Wade Barnes (LordMinion777) Biography: Net Worth, Career, Age & More

George Wade Barnes Biography

A talented American gaming YouTuber and internet celebrity, George Wade Barnes, who was born on April 3, 1989, is best known online as LordMinion777. George Wade Barnes was born. Commentaries, Let’s Play videos, and walkthroughs pertaining to video games are his specialty. He has more than one million followers on social media.

In 2010, Wade Barnes launched his own channel on YouTube, and the first video he uploaded was a commentary on the gameplay of the computer game Minecraft.

He amassed a following in a short amount of time and started making movies for a variety of games. Since then, he has provided commentary for video games such as Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty. In addition to the video game-related content he has produced, he has also made vlogs, videos of challenges, and sketches.

A prominent YouTuber who created a significant audience with gaming material, LordMinion777 is known by his username. His films are regarded for being both instructive and entertaining, and he is passionate about video games.


Key TakeAway

  • Full Name: George Wade Barnes
  • Stage Name: LordMinion777
  • Born: 3 April 1989 (age 33 years old)
  • Place of Birth: Ohio, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 1.93 m
  • Parents: N/A
  • Siblings: Josh Barnes, Ashley Barnes, Zach Barnes
  • Wife • Spouse: Molly Barnes
  • Girlfriend • Partner: N/A
  • Children: N/A
  • Occupation: YouTuber • Internet Personality
  • Net Worth: $500,000


George Wade Barnes Education

Wade Barnes, better known by his online alias Lordminion777, was born to American parents on April 3, 1989 in the state of Ohio in the United States. He did not share his childhood with his father.

His mother and stepfather were his primary caregivers growing up. The names Josh Barnes and Ashley Barnes belong to LordMinion777’s step-brother and step-sister, respectively. In addition to that, he has a younger brother named Zach Barnes, who also happens to have the same parents as him.

Wade Barnes claims that his father is an alcoholic and that he frequently displays aggressive actions against his mother and them as a result of his addiction. His mother had a difficult time taking care of both of her children while also tending to the needs of her alcoholic husband, thus his childhood was far from ideal.

On August 22, 2000, when he was only 11 years old, their father went suddenly. He is a sports fanatic in addition to being a person who generates stuff for the internet. During his time in school, LordMinion777 was a very active participant in a wide variety of sporting events.

He received all of his education in Miami, where he also graduated. After that, he attended Cincinnati University with the intention of majoring in political science.

Nevertheless, Wade Barnes decided to pursue philosophy instead of political science and received his degree in 2011.


George Wade Barnes Career

When it comes to uploading movies, Wade Barnes does not adhere to a set routine, in contrast to Markiplier, who does it on a regular basis. Since the 29th of September, 2015, he has employed an editor to assist him in the production and uploading of videos, which has enabled him to post two to three videos each day.

In his spare time, Lordminion777 enjoys playing Garry’s Mod and a variety of horror games. It used to be that he played Minecraft as part of a series called Drunk Minecraft, in which he, Markiplier, and Bob (aka Muyskerm) got drunk while playing Minecraft.

This series has been terminated owing to the fact that Markiplier is unable to drink anymore as a result of his excessive use of alcohol, which caused him to have a mini-stroke. As a result, his doctor has advised him to abstain from drinking. Additionally, Wade Barnes makes donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.




George Wade Barnes Personal Life

In college, Lordminion777 became romantically involved with his classmate, who went by the name Molly Barnes. It appeared as though love had been at first sight for Wade and Molly Barnes when they first met.

After just a few short months of getting to know one another, the two started dating, and only three short years later, they tied the knot. Despite this, they were married for just a short time before they decided to divorce due to the fact that they had fundamental philosophical disagreements.


George Wade Barnes  Social Media

The Lord Minion 777’s Instagram handle is @Thelordminion777.
Follow me on Twitter at @Lordminion777.
My handle on Twitch is @Minion777.
Lord Minion 777 is my username on YouTube.



George Wade Barnes  Net Worth

It is projected that YouTuber and Twitch streamer Wade Barnes, better known by his user name Lordminion777, has a net worth of $500,000 at this time. On both YouTube and Twitch, he has amassed a sizable and devoted fanbase thanks to the gaming videos and live streams that he posts regularly. He is best known for them.

The majority of Wade Barnes’s wealth comes from sponsorships and collaborations, in addition to profits from his YouTube and Twitch channels. Because of his enormous and devoted fans, which continues to expand on a daily basis, he has been able to collect such a big wealth.

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