Very Important: 3 Things to do Immediately after NYSC

Towards the end of NYSC, a lot of people are riddled with the question of “what next”? The pressure of trying to figure out the next step can take away the fun of wrapping up an important phase of your career journey. Here are a few tips to ease your transition into what we know as “the real world”:

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Things to do Immediately after NYSC

  • Work on your CV: Technically, you should already have some version of this before NYSC is over. You’re probably wondering what to fill out on your CV, seeing as you barely have any real work experience.
    But here’s the thing, an internship counts as work experience, so does manning your parents’ store/shop. Even being the class representative as an undergraduate counts.
    These roles involved some level of responsibility that you handled, own them. Knowing how to package yourself and your experiences is key.
  • Pick up a skill or two: You’ve probably heard the saying, “there are no jobs out there”. While this statement might have some truth in it when one considers the unemployment rate in Nigeria, fact remains that with some skills, you can move from a job seeker to a most sort after just by having the right skills. Skills like Digital Marketing, Baking/Catering, Tailoring, Data analysis, etc. are skills that will remain relevant in years to come.
  • Do a masters or get a certification: For some career paths, earning a masters is necessary. And sometimes, a certification for a skill you have is the key to letting employers know that you have those skills.
    An example of this is a swim coach. You may be good at teaching others to swim but having a certification is what would really make people trust that they are safe learning to swim with you.

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Pro-Tip: Invest in good clothes. They say “dress the way you want to be addressed” and this is valid. Now that you have a sense of things to do after NYSC, the world awaits your genius.

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