How Much Is VFS Appointment Fee?


Have you ever wondered how much the appointment fee is for VFS? Well, look no further because we’re here to provide you with all the details you need. Whether you’re applying for a visa, passport, or any other travel document, knowing the appointment fee is essential. Understanding the cost beforehand allows you to plan your budget accordingly and avoid any unexpected surprises. So, let’s get straight to the point and uncover the answer to the burning question: How much is VFS appointment fee?

VFS Appointment Fee

Understanding VFS and Its Services

What is VFS?

VFS, short for Visa Facilitation Services, is an international company that provides visa application processing services on behalf of various governments. They operate globally, offering their expertise and infrastructure to assist individuals and businesses in obtaining visas efficiently and effectively. VFS acts as a bridge between the visa applicant and the respective embassy or consulate, ensuring a smooth application process.


Services Offered by VFS

VFS offers a wide range of services to assist applicants with their visa application process. Their services typically include document collection, application verification, and appointment booking. They also offer various additional services, such as SMS alerts and courier services, which can enhance the convenience and efficiency of the visa application process.

Importance of VFS Appointment

Applying for a Visa

Applying for a visa can be a complex and time-consuming process. It often involves submitting a multitude of documents, filling out lengthy application forms, and following specific protocols set by the embassy or consulate. In such cases, booking an appointment with VFS becomes crucial as it allows you to avail of their expertise and guidance throughout the process. VFS helps you understand the requirements for your visa category, ensures your application is complete and error-free, and handles the logistics of submitting your application to the embassy or consulate.

Booking an Appointment

Booking an appointment with VFS is a vital step in the visa application process. It provides you with a designated time slot to visit the nearest VFS center and submit your documents or complete any necessary biometric procedures. Without a confirmed appointment, you may not be able to submit your application or proceed with the visa process. Thus, it is essential to understand the factors that can affect the VFS appointment fee and plan accordingly.

Factors Affecting VFS Appointment Fee

Type of Visa


The type of visa you are applying for can significantly impact the VFS appointment fee. Different visa categories may have varying requirements and processing times, which may reflect in the fee charged by VFS for scheduling an appointment. For example, applying for a tourist visa might incur a lower fee compared to a long-term work visa, as the documentation and processing requirements for the latter are usually more extensive.

Country of Application

The country in which you are applying for the visa can also affect the VFS appointment fee. Different countries may have varied agreements and contracts with VFS, resulting in differences in the fee structure. Additionally, the level of demand for visas from a particular country can influence the appointment fee. Countries experiencing high volumes of visa applications may charge a higher fee to manage the increased workload and ensure efficient processing.

Urgency of Appointment

The urgency of your appointment can influence the VFS appointment fee. If you require an expedited appointment due to time constraints or unexpected circumstances, VFS may charge an additional fee to prioritize your application. This fee helps cover the costs associated with accommodating an urgent request and ensuring that your application receives the necessary attention within a shorter timeframe.

Additional Services

VFS offers various additional services that can enhance the convenience and efficiency of your visa application process. These services may include document collection, SMS alert service, and courier service. While these services incur additional fees, they can save you time and effort by allowing VFS to handle certain aspects of the application process on your behalf.

Standard VFS Appointment Fee

The standard VFS appointment fee can vary based on the factors mentioned above. To obtain the exact fee applicable to your specific visa application, it is recommended to visit the official VFS website or contact their customer support. By providing them with details such as your visa category and the country of application, they will be able to provide you with the accurate information regarding the appointment fee.


Additional Services Fee

Document Collection

VFS offers a document collection service where they can collect your application documents directly from your location. This service saves you the time and effort of traveling to the VFS center to submit your documents in person. However, it does incur an additional fee, which varies depending on your location and the level of convenience associated with your address.

SMS Alert Service

The SMS alert service allows you to receive real-time updates and notifications regarding the status of your visa application. You will receive text messages on your registered mobile number, notifying you of important updates such as when your application has been received, processed, or if additional documents are required. This service comes with a separate fee that may vary based on the country and specific requirements of your application.

Courier Service

VFS provides a courier service that enables you to have your passport and visa documents safely delivered to your desired location after processing. This service is particularly convenient if you are unable to collect the documents in person or if you need them delivered to a different location. The fee for the courier service depends on the destination and the level of security associated with the delivery.

Discounts and Promotions

VFS occasionally offers discounts and promotions that can help applicants save on their appointment fees or additional service fees. These discounts may be available during specific periods or for certain visa categories. It is advisable to check the VFS website, social media channels, or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated on any ongoing promotions or discounts. Taking advantage of these offers can help reduce the overall cost of your visa application process.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

In case you need to cancel your VFS appointment, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the cancellation and refund policy of VFS. The policy may vary depending on the country and visa category. Generally, VFS allows for cancellations and provides partial or full refunds, depending on the timing of the cancellation and the services involved. However, it is advisable to review the specific terms and conditions related to cancellations and refunds for your application.

Payment Methods

Online Payment

VFS typically offers online payment options, allowing you to pay the appointment fee and additional service fees through their secure online portal. The portal usually accepts major credit cards, debit cards, and electronic payment methods. It is important to ensure that you are using a secure and trusted payment gateway to protect your financial information during online transactions.

Payment at VFS Center

Alternatively, some VFS centers may allow you to make the payment in person at their facility. This option may be more suitable for individuals who are unable to make online payments or prefer to pay in cash. It is advisable to check the specific payment methods accepted at your chosen VFS center before your scheduled appointment.


The VFS appointment fee plays a significant role in the visa application process, as it covers the expenses associated with scheduling and managing appointments, as well as providing additional services to enhance the application experience. By understanding the factors that can affect the appointment fee and being aware of any available discounts or promotions, you can effectively plan and budget for your visa application process. Remember to stay updated on the latest information from VFS and adhere to their guidelines and requirements to have a smooth and successful visa application experience.

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