At, we make every effort to ensure that our readers receive accurate and up-to-date information when they read our content.

While much of the content on school news is based on opinion, a large portion of our articles rely heavily on fact-checking and calculation estimates.

With that in mind, the following information details what we are now doing on a monthly basis to ensure that our content remains current and that our readers are satisfied.

With that said, there may be one or two things that we overlook, and we encourage any of our readers who notice these errors to contact us and let us know.

Our Content Production Process

Every piece of content published on School News is reviewed by at least three people before it is published:

  • The Author
  • The Editor
  • The Publisher

After one of our qualified writers completes an article, it is sent to our content manager for review. They’ll look for any formatting or grammar errors before uploading it.

The team member in charge of publishing the article conducts a final fact check.

This doesn’t mean that the content is error free, no one is above mistakes, however, we do our bit to minimize as much errors as possible.

Biography & Net Worth Profiles

Because celebrities’ net worth estimates, salaries, ages, and other information change frequently throughout the year, net worth profiles will frequently require updating or fact-checking.

We recently implemented systems to ensure that all of these figures are updated on a monthly basis.

Where do we source our estimates?

Net Worth estimates featured on School News come from a wide variety of sources, including the following:

  • Documents provided by an individual’s attorney.
  • Salary/earnings and expenditure information.
  • Reputable sources such as Forbes & CelebrityNetWorth.

Every Net Worth profile has a summary table near the top of the page with a “Last Updated” row. The date listed in this table represents the most recent time we updated all of the information contained within the tables, as well as the net worth estimates contained within the article itself.

That being said, we may have updated other content within the article, such as a person’s career, awards, and so on.

All net worth figures displayed on School News should be regarded as “best estimates” of an individual’s net worth (based on information available to us), rather than the actual net worth figure.

Most Expensive Lists

Many of our “most expensive” lists don’t need to be updated because some of the prices are so ridiculous that nothing ever gets any more expensive.

We also cover lists of current products, such as “Most Expensive University“, which we try to go back and update every few months as needed.

We use multiple internet sources and statistics to determine which items should appear on the lists. Prices fluctuate frequently, more so for some items than others, and we devote more resources to lists where prices fluctuate frequently.

Richest Lists

The richest items/people in the world have prices/NetWorth so high that they’re constantly increasing and decreasing.

We try to update these lists as often as we can, and those updates will often occur after we do a mass update to the individual items, net worth and profiles mentioned in this category.

Overall Fact Checking

School News has amassed a collection of 5,000 articles since its inception in 2017.

With the exponential growth we’ve seen, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep information up to date.

That being said, we’ve taken significant steps to improve our processes for this, including tripling our monthly content budget.

Did you spot a mistake?

Please get in touch with us.