Altinbas University Scholarships in Turkey

A Turkey scholarship program for students is currently ongoing. Student Applications to study in turkey is now opened for the Altinbas University Scholarships 2020 in Turkey.

Get the skills and knowledge you need for the next step in your various careers by applying for the Undergraduate Admission Scholarships offered in turkey by Altinbas University.

Altinbas University scholarship in Turkey is only for Undergraduate students, this means that only students in Turkey can apply for this scholarship.

Undergraduate students are however, encouraged to apply for the Altinbas University Scholarships .

It is a fully funded scholarship program which places emphasis that tuition fees for the applicant will be covered by the university.

About Altinbas University

Altinbas University was established in 2008 as Istanbul Kemerburgaz University and later changed to its current name in the year 2017.

The University is currently having more than 3,700 (three thousand and seven hundred) international students from 84 countries in the world.

More than 25% of the students studying in the University are mostly international students.

This university has a total of 3(three) campuses located in Istanbul, which are in Bağcılar, Bakırköy, and Şişli all of which are offering 30 (thirty) bachelor’s degree programs, 34(thirty four) associate’s degree programs, 8(eight) master’s degree programs, and 6(six) Ph.D. programs.

Altinbas University Application Eligibility

Applications are now open for all domestic students applying for a Bachelor’s degree program offered by the above mentioned university.


  • Approved Students placed in fully funded Altinbas University Scholarships in Turkey 2020 programs will be exempted from paying any tuition fees whatsoever.
  • Approved Students placed in three-fourths tuition Altinbas University Scholarship program in Turkey will be exempted from a total of 75% of tuition fees.
  • While Approved Students who gained Scholarship in half a tuition Scholarship program will be exempted from paying 50% worth of tuition fees.
  • Students placed in one quarter tuition scholarship programs will be exempted from a total of 25% of tuition fees.

Application for  Turkey Scholarship in Altinbas University

All Application form for the Altinbas University Scholarships 2020 in Turkey is completely online, you only need to fill the application form and then submit it through the application portal.

For more details and to officially apply for the scholarship program in Turkey, kindly visit the official website link which is already given below.

Apply Now==>

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