue your dream in Canada. they have had those equivalent concerns as well.

6. You can become a Canadian resident/citizen

Canada has made it a lot easier for students to work after graduation, and made it even simpler for graduates and workers to progress to permanent residence.

Presently it’s significantly easier for those with PR to end up as Canadian natives. This advantage of joining the Canadian family enables you to travel every where in the world, however it greatly depends on your PR.

It enables you to cast a vote, enables you to get a Canadian international ID (one of the most profitable on the planet), and enables you to hold your unique citizenship.

How impressive is that?

The last but certainly not the least.

7. Canada is a free country and regards your lifestyle.

Canadians are known for their laid-back mentality to practically everything. Such that individuals from different race and skin color can meet for tea, go shopping, sit in the same bar and so on.

It is completely ordinary to citizens of Canada to interact with anyone no matter who they are. Do you also know that marijuana has as of late been legalized in Canada.

Same-sex marriage and dating are likewise a thing in Canada. You can do whatever you like, and no one will pass judgment on you. You can act as completely natural as you can be.

In conclusion (Reasons to study in Canada)

Canada is one of the best places to be if you are looking for a place to really LIVE!! Infact studying for a career or pursuing a dream Job opportunity is much easier in canada.

If you are still wondering, if canada is actually a place to study, it’s very easy, Visit Canada!!

Go on a vacation in canada to experience things for yourself. They actually say experience is the best teacher.

We extremely hope we have been able to take you on a fun filled trip just by reading this blog post. Kindly comment in the comment section below to encourage us and please share this article with friends and family that you feel will be in need of this knowledge.

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