Does VFS Allow Walk-ins?


Want to know if you can just walk into a VFS office without an appointment? Well, the answer to this burning question is finally here! In this article, we’ll shed light on whether VFS permits walk-in appointments or if you need to book in advance. So, if you’re ready to find out the answer, keep reading!

Does VFS Allow Walk-ins?


You’ve probably heard about the convenience of using VFS Global services to handle your visa applications. Whether it’s a travel visa, work visa, or any other kind of visa, VFS Global is the go-to organization for many people. However, you might be wondering if they allow walk-ins or if prior appointments are necessary. In this article, we’ll explore the policies of VFS Global regarding walk-ins, the types of VFS centers available, the appointment requirements, and any exceptions that might exist.


Types of VFS Centers

VFS Global operates various types of centers to cater to different visa processing needs. These include Visa Application Centers, Premium Application Centers, and Consular Application Centers. The availability of walk-in options may vary depending on the type of center you need to visit. It’s important to be aware of these distinctions when planning your visa application process.

Prior Appointment Requirement

In most cases, VFS Global requires applicants to schedule an appointment before visiting their centers. This prior appointment system ensures efficiency and minimizes wait times for both the visa applicants and VFS staff. It allows for a smoother flow of applications and helps manage the workload effectively. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book an appointment in advance to save time and avoid any potential inconveniences.

Exceptions to Prior Appointment

While prior appointments are generally required, there are exceptions and special circumstances where walk-ins may be allowed. These exceptions can vary depending on the country and the type of visa application. For example, certain emergency situations or urgent travel plans may warrant a walk-in appointment. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific policies of your destination country’s VFS Global center to determine if you qualify for such exceptions.

Reasons for Allowing Walk-ins


Although walk-ins are not the norm, VFS Global recognizes that there can be legitimate reasons for individuals to seek immediate assistance without an appointment. Some common reasons for allowing walk-ins include medical emergencies, unexpected job opportunities, or family emergencies. By providing a walk-in option for such cases, VFS Global demonstrates its commitment to addressing urgent visa needs efficiently and effectively.

Advantages of Prior Appointments

While walk-in options might be available in certain situations, it is generally advisable to make use of the prior appointment system for several reasons. First, making an appointment ensures that you will have the dedicated attention of VFS staff at the designated time, minimizing waiting times and avoiding overcrowding. Second, it allows you to plan your visa application process in advance, which can be particularly important when dealing with time-sensitive travel plans or important deadlines. Lastly, having a prior appointment generally ensures a more streamlined and organized experience.

Procedure for Walk-in Applications

If you find yourself in a situation where you are eligible for a walk-in appointment, it’s essential to be aware of the specific procedure involved. Typically, you will need to arrive at the VFS Global center during designated walk-in hours. Upon arrival, you will have to check in and explain your circumstances to the staff. It’s important to provide any necessary documentation or evidence supporting your case. The staff will then review your situation and, if approved, guide you through the visa application process.

Requirements for Walk-in Applications

To ensure a smooth walk-in application process, there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill. First, you must have all the necessary documents for your visa application readily available. These might include your passport, photographs, application forms, and supporting documents specific to your visa type. Additionally, you should be prepared to clearly explain your urgent circumstances and provide any relevant evidence. By ensuring you have all the required documents and a compelling justification, you increase the likelihood of a successful walk-in application.

Availability of Walk-in Slots

Due to the nature of the walk-in appointment system, availability may be limited. The number of walk-in slots can vary depending on the VFS Global center, the country, and the current workload. It’s crucial to check the official VFS Global website or contact the center directly to inquire about walk-in availability before visiting. Being well-informed about the slots available will help you plan your visit and avoid unnecessary delays or disappointments.


Tips for Walk-in Applicants

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to apply for a visa on a walk-in basis, here are a few helpful tips to make the process smoother. First, arrive at the VFS Global center early to increase your chances of being accommodated. Second, be prepared with all the necessary documents and supporting evidence to present your case convincingly. Third, remain patient and polite while interacting with the staff, as they handle numerous applications and may face heavy workloads. Lastly, don’t forget to thank the staff for their assistance, as a friendly approach goes a long way in creating a positive experience.


In conclusion, VFS Global generally requires prior appointments for visa applications. However, there are exceptions and special circumstances where walk-in appointments may be allowed. By understanding the different types of VFS centers, the appointment requirements, and the procedure for walk-in applications, you can effectively navigate the visa application process. Remember to always check the availability of walk-in slots, gather the required documentation, and approach the situation with preparation and courtesy. VFS Global is committed to providing efficient visa services, and by following the guidelines and tips outlined in this article, you can ensure a smooth and successful visa application experience.

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