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Here’s an opportunity for everyone to showcase their brands or content to the world.

Are you a Diary keeper? An SEO expert? Brand influencer? A Digital Marketer? Or you just have valuable contents that you know people will be very much interested in.

Well, here’s a platform you can utilize to reach as much audience as possible.

Make no mistake, this is pretty much different from an advertisement.

Click the link below, if you are interested in advertising with us.

First things first, what are we really talking about here.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Posting simple means writing and publishing your own article on another person’s website or blog (mydelsu.com)

Or you can say it’s a practice of contributing an article to another person’s blog or website.

The good news is that, we offer this impeccable service occasionally on mydelsu.com.

Believe us, it’s a great way to connect with new readers and also get your name out there.

The concept is very simple, you only need to write an article in accordance to some basic requirements and you will get a backlink in return (usually in the author box).

author box

Some Guest writers prefer getting paid for their articles, this is quite understandable since the creation of original content is not an easy task.

Benefits of writing for myDelsu

1. Get introduced to new people

One may say that, the best aspect of guest posting is the fact that it introduces you to an already established community.

You get connected to mydelsu community, thereby growing your fan base, audience and ultimately becoming famous.

2. Build Your Portfolio and Credibility

On myDelsu, you are given the opportunity to build your portfolio and credibility.

This blog is SEO optimized, which means whoever or whatever is posted here can be found on the popular search engines especially Google and Bing.

So get your name and portfolio out there, start conquering from here and become a credible writer or content creator.

3. Improve your Writing

This platform is also giving you an opportunity to become a better writer, they say practice makes perfect.

It doesn’t matter how interesting, inspirational, emotional or great your article may be.

What matters is if people can read, relate and understand your article.

Guest posting on mydelsu gives you an opportunity to improve on your article creation and writing in general.

4. Increase your exposure and brand Awareness

One unique benefit of writing for mydelsu is the fact that it increases your exposure and at the same time, helps you to build your brand.

For instance, let’s say you wrote an article on mydelsu with 20,000 visitors daily and your article was viewed 5000 times.

Even if you don’t get up to 300 visitors to your blog from your article on mydelsu blog, the simple truth is that your name has been exposed to 5000 or more people.

When you continue at this, you will find out that your personal blog traffic begins to increase because people have seen your name online for a number of times to be curious about what you have to offer.

5. Get Paid.

Yes, mydelsu will pay you for articles you wish to publish on the blog.

This is an easy way of making money especially if you are a student, you can become the eyes and ears of mydelsu.com out there.

You can read more about becoming mydelsu eyes and ears from the link below.

Inform Us

But remember to follow the terms and conditions.

Basic requirements for writing for mydelsu

1. 1000 or more words

A standard article must be at least 1000 or more words, don’t worry you don’t have to count your article word for word while typing.
Just make use of Microsoft word or other word processing softwares, you should see the total number of typed words underneath it. See the image below.msword

2. Your profile

You may choose to go anonymous like most of our diary writers or you may choose to own your content; which we always advise.

But this usually depends on the content of your article.

Send the following details to [email protected] to create your Author profile

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Nickname
  • Brief summary about yourself (Try to sell yourself if you understand what i mean)
  • Social media URLs
  • Website URL

3. Avoid copied, rumored or fraudulent contents

We have our way of verifying every article that gets posted to us.

If you must write about an article that has already been written, make sure to do so in your own words to avoid plagiarism.

Your contents should inspire, educate, motivate and inform, if it doesn’t then we have no use for it.

4. Stick around and respond to comments on your post

You have the sole responsibility to respond to questions and suggestions that may arise from your published articles. Endeavor to stick around and respond to your audience.

5. Hit 100 views and get paid.

At the moment, mydelsu is paying N1000 to every author whose article hits 100 views.
It’s funny anyway because our blog view is above 1000 daily, so it’s nearly impossible for your article not to hit 100 views before 24 hours.

The fire icon underneath the post title indicates the number of views for that particle post, so its crystal clear to track your post views.

But do what ever floats your ship, you can decide to share your post links to friends on social media platform and encourage them to read and comment on your article.

Finally, we have the final say. We choose when and what article gets published.

We may choose to delete or modify your choice of words in certain sentences.

Immediately your article gets published, you will be notified and your alert is just some views away.

Success all the way!!


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