Things Women See As Love But Men Don’t Understand

Women are not as complex as you might think; women are complex when you don’t understand them; minor aspects of women, like those of men, are difficult.


In order to grasp what constitutes a successful relationship, men must make an effort to understand women. Women cannot be changed; God created them to act and conduct in the ways they do. Females will always be females.


Women are built to love; every woman believes in love; even a prostitute still yearns for real love; those who say, “I don’t believe in love,” are doing so because of habit instead of genuine desire; numerous prostitutes have one man they adore and would go to great lengths for; I’m showing you the truth, I know precisely what I’m talking about.



1. Be Caring

Be Caring

Every woman treasures a guy who is compassionate, as compassion is a form of love. If you don’t care for her, she’ll assume you never have. For every lady, showing respect and care are indications of love. Put forth every effort to take care of and honor your wife.


If you want your wife to value and appreciate you as much as you deserve, learn to take care of, respect, and adore your wife. When a guy shows her he cares and respects her, women greatly value that.


Be Caring 1

If you treat a woman well, she will reciprocate by treating you well, and if you treat her poorly, she will do the same to you. This is known as the “do me and do you” principle. It is imperative that you always approach your girlfriend with respect as a result. In this way, women are formed. You have to know a woman before you can appreciate her.


The simplest method to enjoy your wife is to recognize her as a woman. She will act in a womanly fashion at all times. She wants you to take care of her and nurture her like a little girl.



2. Give Her Attention

Give Her Attention

Every woman wants to be the center of focus; while she may value your money and other material possessions, if you don’t make time for her, your gifts and money won’t mean much.


Women want it all, and that’s why certain men often say, “You can’t satisfy a woman because she’ll want to have more,” and yet finding time for a woman is not really a complex job; this is your woman, the mother of your kids, someone you adore, and you chose her; it’s not an easy choice to make to marry a woman, but you chose her; keep in mind, if you can’t make time for her, it’s completely terrible. And your money, gift, or material property can’t make it right.


Give Her Attention 1

Women perceive attention as love. Regardless of how much cash you invest on a woman, if you don’t spend time with her, she will assume you value somebody else more than her. Spend time with your partner. Don’t ignore what you find enjoyable or someone who cares for you. Every woman desires attention and time, so make time for yourself and for her.


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3. Give Her Money

Give Her Money

Don’t ever cease giving her money; just keep doing it. Women perceive gifts and cash as signs of affection. Do your best to help out; your wife needs the money for other tasks.


Regardless of whether you want it or not, everyone requires money, and men need to stop acting as though women are excessively demanding. Yes, there are some overly demanding women, but if you have a decent wife, don’t be frugal; provide her with cash.


Give Her Money 1

If you don’t give her money, she’ll assume you don’t value her or that you’re wasting your money on someone else. Don’t give her the opportunity to believe those stuff because it would only lead to resentment.



4. Admire Her

Admire Her

Women value it when you venerate them, and they value it even more when you put them first and don’t hold them in high regard with other women. Women want you to view them as the finest people on earth. Your wife desires your undivided attention and wants to be treated as the most significant person in your existence.


when you encourage her, when you tell her she’s the finest you have, when you don’t put her up against anyone else. She interprets it as a loving gesture. Respect her and avoid comparing her.


Admire Her 1

Don’t ever try comparing a woman to some other woman, do not even put too much pressure on her, love her for who she is, and motivate her to make the significant improvement you want to see in her. However, never try to change a woman; while improvement is important, it’s not the same as change. Instead, concentrate on helping her to make the significant improvement you would like to see in her.


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5. Treat Her With Care

Treat Her With Care 1

Similar to eggs, women are easily broken by basic things. A woman doesn’t want a guy to treat her badly or yell at her. when neither in private nor in public do you rage at her. She interprets the fact that you don’t insult her when you’re angry as a show of love.


Treat Her With Care 1

Respect, composure, appreciation, refraining from screaming at her, beating her up, slapping her, or otherwise cruelly mistreating her are all ways to maintain your woman’s love.



6. Be Romantic And Pamper Her

Be Romantic And Pamper Her

Every woman enjoys being nurtured, and she wants kind exchanges, lovely remarks, and enjoyable activities. Spend time with her, and treasure the time you do have.


Be Romantic And Pamper Her 1

Never be reluctant to show your emotions for your partner; never be afraid to say kind things that she enjoys hearing; never tell her lies.




Be Romantic And Pamper Her 2

I simply cannot go over them all, but I’m quite confident you know of them. Try to act morally and treat your woman with respect; do things when they should be done and never hesitate to do so; respect, care for, and show your woman that you love her every day; and, most importantly, be loyal to her. You can already convince a woman that you adore her if you are devoted to her.


Never forget that males and women are not the same. You will be disappointed because God did not design a woman to be a man; therefore, cease expecting your woman to behave like one and let her be who she is. God made women to be just that—women. Understanding this straightforward idea will help you love and respect your own woman more, and it will also help you better comprehend other women.


Women were created to be loved; stop attempting to transform her into a man. They are infused with love. Ladies are love, and everything around them is also love. Always handle women with respect and never hurt or defame them. Love her, honor her, give her your undivided attention, show her how much you value her, encourage her, and never betray her trust. Don’t destroy your lady; she has a lovely soul.

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