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Shenty Feliziana Binti Sudirman Biography

Shenty Feliziana Binti Sudirman was born on August 18, 1989, and is known popularly as Shenty Feliziana. She is talented in the fields of acting, hosting television, producing music, and singing. She was a part of the singing and dance ensemble Dianada when it was first established by Kat Farish in the latter half of the year 2009. Prior to beginning a career in the entertainment industry, she worked for Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant.

In 2011, Shenty Feliziana made her acting debut in the television series Dew Love Prose, which was produced in Malaysia. Since then, she has made appearances in a number of films and television series that are produced in Malaysia.

She is an individual who possesses a passion for the arts in addition to her many other talents. In addition to her work in acting and hosting, she is also a skilled performer in the areas of singing, songwriting, and dancing. Shenty Feliziana has been active in the entertainment sector for more than ten years, during which time she has had roles in a wide variety of films, television series, and stage performances.


Key TakeAway

  • Full Name: Shenty Feliziana Binti Sudirman
  • Stage Name: Shenty Feliziana
  • Born: 18 August 1989 (age 33 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Singapore
  • Nationality: Singaporean
  • Height: N/A
  • Parents: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Husband • Spouse: Reuben Elishama (m. 2018)
  • Boyfriend • Partner: N/A
  • Children: Taj Belleza Izdihar Elishama
  • Occupation: Actress • TV Personality
  • Net Worth: $5 million


Feliziana Shenty   Binti Sudirman, who is also known as Shenty Feliziana for short, was born on August 18th, 1989 in the residential district of Bukit Panjang, which is situated in the western part of Singapore.

In her family, she is the only child of her parent. As she was growing up, she was acutely aware of the hardships that her parents through so that she may have a better life. Because of this, she was inspired to do very well in her coursework, and as a result, she finally became the best student in her class.

The importance of putting in long hours was instilled in Shenty Feliziana from an early age by her parents. They advised her that in order to do anything worthwhile in life, she would need to put in a lot of effort. And she has succeeded in doing so.

She is naturally gifted as an artist and has put forth a lot of effort to perfect her craft. In addition to this, she has a highly disciplined approach to her job, constantly making the additional effort necessary to generate high-quality results. Shenty Feliziana is an accomplished actor because of the support and direction she had from both of her parents, as well as her own effort.


Shenty Feliziana Binti Sudirman Personal Life

On April 13th, 2018, Shenty Feliziana wed her boyfriend, the Indonesian actor Reuben Elishama. Reuben Elishama is also an actress. Their marriage has been blessed with a sweet little girl who goes by the name Taj Belleza Izdahar Elishama. Both she and her spouse adhere to the teachings of Islam.

Shenty Feliziana is an amazing woman who possesses a wide range of skills. As an actor, she has been in a number of movies and programmes that air on television. She has recorded a number of songs under her own name, and she has also given performances at a variety of events, both public and private.

She has her own publishing firm that she started because she is a publisher. In addition, she has had her own chat show on television and has produced a number of other programmes.

Shenty Feliziana has demonstrated her versatility in all of the endeavors she has taken on. She is a lady of many skills, and she has used those qualities to achieve success in a wide variety of professions. She is a lady of many talents.

Shenty Feliziana shown a significant propensity for academics when she was a young woman, and she did exceptionally well in her studies. She continued her education and graduated from one of the most famous colleges in her nation with a degree in economics.


Shenty Feliziana Binti Sudirman Social Media

Instagram handle: @shentyfeliziana
Twitter handle: N/A


Shenty Feliziana Binti Sudirman Net  Worth

It is believed that Shenty Feliziana has a net worth of five million dollars. Her prosperous acting career is primarily responsible for the majority of her financial worth. However, she is also successful in business, as seen by the numerous sponsorship deals she has signed.

As her profession progresses, it is reasonable to anticipate that her net worth will also increase.

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