12 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

Being in a healthy relationship will bring great joy and fulfillment to a person’s life. But, being in a toxic relationship can have a terrible impact on a person’s emotional and mental well-being.

Toxic relationships are characterized by patterns of behavior that are damaging, harmful, and draining.

People who are involved in such a relationship may not even realize they are in one until it’s too late.

Recognizing the signs of a toxic relationship is important in preventing emotional trauma and harm. In this article, we will explore some of the most common signs of a toxic relationship and what steps can be taken to overcome them.

12 Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship

Here are 12 signs you’re in a toxic relationship

1. They Do Not Love You

They will mistreat you, talk to you in any way, torture you spiritually, physically, and  emotionally, and put you down to their level if you are in a toxic relationship with somebody  who doesn’t love you.

This will be the case when you are in a relationship with someone who does not love you,  when you are loving a person who doesn’t love you, and when you are in a relationship with  an individual who doesn’t love you.

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2. You Are Always Begging For Attention

If you keep asking your partner to contact you or text you, you are pleading for attention.

Something is wrong if you’re pleading with them to be around you, if you’re in a relationship and feeling lonely, and they’re less occupied.

There is a contrast between a person who’s busy and someone who is less busy but still makes you feel lonely, and this signals that there is a problem in your relationship.

3. They Show No Remorse

You’re in the wrong relationship if someone doesn’t care about their behavior, doesn’t  apologize, does what they want even when you’re hurting, and doesn’t have human sentiments.

4. You Are Taken For Granted

When someone bullies, disrespects, or exploits you for their own gain, you’re in the wrong  relationship.

5. No communication

A damaged overpass is not yet repaired.
There’s trouble in paradise when there’s no way for two people to communicate with one  another. For a relationship to flourish, there must be open dialogue between the two people involved.

6. You Have A Lot Of Regrets

You’re tired and fed up with everything and you just want to give up and let everything go  since you have so many regrets.

7. You Cry All The Time

When you find yourself bashing, assaulting, or abusing someone, you realize the relationship is poisonous when there are more tears shed than smiles.

You cry seeing as you don’t feel loved; you would like more love but you aren’t receiving it.

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8. There Is No Loyalty

No loyalty will exist in a bad relationship.

Due to their lack of affection for you, your partner will be disloyal to you and cheat on you without giving it a second thought.

You are in the wrong relationship when someone constantly cheats on you.

9. No Happiness In The Relationship

It is impossible to find happiness or peace in a poisonous relationship.

You get the sense of being trapped when someone steals your joy.While you are in a relationship, you should be joyful; you shouldn’t be depressed and sorrowful.

10. No Commitment

They exhibit all the indications that they are unwilling to commit to you.

They appear to be teasing you and merely want to have fun while playing games in your relationship.

11. They’re Playing Games With You

When someone is playing heart games with you, you know full well that they don’t truly love you and don’t want to be with you.You also know that staying with them would never make you happy.

12. No Respect And Trust

When there are countless hollow promises and no happiness, no respect, no love, and no trust.

It is an indication of a bad relationship when there is a lot of contempt and mistrust in yours.

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